Beauty Loves :: July 2015

Beauty Loves is a series where I share items I’m loving from the drugstore beauty aisle to the department store beauty counter! This month includes favorite eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more!

Beauty Loves is a series where I share items I’m loving from the drugstore beauty aisle to the department store beauty counter! This month includes favorite lipsticks, eyeshadows and more!

I have been taking full advantage of the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale this month and actually hate to see it come to an end on Monday. I’ve actually been picking up items that I use all the time while they are at such good prices and have been getting things that I think will be great for Christmas presents, if I can hold off giving them to the people I bought them for that long! Just know that I am horrible where that is concerned. I begin with the best of intentions of being done early and then just can’t wait to give it to the person that I bought it for. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, right? Please say no!

Anyway, for this month’s beauty loves, it really is about so many of the items that I’ve shared previously but that are tried and true favorites of mine….

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Blueberry Banana Bread Muffins Recipe

These blueberry banana bread muffins make a delicious treat for breakfast or an afternoon snack. So easy to make, these are banana bread muffins are full of flavor! My family loves banana bread, but let me tell you, this blueberry banana bread is one of our absolute favorites. It is the perfect mix of a blueberry muffin and banana…

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Honey Harvest

Last night we harvested a little honey from the bees here at the farm. I shared a quick photo on Instagram, but thought you all might like to see a little bit more of the process of how we harvested honey. With Bart traveling, we were a little late in the season for our harvest,…

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Favorite Back to School Recipes!

Favorite back to school recipes including a week’s worth of breakfast, treats for the lunchbox, plus quick and easy supper recipes! While we’re making sure we have everything ready to go from the school supply lists, backpacks packed, and clothes all ready for a bright new school year, we’re also thinking ahead about what in…

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Maple Berry Overnight Oats Recipe

This maple berry overnight oats recipe is a busy family’s friend! Perfect for those rushed mornings or for a grab and go breakfast! I’m not really wanting to admit to myself that school begins next week in our area. I remember when I was in school (way back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth! HA!),…

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Pesto Chicken Salad Recipe

Pesto Chicken Salad makes a quick and easy recipe perfect for lunch or supper!  I am completely blown away at how quickly this summer has flown by. It just seems like a month ago that we were observing Memorial Day and making plans for all the things we wanted to do over our summer. One…

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Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe

Chocolate Zucchini Bread makes a moist, delicious recipe perfect for serving for breakfast, brunch, a snack or even dessert! One of my favorite ways to incorporate a little bit of green into our baked goods is with zucchini. I remember growing up, Mama would make her zucchini bread throughout the summer and I always thought…

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Brisket Nachos Recipe

Brisket Nachos make a quick and easy way to repurpose leftover brisket. So simple and so delicious, it will become a favorite! Bart made his smoked brisket over the weekend and I have to admit, I thought about hiding half of it to ensure that we had plenty for leftovers for the week. I know….

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Parmesan Zucchini and Eggplant Recipe

This parmesan zucchini and eggplant recipe makes a quick and easy side dish perfect for a weeknight supper! For the first year that I can remember, we skipped planting a garden here on the farm. Last year, we had large container gardens on the back porch but decided that we wanted to move them since…

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Blackberry Lemonade Recipe

Blackberry Lemonade makes a delicious and refreshing lemonade recipe perfect for a signature sweet sip!  Our wild blackberry bushes have been loaded with blackberries this summer and you better believe we’ve taken full advantage of them as much as we could! Although, I’m starting to see the end of the season quickly approach. With our baskets in…

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