Smoked Turkey Recipe

Smoked turkey  makes for one of my favorite turkey recipes. Ever. Seriously.

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Our smoked turkey is about as simple as you can get.

There is no brining, basting, or babysitting this bird.


Smoked Turkey Recipe from

Smoked Turkey Recipe from



Making it the most fuss-free turkey recipe I think we’ve ever made.


Smoked Turkey Recipe from


And you know, when it comes to the holidays or special occasions, fuss-free is what I’m dreaming about.


Smoked Turkey Recipe from


Perfectly cooked, juicy, with that oh so delicious smokey flavor, this turkey is definitely one that my family loves.


Smoked Turkey Recipe | ©

Smoked Turkey Recipe | ©


Here’s my Smoked Turkey recipe. Give it a try. You may just decide it is one of your favorite methods for cooking a turkey, too.


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Smoked Turkey Recipe
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Smoked Turkey makes one of the easiest, most elegant turkey recipes. This simple smoked turkey recipe will definitely become a favorite.
Serves: 12
  • 1 (12-14) pound turkey
  1. Thaw turkey according to the directions that accompany it. Preheat smoker to 320º - 325º F.
  2. Place turkey onto smoker, breast up, and smoke until the thickest part of the breast meat reaches 160º F, around 2½ - 3 hours.
  3. Remove turkey from smoker and place onto a platter, tent with foil, and allow to stand for 5-10 minutes to rest.


For more information on how to prepare your turkey on the smoker, you may want to check out this recipe for how to smoke a whole chicken. It also includes information on how to use your grill as a smoker.

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Smoked Turkey Recipe | ©

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  1. 1

    Looks nice although mildly USELESS if you aint got a smoker.

    • 2

      Below the recipe, is a link that provides directions on how to use your grill as a smoker.

      I love simple recipes Robyn! Thank you for the great idea!

  2. 3

    You certainly know how to make a turkey look good Robyn! I’d love to try smoked turkey some day. Let me know if there are leftovers. :)

  3. 4

    What kind of wood do you use?


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