This White Cake recipe is the perfect cake for so many celebrations! This Best White Cake is simple to make and is a moist, tender cake everyone loves.

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I got so many emails and comments asking for “The Best White Cake Recipe” after I shared my The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe {Ever} So of course I got busy writing and testing this recipe.

I began creating this cake recipe by taking some ideas from the best of some of my favorite family cake recipes. The final cake recipe here is decidedly white and perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and even weddings. It’s definitely the Best White Cake I’ve ever tasted!

Best White Cake Recipe

My son declared this white cake recipe as “perfect” while Bart said, “Now, that’s cake.” From him, that’s really a compliment!

My brother-in-law called me to tell me that this was to be his birthday cake every single year until the year he dies. We had a good laugh at that, but I have to remember each June to make sure to bake this cake.

My white cake recipe results in a sturdy cake. It’s tender, yet moist and holds together well from cooling to frosting to slicing and serving. It just the best!

While many white cake recipes use only egg whites, I decided after lots of testing that I preferred the flavor that the whole egg lends to the cake. While the cake isn’t stark white, it is still white. It also helps to follow my exact recipe instructions for mixing the cake to ensure that the cake is white.

How to Bake The Best White Cake

To bake this cake, you’ll need these ingredients:

1 cup butter (or 2 sticks) softened
1/2 cup vegetable shortening
3 cups granulated sugar
5 large eggs at room temperature
3 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup whole milk, room temperature
1/2 cup buttermilk, room temperature
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Preheat the ovens
Begin by preheating the oven to 350º Fahrenheit.

Prepare cake pans
Prepare three 9-inch round cake pans with nonstick baking spray or coat well with shortening or butter and flour the pans, taking care to remove all excess flour.

Cream butter and shortening
In a large mixing bowl or the bowl of your stand mixer, you will cream together butter and shortening until light and fluffy with an electric mixer or stand mixer.

Add sugar and eggs per instructions
Then slowly add sugar one cup at a time to the butter/shortening mixture, making sure to fully incorporate each cup before adding another. Next, add eggs one at a time, making sure to fully incorporate each egg before adding another.

Dry ingredients; Milks
Get a separate bowl for your dry ingredients and sift together flour, baking powder, and salt. Then in a measuring cup, pour milks and vanilla into the measuring cup and whisk together with a fork.

Next, alternately add a small amount of the dry ingredient mixture to butter and shortening mixture, gently stirring after each addition. Then add a small amount of the milk mixture to butter/shortening mixture and gently stir until just combined. Continue alternating between adding small amounts of the dry mixture to the the butter/shortening mixture with adding small amounts of the milk mixture to the butter/shortening mixture,  just gently stirring until combined after the addition of each. Make sure to begin and end with the addition of the dry ingredients.

Final Stir and Scrape the Bowl
Gently stir all ingredients until well combined. Then, stop the mixer and scrape down sides and bottom of bowl, making sure to that all ingredients are mixed well.

Distribute Cake Batter into Pans
Next, evenly distribute cake batter between the three 9 inch cake pans and place pans into oven.

Bake the Cake
Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick or cake tester inserted in the center comes out clean. Please don’t open and close the oven door a lot while the cake is baking as the oven temperature drops each time the door is opened.

Remove from Oven and Cool
Remove the cakes from the oven when done and allow to cool slightly in cake pans for about 5 minutes. Then gently place the cake layers on a wire rack to finish cooling completely. This is important because cakes left in the cake pans the too long to cool may sweat, making it possible for the cakes to stick to the pans.

Frost the Cake
Frost your cake with your preferred frosting. I’ve used a double recipe of my Classic Vanilla Buttercream here in these photos.

White Cake Recipe | ©

Frosting Options
I used my fluffy white Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, which I doubled, when I frosted the cake. It’s perfect on this cake, but you can really use any favorite frosting.

Other Delicious Frostings

Strawberry Buttercream Frosting,

Cream Cheese Frosting,

Perfect Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

These are all delicious frostings for this cake!

The next time you need a white cake recipe, give this one a try. I think you’ll love it!

Here’s my White Cake Recipe. My family calls it the best ever.

