Add a Pinch Cookbook //

I can’t believe that in less than a month, the Add a Pinch cookbook will be in stores and shipping out to all who have pre-ordered it! Eeeek! I absolutely can not wait to share it with all of you!

As a thank you gift for your pre-order of the the hardcopy or the kindle version of the book (before March 28th), I will send you a FREE meal plan that uses recipes from the cookbook, along with a signed bookplate (for the first 500 people) to go in your copy of the book! You’ll find that in this meal plan, I’ve included two weeks of recipes that are practical for busy weeknights while also listing recipes for more leisurely meals on the weekends!

Add a Pinch Cookbook //

The cookbook is filled with recipes that take less than 30 minutes, require 10 or fewer ingredients, are made in the slow cooker, or are freezer friendly to make preparing meals even more enjoyable for you and your family.

One of the features that I am especially thrilled about sharing with you is the inclusion of how to make leftovers into a just as exciting meal for supper for another day! Not only does this help to reduce waste, it solves the age-old question of what’s for supper twice! How great is that?

All you have to do is pre-order the book from your retailer of choice (I’ve included links below) and submit your proof of purchase here to automatically download the free bonus meal plan.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble |  Indiebound | Walmart | Target

Thank you so, so much for the love you have shown to me and the cookbook. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you will ever know!

Robyn xo

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Robyn Stone is a cookbook author, wife, mom, and passionate home cook. Her tested and trusted recipes give readers the confidence to cook recipes the whole family will love. Robyn has been featured on Food Network, People, Southern Living, and more.

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  1. Hello! Just pre-ordered your cookbook! I hit the “download* for the extra two week plan, and it took me to only three pages. It listed the recipes, but didn’t give the actual recipes. Will it come with my order or did I do something incorrect? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you so very much for ordering the cookbook, Kristi! I hope you enjoy the recipes! You didn’t do anything incorrectly.

      I am sorry if it was confusing about what was included with the meal plan bonus – the meal plan was designed to be used with the recipes in the book. The meal plan includes the page numbers in the book to correspond with each recipe listed in the meal plan.
      Again, your support means so much to me and I appreciate you! Thanks so much! xo

    1. Oh thank you so much, Sue! Thanks so much! I appreciate you watching!!! It means so much to me! xo

  2. Are you scheduled to make any book appearances in Atlanta? I am an avid fan/follower and would love to get annautographed copy for me and my two friends! We think your recipes are the bomb and you are our go-to gal!

    1. I already ordered a kindle copy but did not see an option to download the meal plan. Will it come with the download of the kindle?

    2. Oh thank you so much, Robin!!! I appreciate you ordering my book!
      And Yes – Kindle pre-orders get the meal plan as well! You just click the link on this page and enter your information so that you get that bonus.
      You are so kind and I appreciate you so very, very much!!! xo

  3. Hi, Robyn! I pre-ordered your book yesterday on Amazon. Am I still eligible for the 2 week meal plan? I tried to email at the address you listed in the comments but my email keeps getting returned as undeliverable.

    I bought a beautiful pork roast yesterday at Whole Foods and will be putting your balsamic pork in my crock pot tonight. My husband and I are looking forward to having a great Sunday dinner ready when we get home from church!!

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much, Carol! I really appreciate you and hope you enjoy the book!
      I’m sorry you were having a problem with the email…I sent an email to you earlier today.
      My family loves the Balsamic Pork Roast and I hope you do as well! I think your house will smell delicious when you get up in the morning!
      Thank you so very much for everything, Carol! xo

  4. Robyn I preordered the cook as soon as it was available. Does the offer for the meal plan apply or is it just offered to those ordering now?

    1. Hi Kay! First, THANK YOU!!!! You are absolutely the sweetest to have ordered the book. I appreciate you more than you know! Second, this absolutely is for YOU! Anyone that has preordered the cookbook (by March 28th) is welcome to submit their information to download the meal plan.

  5. I preordered your new cookbook. When I click on the link for the 2 week bonus pack all I get is a statement saying it’s loading but it never goes any further. So how do I prove that I pre ordered your book? (my daughter’s love your cinnamon biscuits for Valentine’s. I’m fact they are requesting I make some more).

    1. Hi Cathy!
      I’m so thrilled that you’ve pre-ordered the cookbook and just love that your daughter’s adore those cinnamon roll biscuits! Aren’t they just about the easiest things ever? Especially when you have a cinnamon roll craving without the time to make them! 🙂

      I’m so sorry that it didn’t go through easily for you! Can you email me [] and we’ll get it taken care of for you ASAP!

      Thank you again!
      Robyn xo