Chocolate Mousse Recipe

This chocolate mousse recipe makes an easy and elegant, creamy and perfectly chocolatey dessert! So rich and delicious, this chocolate mousse is an absolute favorite! 

Chocolate Mousse Recipe from

If you love chocolate desserts as much as my family does, this light and airy, rich and creamy chocolate mousse recipe is one that I think you’ll love.

This chocolate mousse recipe is one that my Mama has always made – she’d prepare it the night before she had a dinner party and warn us a million times not to get into the pretty ones in the refrigerator. Thankfully, she would have made two more for my sister and me so that the temptation to scoop our finger through the swirls wasn’t too incredibly hard to live through.


As I’ve gotten older, I realize how smart serving a dessert like chocolate mousse is when entertaining or even for large family suppers. You can easily prepare it the night before and then poof – like magic swoop in with these chocolate bites of heaven that everyone adores. 

Chocolate Mousse Recipe from

Here’s my chocolate mousse recipe. I think you’ll love it!

Chocolate Mousse Recipe

This chocolate mousse recipe makes an easy and elegant, creamy and perfectly chocolatey dessert! So rich and delicious, this chocolate mousse is an absolute favorite!
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time30 mins
Total Time45 mins
Author: Robyn Stone | Add a Pinch


  • 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 cup sugar
  • pinch of espresso powder optional
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • Perfect Whipped Cream Recipe


  • Place cocoa, sugar, espresso powder, flour, and salt into large saucepan. Mix thoroughly. Add 1 cup of heavy cream and stir until all dry ingredients are mixed well. Add remaining cream and mix thoroughly. Heat over medium low heat until mixture begins to thicken, stirring continuously.
  • Beat egg yolks. Pour small amount of chocolate mixture into egg yolks and mix thoroughly. Add egg-chocolate mixture back into pudding mixture, stirring continuously. Add vanilla. Continue to heat until pudding is thickened. Allow pudding to cool completely.
  • Prepare whipped cream. Fold 1 cup of whipped cream into cooled chocolate mixture.
  • Before serving, top with whipped cream.
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Robyn xo

23 comments on “Chocolate Mousse Recipe”

  1. What an elegant presentation! I still remember the first time I tasted chocolate mousse. Love that it can be prepared ahead of time.

  2. Robin is this mousse dense enough to put in a cake…will it slice OK?

    • Hi Maria,
      No, I wouldn’t put this in between cake to slice, it is a bit to light and airy for that. Most likely if you halved the amount of whipped cream folded into the chocolate, it would be much sturdier, but I would definitely test it first. Hope that helps!

    • America’s Test Kitchen has a recipe for triple chocolate mouse cake. It’s incredible! Give the middle layer from that recipe a try. It sits on top of a flourless chocolate cake, holds its shape well and slices well.

  3. This can be eaten for breakfast right? Because I so need this right now!

  4. Robyn,
    I love mousse and yours look so pretty.

  5. Thanks for sharing!! I think I know what will be tomorrow’s dessert!!

  6. I love mousse so much… it’s the perfect texture and taste! Love your recipe!

  7. Can I use Cool Whip with this?

  8. Lovely mousse…. I tried it last week and everyone here is asking for more… wondering how many calories though… as I am working very hard to reduce my waist line..

  9. This mousse recipe did not turn out for me. My question is how long does the mousse cook on the stove before adding the egg yolks? It did not get thick.

  10. Granulated or powedered sugar?

  11. My daughter has Celiac disease. Can I use gluten free flour?

  12. I can’t get my chocolate to thicken? What might I be doing wrong? It seems to start to thicken and then I add the eggs and it gets soupy again.

  13. Looks great! I haven’t had chocolate mousse in so long! I need to try this soon.

  14. Can I substitute chocolate bar for the cocoa powder?

  15. I am looking to make a chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling. Would this mousse hold up well in a cake after being refrigerated?

  16. Didn’t work out for me at all 🙁 It never got to be that light and airy texture, just stayed the consistency of runny pudding, even after following the recipe to a T.

  17. This did NOT turn out to be a mousse. Mousse is supposed to be light and airy but this was thick like a thick pudding. I did everything to a tee and it just didn’t taste good…not like a chocolate mousse at all ?

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