Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Recipe

This simple bacon wrapped meatloaf recipe makes a moist, tender meatloaf that everyone loves! A favorite, updated classic recipe in my house!

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Recipe | ©

My family has always loved meatloaf. Always. It is one of the meals that I know I can prepare and everyone will love. But, then a while back I started making this meatloaf recipe that I wrapped in bacon and oh my goodness gracious, it was like we’d never had meatloaf before in our lives. Everyone went back for seconds and then asked for leftovers the next day for lunch.

While the bacon definitely gives this meatloaf recipe an extra bit of smokey flavor, it also adds to the tenderness of this meatloaf. As the bacon renders in the oven, all of that seeps into the meatloaf as it bakes to give you one of the juiciest meatloaf recipes you’ve ever made. It’s amazing! And let’s not even get me started on that dry rub! Gosh, pure perfection on this!

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Recipe | ©

Here’s my bacon wrapped meatloaf recipe. Give it a try sometime soon. I really think you’ll love it, too!

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Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Recipe
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This simple bacon wrapped meatloaf recipe makes a moist, tender meatloaf that everyone loves! A favorite, updated classic recipe in my house!
Serves: 6-8
  • 2 pounds ground beef
  • ½ green pepper, deseeded and chopped
  • ½ medium onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 teaspoons worcestershire sauce
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • ½ cup quick-cooking oats
  • ⅓ cup ketchup
  • 7-10 slices bacon
  • 2 tablespoons spicy brown sugar dry rub
  1. Preheat oven to 375º F.
  2. Add ground beef, green pepper, onion, garlic, worcestershire sauce, salt, black pepper, egg, and oats to a large bowl. Mix together until well combined. Shape meat into a rectangular shaped loaf and place on a broil pan that has been sprayed with nonstick cooking spray or lightly greased with olive oil for easy cleanup. Spread ketchup on top of loaf and place bacon slices on top, tucking edges underneath. Sprinkle liberally with spicy brown sugar dry rub. Bake for 1 hour, until internal temperature registers 155º F - 165º F, based on your preference. Remove from oven and allow to rest about 10 minutes before slicing and serving.

Robyn xo


  1. 1

    Kim Honeycutt says

    Well Robyn, this sounds awesome! I love meatloaf and loved my Mother’s the best (of course) so I’m trying to find a new comfort meatloaf. I like the ingredients in this. The bacon…..OMG…..!!! I know I would love that!! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes you share!! You know I’m pinning it!!

  2. 7

    Sarah says

    I’m a long way away, in New Zealand. I made this meatloaf today and wow – it’s really, really, really good. We had guests over for dinner and they all enjoyed the meatloaf and your chocolate cupcakes for dessert. Thank you so much for sharing. Gotta love the Internet! And gotta love people who are as generous as you are. I’m always looking for new recipes to try and this meatloaf is the best meatloaf I have ever tasted.

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