The Best White Cake Recipe {ever}

This White Cake Recipe will quickly become your favorite for so many celebrations and events. This simple white cake recipe is easy to follow and yields a moist, tender white cake you'll love.
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Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time25 mins
Total Time40 mins
Servings: 24
Course Dessert
Calories: 282kcal
Cuisine American
Author: Robyn Stone | Add a Pinch


  • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter softened
  • 1/2 cup vegetable shortening
  • 3 cups granulated sugar
  • 5 large eggs room temperature
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup whole milk room temperature
  • 1/2 cup buttermilk room temperature
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract


  • Preheat oven to 350º F. Prepare three 9-inch round cake pans with nonstick baking spray or coated well with shortening or butter and floured, taking care to remove all excess flour.
  • Cream together butter and shortening until light and fluffy with an electric mixer. Slowly add sugar one cup at a time, making sure to fully incorporate each cup before adding another. Add eggs one at a time, making sure to fully incorporate each egg before adding another.
  • Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt. Pour milks and vanilla into measuring cup and whisk together with a fork. Add to butter and shortening mixture alternately with milk mixture, beginning and ending with dry ingredients.
  • Gently stir all ingredients until well combined. Stop mixer and scrape down sides and bottom of bowl, making sure to have all ingredients mixed well.
  • Evenly distribute cake batter between cake pans and place pans into oven. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick or cake tester inserted in the center comes out clean. Remove and allow to cool slightly in cake pans for about 5 minutes, then cool completely on a wire rack.
  • Frost cake as desired.


Some people have had problems with the cake not rising. Try creaming the butter shortening, and sugar until light and fluffy, about 3 to 5 minutes. Don't over beat when adding eggs and other ingredients, just mix gently until incorporated well into batter.
-This recipe makes approximately 24 cupcakes when cupcake tin is filled more than 3/4 full. When filled 1/2 full, this recipe makes approximately 36 cupcakes. Bake approximately 18 minutes.
- If you preferred the original white cake recipe, it used 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and 1 cup buttermilk with no whole milk.
- If you live in a high altitude environment, you'll need to make sure to follow recommended baking adjustments for your altitude.

Nutrition Information

Calories: 282kcal | Carbohydrates: 38g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Cholesterol: 60mg | Sodium: 115mg | Potassium: 80mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 26g | Vitamin A: 309IU | Calcium: 36mg | Iron: 1mg
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Comment from a Pastry Chef 

I shared this comment from The Pastry Life, comment #1062 to this area of the post as it might be helpful to you as you bake this cake.

“Hi there, I am a pastry chef and have lots of knowledge of cakes, and why they do the funny things that they do. Let me start of by saying this cake is delicious, moist and fluffy! This is thanks to the seemingly large amount of sugar and fats, so do not reduce the amounts or make substitutions! If you’re that concerned about the healthiness of this cake, you should probably just avoid it.

This cake does not rise much, but that does not negatively affect its fluffiness. I followed the directions exactly, except for one very important step which I believe is why my cake is so fluffy inside and did not sink. Cream your butter, shortening and sugar altogether until very white and fluffy (about 4 minutes). After that, follow the instructions to a T. If you over beat after adding the eggs, they will produce a tougher cake. Take extra care while rotating pans as to not deflate the cakes, and resist the urge to open your oven door to peek except when you need to rotate.

This cake does form a bit of a crust on top from the high egg and sugar content, which makes it more difficult to tell when it is done. Your best hint is your nose. If you can smell cake, then check it! If its not jiggly, take it out and scoop a little bit out of the middle to see if it’s done (you’re gonna cover it with frosting anyway). Don’t trust the toothpick-test!

Sorry for writing a novel, I just know how hard it is to make a great white cake and this recipe is probably the best I’ve had yet, so it made me sad to see how many people were disappointed by it due to their lack of pastry knowledge and proper method.”

Thanks for your detailed comment, The Pastry Life!

Here’s to good cake! Enjoy!
Robyn xo

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..where I share sweet, savory and southern recipes, as well as home and garden tips and tidbits of travel.

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  1. Robyn, it is gorgeous!! Stunning!!

