The Bridge

The Bridge //

They always say, “There’s no place like home” and I couldn’t agree more. While I love being anywhere that my family is, my absolute favorite place to be in the whole wide world is here on the farm. To me, it is the most magical place on earth. Disney World comes a close second. This…

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I Jinxed Myself

Lemon Water with Honey //

I jinxed myself. Seriously. I really did. Just last week, I shared about our honey harvest and went on and on about how excited I was to use our honey in numerous dishes that I proceeded to name off one by one to my sweet husband, Bart. Then, I went on to say how a…

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Honey Harvest

Honey Harvest //

Last night we harvested a little honey from the bees here at the farm. I shared a quick photo on Instagram, but thought you all might like to see a little bit more of the process of how we harvested honey. With Bart traveling, we were a little late in the season for our harvest,…

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Remembering birthdays

Sunrise //

Birthdays were always his favorite. His, mama’s, mine, my sister’s, Sam’s, he made sure that each was celebrated in both big and small ways. I’m sure I inherited my deep love of celebrating birthdays from him now that I think about it. When Sam was born, Daddy sang Happy Birthday to him as loud as he…

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How to Write a Thank You Note

How to Write a Thank You Note in 3 Easy Steps //

How to write a thank you note in three easy steps.  One lesson I learned growing up is how to write a thank you note. Since Mama began teaching me the art of a thank you when I was just a little girl, writing them has always just been a part of life for me. Since we are knee-deep…

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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day 2015 from

To all the men and women who proudly serve our country in our military, thank you so much for your service! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you to those families of service men and women for your service as well. You are the quiet heroes of our country and we love you! To…

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