Mixed Berry Trifle Recipe

Trifle makes a delicious quick and easy dessert perfect for entertaining! This mixed berry trifle recipe couldn’t be simpler or more delicious!

Mixed Berry Trifle makes a quick and easy dessert recipe perfect for entertaining! // addapinch.com

I love trifle. I love making it and I most certainly love eating it – there’s no question about that! I’ve always thought that it looked beautiful served in a single large trifle bowl, but when I started making my trifle in individual glasses for serving, I loved the look so much that I think I must have given my trifle bowl away!

I looked for my bowl the other day as I was getting ready to assemble my trifle for dessert for our Sunday lunch. I’d planned a special lunch to celebrate Sam finally being home from a week away at camp and Bart being home from a week away for work. I’d missed those two something fierce and definitely wanted to have a special meal for them and knew that I’d be limited on time with our crazy weekend schedule.

I was a bit puzzled when I couldn’t find my trifle bowl since it has always been in one certain place in my kitchen, but I have a feeling that in all of zealous cleaning and reorganizing of my kitchen cabinets a while back I may have donated it. I hope that if I did, it brings as many trifle loving memories to its new owners as it has to me throughout the years! So, I turned again to large wine glasses for serving our trifle. …

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