    I am normally a chocolate girl all the time, but I can do vanilla if it looks anything like this! Your cake looks moist, fluffy and every layer just looks perfect and so good! I can see why it is the best!

  2. Ah, this cake looks beautiful. I’d love to sink my teeth into it. So many possibilities.

  3. This cake looks beautiful. I am eager to try the recipe. I like that the layer is not a stark white. The color makes it look rich. I love the photo of the milk glass cake stand. I am a collector of milk glass.

    1. Thanks so much, Mrs. Lou. I love milk glass, too! I just can’t pass up milk glass cake stands. I bet your collection is gorgeous!

  4. I’m making this cake tomorrow. I can’t help it. I want to do your vanilla buttercream but I’m sure I will need to at least double the recipe you have posted online. Could you tell me exactly how much I’ll need?

    1. I love that, Jan! Can’t wait to hear how you like it! For the vanilla buttercream recipe, I did double the recipe that I posted with cupcakes. For the three layers, a little more than half of it was used for between the layers and the crumb coating, the remainder to make the frosting thick and well… fluffy. 🙂

  5. The cake looks fabulous but that cake stand really sets it apart from other white cakes! I think I will make it today!

  6. WOW I can’t wait to make this beautiful delicious cake!!! AND please tell me where you got that gorgeous milk glass cake stand!!! The cake and stand are both to die for!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Autumn. The milk glass cake stand is vintage and one of my favorites. Hope you love the cake.

  7. Oh good heavens white cake is my absolute favorite. Growing up with a professional cake decorator I got all the scraps. Mmmmmmm. Yep- even though we just got through the birthday cakes around here- I’m thinking I need to create an excuse to make this 😉 Love the hobnail stand too.

    1. Thanks so much, Gina. I wish I could decorate cakes to at least look presentable, I know you learned a lot growing up with a professional cake decorator. Goodness at all you learned growing up!

  8. This cake is beautiful and looks so delicious. Now I want cake!!! I like that the recipe has very basic ingredients that I always have on hand. Question – have you ever tried freezing your cake layers before frosting them? I’ve heard that it’s a trick used by “pro” bakers that make wedding cakes.

    1. Hey Robyn,
      Love how you spell your name 🙂 I have frozen cake layers periodically, but (and this may just be me being me) I always felt like they didn’t taste “fresh”. If I’m in a hurry to get a cake perfectly cooled for frosting, then I will wrap it tightly and then pop it into the freezer for a little while, but never longer than an hour or so. Does that make sense?

  9. I love me a big ol slice of white cake, and this one sure does look perfect!!! Gorgeous job, lady 🙂

  10. Can I use all butter for this recipe, instead of butter and shortening? We don’t use shortening. 🙁

    1. Hi Katelin,
      You can use all butter for this cake and it will still turn out just fine. I found that the color of the final cake had a hint of color (not majorly noticeable, but slightly), the cake layers weren’t as tall when baked, and the cake wasn’t as moist. But, the flavor was delicious. Hope that helps!

    2. We don’t use shortening either. I just substituted veggie oil for the shortening instead… It turned out great!

  11. There’s nothing better than a great white cake. Can’t wait to try this recipe -I’ve been craving a great cake like this to return me to childhood and making the ones out of the box mix.

  12. The cake looks wonderful and I too like the fact that it uses basic ingredients. Except, you knew that was coming!, the buttermilk. I keep powdered buttermilk for biscuits but haven’t used it for non quick bread type recipes. Any idea if it will work fine or should I just go for it! Thanks!

    1. Hey Barbara,
      I’ve not used powdered buttermilk in this recipe, but I have used a quick buttermilk substitute of adding 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar or lemon juice to a cup of whole milk. Then, I let it sit for about five minutes until the milk has changed in consistency. Then, I just use it as if it were regular buttermilk. I hope that helps!

    2. Thanks Robyn,

      I’ll give the powdered buttermilk a whirl and see what happens. I may have to make the best ever chocolate cake first though, that’s my husband’s favorite. He’s the best so I like to keep him Happy!

