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Huevos Rancheros from

Huevos Rancheros Recipe

This Huevos Rancheros recipe makes a filling, delicious breakfast or brunch recipe. Full of flavor, huevos rancheros is made of tortillas, chorizo, and fried eggs topped with salsa.  During a trip out west, one morning while visiting near Taos, New Mexico, we had brunch at a local restaurant. When I asked the server what the read more »

Mini Quiche Recipe from

Mini Quiche Recipe

This mini quiche recipe is a go to favorite quiche recipe for breakfast, brunch, showers, and parties! Make ahead for easy entertaining or breakfast! My family loves a good quiche recipe. But, the problem is, everyone in my family loves something just a wee bit different from time to time. Sometimes, my son prefers just read more »

Egg Salad Avocado Recipe | ©

Avocado Egg Salad Recipe

Avocado egg salad makes for a delicious lunch or light supper. Made with fresh avocados drizzled with bacon vinaigrette and topped with egg salad.  If you love egg salad as much as I do and also love avocados, then this recipe has your name all over it! If you are already planning ways to use read more »

Ham and Spinach Frittata | ©

Easy Ham Frittata Recipe

A frittata is an egg-based dish which includes other great additions like meat and vegetables. This frittata features delicious ham, spinach, garlic, and spices to make it a one dish, yet memorable meal! A frittata makes one of our favorite simple recipes that we love as much for breakfast or brunch as we do for read more »

How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs | ©

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs have so many uses from appetizers, salads, snacks, or dying for Easter. This simple method makes perfect hard boiled eggs every time. There are a few things I learned in my home economics class in high school that I still remember: how to balance a checkbook, how to care for a baby read more »


Classic Egg Salad Recipe

Egg Salad is just hard to beat and this classic egg salad recipe is one of the recipes that I turn to time and again. You see, I just never know if guests like olives or pimentos like I use in my other egg salad with olives recipe so this classic recipe makes perfect sense. This read more »

Sweet Potato Hash Recipe | ©

Sweet Potato Hash Recipe

This Sweet Potato Hash makes a favorite meal around my house. It is perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast or even a fun weeknight supper. Who knew that a simple sweet potato hash recipe could be so versatile? Or simple? Or fabulous? Basically, this sweet potato hash is a one dish meal prepared in a read more »

Parmesan Mushroom Baked Eggs | ©

Parmesan Mushroom Baked Eggs Recipe

These Parmesan Mushroom Baked Eggs make the perfect busy morning breakfast or brunch recipe that doesn’t taste at all like it is a busy morning breakfast or brunch recipe.   What I mean to say is, these Parmesan Mushroom Baked Eggs take less than five ingredients, five minutes to assemble and about 15 minutes to read more »

Sunny-Side Up Eggs | ©

How to Make Sunny Side Up Eggs Recipe

Learning how to make sunny side eggs is one of those essential cooking tips that once you learn it, you are golden! Ya know, Sunny Side Up Eggs are like little smiley faces on a plate in the mornings, I think. Their bright yellow faces just perk up the morning.   For many years, my sunny read more »

Breakfast Burrito | ©

Egg and Avocado Breakfast Burrito

A breakfast burrito is just the welcome addition to our breakfast menu for the week lately. We’d gotten into a rut of scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage or something similar for weeks on end lately. So when I remembered the breakfast burritos that I made a good while back and that we used to read more »

Hard-Cooked Eggs in the Oven |

Hard Cooked Eggs in the Oven

It is no secret that my family loves hard-cooked eggs. They are perfect for salads, egg salad sandwiches, and just eating for a quick lunch or snack. One thing I’ve learned over the last few years is how to bake them in the oven instead of worrying with boiling them in a pot of water. read more »

Tomato Baked Eggs |

Tomato Baked Eggs Recipe

Eggs, eggs, eggs. We’re covered in them lately and I make every recipe I can think of to use them as much as possible. Like these tomato baked eggs. Oh my goodness, are they ever delicious. And easy, too!   That’s a combination I sure love. Easy + delicious = a surefire winner in my read more »

How to Scramble Eggs |

How to Scramble Eggs Recipe

My father taught me how to scramble eggs when I was a little girl and that lesson has stayed with me all these years. You see, when I was little, Mama was finishing Nursing School and spent many evenings and weekends working toward her degree. During that period, Daddy became the master chef in our read more »


Bacon and Mushroom Quiche Recipe

Happy Sunday! If you haven’t already made brunch, I have something for you. This Bacon and Mushroom Quiche. Mercy! But, if you have, don’t worry. You can definitely have it for a light supper tonight or another night this week. It’ll be perfect. Quiche is actually one of my favorite simple suppers in the world. read more »

Eggs Benedict from

Simple Eggs Benedict Recipe

Eggs Benedict is absolutely without a doubt one of my most favorite breakfasts in the entire world. But sometimes, it just hasn’t been worth all the trouble to make it. Do you ever feel like that? Love something so much, but have to wake up in the mood to labor through making it for your read more »


Easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love simple recipes and shortcuts.     Like this oh so easy blender hollandaise sauce recipe. There is just something about this recipe that makes me giddy with excitement.


Baked French Toast Recipe

Baked French Toast is one of my favorite things to serve when we have guests for breakfast or brunch or even when I want to serve something special for my family on the weekends or holidays.   As much as we love my regular French Toast recipe, I love the ease of this Baked French read more »

Baked Egg Avocado Cup Recipe - Add a Pinch

Baked Eggs in Avocado Cups Recipe

  Even though this past week I made three cakes, yes… three, we’re trying to watch the amount of bread we eat.  It is just so easy to make waffles, pancakes, biscuits, muffins, scones, or even egg in the hole or breakfast burritos that it had become second nature to load up in the mornings read more »

Bacon and Egg Cups Recipe

Bacon and Egg Cups Recipe

Bacon and Egg Cups make a delicious, hearty breakfast perfect for serving at a brunch or special occasion. Y’all probably already know by now how much my family loves eggs. I use plenty of them each week in preparing various savory and sweet recipes, not to mention breakfast. They are definitely a staple ingredient in read more »


Breakfast Casserole with Spinach, Bacon, and Mushrooms

Our hens are laying a bunch of eggs. Everyday we’re getting about a dozen or so and are giving away eggs to family, friends, and people we meet on the street. I exaggerate, but only slightly. Breakfast casserole recipes have been some of my favorite recipes to make lately. Nothing fills my family up and read more »