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We recently visited Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia for a couple of days and spent as much time as we possibly could in touring the area. The architecture, gardens, and craftsmanship from this time in our history is absolutely one of my favorites. The Governor’s Palace sits at one end of the property looking out on an area similar to The Mall in Washington DC with the Capitol situated at the other end.

It’s gorgeous.

Atop the gate sits the symbols of Great Britan with the lion and the unicorn. These symbols are repeated throughout Colonial Williamsburg and we searched for them like we do the Hidden Mickey’s in Walt Disney World.


When you buy your tickets in the Visitor’s Center to be able to enter the historic buildings on the tour, you can ask to participate in the Patriot program where you are given a red bandana to show special guides in Colonial Williamsburg that you are participating. Your job in the program is to search for clues and find answers throughout the area to help in the Revolution.

It is definitely a must-do with children. It kept our son engaged throughout the day and excited about the next clues.

Of course, I could have enjoyed an afternoon in the gardens. They are so beautiful and peaceful. I only wish mine looked nearly as good as these do. Well, without the use of gardeners and all.


Again, you can tell how much I loved the Governor’s Palace just by looking through the photos on my camera. I was a bit obsessed with photos of it.


We also loved looking in the carriage house at all of the carriages. There is signage denoting the use for each. The yellow was used by the Governor and his family and the blue was used for hauling items.


But seeing them in action was even better than seeing them in the carriage house.

Colonial Williamsburg also provides a carriage of sorts around the area. It sure helps when you are all the way at the Capitol and in a hurry to make it back to the Visitor’s Center, or at the Visitor’s Center and need to make a reservation for lunch or supper. It’s just a handy-dandy thing let me tell ya.

Although I thoroughly enjoy the leisurely walk down the streets enjoying all the stops and tours.

And especially catching the fife and drummer parade.

And the gardens and their visitors.


At the opposite end from the Governor’s Palace is the Capitol.

It is a rebuild of earlier Capitol building and bears the insignia of Britain.

Definitely be sure to catch the guided tour of the Capitol building. It is one of my favorite parts of Colonial Williamsburg and is packed with so much information. We especially learned a great deal during the discussion of voting privileges during that time.

Then back up to the old Post Office building, we stayed for the reading of the Declaration of Independence and the firing of the canons and these guns. I have to admit I got a little teary-eyed during this part. I’m such a sap thinking about all that generations before us did for our country. And for us.

See, I get a little weepy just thinking about it.


If you’ve not visited Colonial Williamsburg with your family, you really should think about visiting. It’s one of my favorite places to step back in time.





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  1. Angie @ Big Bear's Wife says:

    I haven’t been there since I was a teenager! I love the Governor’s Palace! I miss going there. Love all of the pictures!

    1. Robyn says:

      Isn’t it just amazing? One of my favorite places to visit.

  2. Sweetsugarbelle says:

    I LOVE Williamsburg. I lived in NorFolk for a long time and one of my favorite things to do on the weekend was to go to the pottery factory. I still miss it, sigh! What an awesome trip!

  3. Michele says:

    Thanks for the memories! I truly love Williamsburg and haven’t been there for WAY too long!

  4. Wenderly says:

    Looks so lovely! I have such fond memories of going as a child! I simply MUST get my girls there!

  5. Kim | At Home With Kim says:

    I’ve always wanted to take our family there!! Looks WONDERFUL.

    1. Robyn says:

      Kim, I think your family would love it! There is so much to do and see in that area, too.