Spring Asparagus and Tomato Pasta with Feta Recipe

Spring Asparagus Pasta


What is it about pasta? I could eat it every day of my life and be a very happy girl.  You’ll always find a stash of great pasta in my pantry including lasagna, linguine, angel hair, fettuccine, farfalle, elbow, fussilli, and penne are the most common you’ll see on my shelf. Each type can be cooked quickly and produce a scrumptious supper in just a matter of minutes. A great base of pasta is delicious served with sauteed or roasted seasonal vegetables like this Spring Asparagus and Tomato Pasta with Feta.

Oh my goodness! Is it ever yummy!

I cooked my pasta and the last 10 minutes that it was cooking, I drizzled olive oil in my skillet, added my asparagus and sauteed them quickly. Then, I added in the tomatoes and a sprinkle of seasoning. As the pasta was drained, I added it into my skillet with the olive oil, asparagus, and tomatoes and then tossed in hunks of feta cheese. After another little drizzle of olive oil, this dish was ready to serve!

It couldn’t have been any simpler to make and tastes out of this world!

You’ve just got to try it!

Spring Asparagus and Tomato Pasta with Feta Recipe
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Spring Asparagus and Tomato Pasta with Feta Recipe

Spring Asparagus and Tomato Pasta with Feta makes a delicious, quick meal. Full of flavor, this pasta recipe a favorite.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time20 mins
Servings: 4
Author: Robyn Stone


  • 1/2 pound fettuccine or your favorite pasta
  • olive oil
  • 1 pound asparagus cleaned and cut into 1" pieces
  • 1 cup grape tomatoes halved
  • feta cheese


  • Bring about 2 quarts of water to boil. Add about 3 tablespoons olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to the water for flavor and to prevent the pasta from sticking together as it cooks. Add pasta and cook uncovered, stirring occasionally, for about 10 to 12 minutes to your preferred tenderness.
  • Meanwhile, drizzle about 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil into a skillet over medium heat. Add asparagus and saute for about 7 minutes. Add tomatoes.
  • Drain pasta and place into skillet with asparagus and tomatoes. Toss to combine and add feta hunks to pasta. Drizzle with a little more olive oil if needed and add salt and pepper to taste.


I like to cook a pot of pasta once during the week and then store any leftovers in the refrigerator in a zip top bag to use for quick lunches and suppers on busy weeknights. It is a definite time-saver!

41 comments on “Spring Asparagus and Tomato Pasta with Feta Recipe”

  1. I love everything about this pasta dish!

  2. What a wonderful Spring recipe! Asparagus is my favorite for this time of year. Combine that with the pasta and tomatoes and – wow – this must be incredible.

  3. Mmm this is so seasonal and fresh looking! Love it!

  4. I’m grabbing my shoes. I’ll bring dessert too!

  5. Looks wonderful Robyn! I love asparagus!

  6. Gorgeous. I’ve been loving all the spring asparagus coming in. So tender and sweet this time of year.

    • Thank you, Shaina. I keep saying we’re going to plant a bed of asparagus, but just haven’t done it yet. It’s one of our favorite vegetables.

  7. This looks amazing, Robyn. Light, healthy, with lots of veggies…and flavor! Right up my alley!

  8. I absolutely LOVE pasta. Always. All the time. And this recipe is so easy and perfect for Spring, I can hardly stand it.

    • There is just nothing like a good bowl of pasta. I love to toss on a piece of chicken or strips of steak for nights we want just a little bit more. Hope y’all like it as much as we do!

  9. I adore this, Robyn. What a great meal for this time of year!

  10. I’m with you….I could eat pasta EVERY day with no complaints.

    THIS recipe is going right on my list for next week. I love everything about it…simple, healthy, springy, colorful…perfect.

    • Thank you, Bridget. Yes, I keep waiting on the new diet craze that proclaims if you eat pasta everyday you’ll lose those last 10 pounds.

  11. This looks so light and tasty,and I love the addition of feta cheese. I will definitely be trying this one out!

  12. I could eat that exact plate of pasta every single day and never get tired of it. Looks delicious Robyn!

  13. I’m a pasta lover too and this sounds delish! Thanks!

  14. A quick, easy recipe for Spring Asparagus and Tomato Pasta with Feta. Perfect for quick lunches or weeknight suppers.

  15. This looks like pasta perfection, Robyn!

  16. Love how easy this is to whip up – asparagus and tomato are one of my favorite combinations!

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  19. I made this the other night for dinner and used low calorie feta cheese to keep the calories low. It was delicious even with the low calorie cheese. I am using a weight loss tracker to keep track of my daily calories and so far so good, I am losing weight.

  20. Can hardly wait for my asparagus from my garden! That sald looks so good!!

  21. Love the way this looks and sounds….BUT, I am not a fan of feta…can you suggest a
    cheese substitution? Would love to prepare for my book club gals! Thanks!

    • If you’re not a fan of feta, you might try some shaved parmesan… it won’t have the same tang, but should add the hard cheese factor and is relatively known and loved by most.

  22. This sounds so delicious, but I just can’t handle feta cheese. What cheese would be a close substitute for feta in this (& other) recipes?

    • Hi Laura,
      You could use a nice goat cheese or a queso fresco cheese instead. Additionally, I think a whole milk mozzarella would be delicious!

  23. Spring Asparagus and Tomato Pasta
    I work full time and by the time I get home I need to cook dinner UGH!! When I seen this recipe I tried it the same day! My daughtes and I loved it! I did add chicken breast chunks and sauteed in fresh garlic and mixed in….Thanks for this

  24. I added chicken and garlic to make a great lite supper. It was a hit!

  25. There is feta and there is feta. A more expensive barrel-aged feta tastes wonderful and you will use a quarter of the inferior American or Canadian feta that is on the market. It costs more, but you use a lot less. It is sold out of the barrel and it is soaking in the liquid. Oh so good!
    It would really make the recipe pop for those who love great feta.

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