Hummingbird Cake Recipe

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Hummingbird Cake is definitely a favorite cake recipe of my family. My grandmother would make it for special occasions, especially around Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day or spring birthdays. It was always front and center at any family gatherings or church socials. Full of delicious banana, pineapple, and roasted pecans, Hummingbird Cake is one of […]

KK’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie Recipe

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This Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie is seriously one of those recipes you’ll make, fall in love with, and turn around and make as soon as that pie has been gobbled up. Which will probably be sooner than you think. Wait. You don’t do that? Hmmm. Oh well, this chocolate chip cookie pie will seriously make […]

Chicken Cheese Ball Recipe

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Chicken Cheese Ball always made an appearance around my house growing up. Especially around the holidays, whenever Mama hosted a shower, or for other special occasions, her chicken cheese ball was sure to requested. It is definitely one of the easiest recipes to toss together when entertaining, which probably explains why she has always loved […]

Toffee Pecan Pie Recipe

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Toffee Pecan Pie makes a delicious twist on the traditional Pecan Pie we all know and love.   I love the twists and turns this pie takes.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Recipe

If your house is filled with chocolate chip cookie lovers, then this may be just the recipe you are looking for to knock their little socks off just a tad. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. Mercy! I made them with Little Buddy a couple of days ago when he asked me if we could make cookies. […]

Chocolate Haystacks Recipe

  Growing up, we always had butterscotch haystacks throughout the fall. They’d first appear at my Grandmother’s when we’d show up at her house as our first stop on our trick-or-treating trek Halloween and then Mama would make them through Thanksgiving before we switched to chocolate desserts and treats for Christmas. The other afternoon, Little […]

Cinnamon Pecans Recipe

  Cinnamon Pecans make an excellent nibble to have on hand when entertaining or for wrapping up as gifts as a hostess thank you, to toss into a goodie basket for out of town guests, or to give to friends, teachers, and neighbors over the holidays. I warn you though, they are super addictive!

Peach Bars Recipe | Add a Pinch

Peach bars make a wonderful make-ahead breakfast, delicious snack, or an amazing dessert.

Chocolate Espresso Ganache Pie Recipe

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I made a pie. Not just any old pie either. This pie is absolutely amazing. The best part?  The chocolate espresso ganache.   Mercy! Let me tell you a little background on this pie, okay? A couple of weeks ago, my 92 year old Grandmother fell and broke her hip. As we were sitting in […]

Salted Caramel, Almond and Pistachio Cookies Recipe

  I made cookies for you. I sure did. I know how much you really like cookies and so I decided that I just had to make these for you. What are they? Well, they are quite possibly the best cookies in the world. Especially if you like salted caramel, almonds, and pistachios. Yeah, I […]