Favorite Ice Cream Recipes

A collection of favorite homemade ice cream recipes including old fashioned vanilla ice cream, no churn chocolate, strawberry ice cream and many more!

These favorite homemade ice cream recipes include traditional flavors as well as  S'mores Ice Cream and Coffee Chip Ice Cream from addapinch.com.


It’s getting ice cream weather around here!  There is nothing better on these hot Southern days than a bowl of homemade ice cream – no matter the flavor. Everyone in my house has their favorite so when I say I am making ice cream everybody starts asking for their own special flavor. Most of the time, they want traditional flavors like chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla but new flavors I have made have become favorites, too….

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Memorial Day Weekend Giveaway!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I know my little family of three couldn’t be more excited that the holiday weekend has arrived. It signals all sorts of great things! First and foremost in Sam’s mind is that the water at the lake will be warm enough for lots of wakeboarding, tubing and swimming. It also signals…

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Here Comes the Sun Summer Essentials

Here Comes the Sun Summer Essentials! A collection of must-have items for protecting yourself from the summer sun! Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of summer celebrations, trips to the beach and lake, and all sorts of activities outside. There are a few must-have items that help make the day enjoyable without regretting that time…

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Honey Nut Granola Recipe

This honey nut granola recipe makes an easy, yet exceptional homemade granola. One recipe makes plenty for a week’s worth of parfaits, sprinkles for ice cream, breakfast and snacks or even to share!     One of the things that I love to make and keep on hand is homemade granola. It is one of…

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

These peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are so easy and out of this world delicious! They bake up to an amazing bakery style cookie that everyone loves!  Sam was recently elected as the senior patrol leader for his Scout troop. The things that he promised during his campaign was that there would be lots of…

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Lavender Lemonade Recipe

Lavender lemonade makes a beautiful twist on classic lemonade. Perfect for serving throughout the spring and summer when lavender is at its most glorious! A delicious blend of sweet, sour, floral, and absolutely refreshing! I absolutely adore herbs. If you asked me what I’d rather have growing around the farm, I’d start my long list with…

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21+ Easy Camping Recipes

Over 21 camping recipes that my family and friends enjoy during our camping and RV trips! All are easy to prepare over a grill, hot coals, or in an oven or on a stovetop. My family loves to camp. Bart and Sam think camping is so much more fun if they can hike into the woods, set up a…

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Arugula Greek Salad Recipe

Arugula Greek Salad – A quick and easy solution to what’s for lunch or supper! So flavorful and easy to make ahead for even easier meals! Throughout the summer and even into the fall, I love to make a big bowl of salad and keep it in the refrigerator for super quick and easy lunches and…

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Jeep Lessons

This past weekend, Bart and I hosted a BBQ party for one of our good friend’s daughter who is soon to be married. While we were setting up tables, arranging speakers for music, and handling all those day-of-a-party activities, Sam and his friend Ethan were busily playing on the farm. Ethan and Sam have been…

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21 Favorite Shower Recipes

Springtime is just the perfect time of year for weddings, babies, and showers! A collection of recipes to serve at the next bridal, baby, or any other shower you host. Includes appetizers, entrees, drinks and sweets!   It seems like every Sunday after church, Mama and my Grandmother would host a shower for a family…

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