Marshmallow Frosting Recipe

Marshmallow frosting is the crowning touch for any cupcake or layer cake. Billowy and light, marshmallow frosting is always a favorite. 

Marshmallow Frosting Recipe from

There’s a funny thing about my sister and I. Well, most likely just one of many! We’ve always loved to share desserts – especially cake – when we eat at restaurants.  I would also eat the majority of the cake and she would eat the frosting. It was the perfect situation for both of us since we each got what each of us considered to be the “best part” of dessert.

Now that we’ve gotten just a little bit older (ha!), we still gravitate toward that childhood routine when we go out to eat and share a piece of cake – me first digging my fork into bottom of the slice of the cake while her fork goes toward the top. Maybe that’s the secret as to why we’ve always gotten along so well!

But, my ability to share desserts ends when it comes to homemade confections – especially if it is something I love as much as I do this cloudlike Marshmallow frosting! As much as I love my sister, I’m not up for sharing this deliciousness!

It is absolute perfection on top of my favorite chocolate cake, my white cake and even my yellow cake. I love to add a sprinkle of coconut flakes on top of cupcakes, like in the picture, for showers and other special treats, too. It is also fun to use a kitchen torch to lightly toast the edges of the frosting for gorgeous treat!…

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Quick and Easy Taco Recipe

This quick and easy taco recipe makes a simple weeknight favorite recipe that couldn’t get much easier! Or more delicious! This is our last week of classes before finals next week to finish up Sam’s seventh grade year. Since last August, Sam’s gone two days a week to an independent homeschool academy for classes. He has absolutely…

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Asian Slaw Recipe

This Asian slaw recipe is quick, easy and so full of flavor. Perfect for a weeknight side dish or even when entertaining! When Bart and I were in Tennessee recently, we had dinner on our last evening at The High Point Restaurant in Monteagle. The restaurant had been recommended to us a few years prior…

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Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

These Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas are sure to give you inspiration for creating a special Mother’s Day celebration to remember! Full of so many options, you are sure to find just the right combination for your brunch to treat Mom or to print and strategically leave on your husband’s pillow as a subtle hint. Not…

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My Favorite Waffle Maker Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Annette Bland, comment #382. Waffles topped with fresh strawberries & whipped cream. Crispy bacon & a cup of coffee. On a busy night of children’s activities this also is a yummy breakfast for dinner! Did you notice those 5 Minute Buttermilk Biscuits that I shared earlier? Let me just tell you, you need…

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5 Minute Buttermilk Biscuits Recipe

This biscuits recipe comes together in just five minutes! This fun twist on an already easy buttermilk biscuits recipe makes them perfect for the busiest of days! Biscuits and I go together like peas and carrots. I love them. I always have. I always will. To me, they are the quintessential southern food – simple, easily served…

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My Favorite Yeti Cooler Giveaway Winner!!

I love that y’all love this cooler as much as I do! I just wish I had 700+ of them to give to you all!  Congratulations to Allison Kubitz, comment #237. I just love Allison’s plans for her first use of the cooler! It is just too cute! I need a Yeti (especially one this color!!)…

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Fish Tacos Recipe

These fish tacos are so quick and easy and perfect for serving for a family supper or when entertaining! Made of flaky white fish, these fish tacos are a definite favorite!  Fish tacos have to be one of my husband’s favorite kinds of taco recipes in the whole world. And these? Oh my, he can’t get enough….

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Link Love

This week’s Link Love includes everything from a couple of great beauty how-to’s, cute DIY Derby Hat drink stirrers, to those common allergies making us sneeze and more.   


Chocolate Mousse Recipe

This chocolate mousse recipe makes an easy and elegant, creamy and perfectly chocolatey dessert! So rich and delicious, this chocolate mousse is an absolute favorite!  If you love chocolate desserts as much as my family does, this light and airy, rich and creamy chocolate mousse recipe is one that I think you’ll love. This chocolate mousse…

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