      1. Absolutely! Let me know how the powdered buttermilk works in the recipe when you get a chance to try it.

    3. Best ever chocolate cake done. The name fits it well. I made half the recipe so it shouldn’t take my husband and I too long to finish it! Then, it’s on to the Best Ever White Cake! So much cake, so little time!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      It will make at least 24 cupcakes. I have to make cupcakes this weekend and will test it exactly so that I can let you know the result. Great question!

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  14. I really like that you combine both butter and shortening because the shortening does provide a certain amount of moistness that butter just doesn’t. And, I completely agree with you about using the whole eggs, in terms of flavor and from a practical standpoint 😉 I love layer cakes so I can’t wait to give this one a try!

    1. Thanks so much, Jan. I liked the way the cake baked, looked, and tasted when I combined both the butter and the shortening. And yes, the whole eggs made a huge difference to me, too. But, that could just be me. 🙂

  15. Robyn this is SUCH a gorgeous cake! I can see what you and your family call it the best white cake ever. It truly looks like it is! And the wonderfully thick buttercream is the perfect icing on a perfect cake. Pinned!

    Also I love the wood backdrop. Is that a posterboard that looks like wood or actual wood? I have some vinyl backdrops that I want to use but they don’t look nearly as pretty as yours if that’s what yours is!

    1. No wonder – it’s the real deal! It’s beautiful and if he wants to make more, I’m buying$$ 🙂 Seriously!

    1. I wish we were neighbors where we could meet for coffee and cake (and cookies). Oh no, wait, that could be dangerous! 🙂

  16. I’ve been on the hunt for a good scratch white cake. Can you tell me what altitude you are? I live at high altitude and would need to know if I need to make adjustments for the altitude.

  17. DEFINITELY trying this next time I need to make a white cake. It looks perfect! And lovelovelove your cake stand 🙂

  18. I’m really glad that it is dinner time, cause I am not kidding, my mouth is actually watering…I cannot wait to try this cake, it looks decadent!!

  19. I don’t think I have ever seen a more gorgeous white cake before. OR a more gorgeous cake stand. Love everything about this!

  20. Just made the cake and it’s incredible!!! Anxious to hear how the recipe works as cupcakes? Planning to use this for my son’s birthday.

    1. Hey Michelle,

      I made this recipe as cupcakes this weekend. I only needed 24 cupcakes, it made that plus 3 mini loaf pan cakes. GREAT recipe for them. I do suggest you watch them closely. It only took my oven 16 minutes to bake them. I think you could easily get 36 cupcakes out of this recipe.
      Hope this helps!

      1. Just made cupcakes with this recipe! Made 33 cupcakes. Might have been 34 if I didn’t love the taste of the batter so much! Liners were 3/4 full. Baked them at 350. One batch 16 mins. Another at 18 mins and then another at 19 mins. Thought the ones at 18 mins came out the best. Cupcakes were dense and delish! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to trying your best ever chocolate cake recipe.

    1. Hi Dawn,
      I always just use salted butter when baking, even though I know that isn’t what the professionals recommend. 🙂

  21. I cannot wait to try this out!!!!!!!! In the past, I’ve made flavored cakes, mostly guava by using a cake mix and substituting the water for guava juice…..however, I would love to take a quality cake like this and make it guava. If I substitute the buttermilk for guava juice-would that work????

    1. I’ve not baked with guava juice, Renee, so I can’t really answer your question specifically. However, the buttermilk adds a great deal of moisture to the cake. You might want to check to see if guava works similar to buttermilk in baking recipes or if you need to add anything else to compensate for the substitution for it to work in this recipe.

      Robyn xo

    2. I read that you can use 1 cup of milk and one Tablespoon of either lemon juice or vinegar to substitue buttermilk. I just tried it with the lemon juice and it worked great.

  22. This is the absolute best white cake ever!!! I have to admit that I only made it into cupcakes and no frosting, but that is saying a lot in by book. I have never had such a luscious homemade-spongy-moist-dense cake ever. Can’t wait to try your chocolate version.

  23. Yum! I just made these into cupcakes-udon my large scoop I got exactly 36-baked for 17 minutes at 330 (convection) and had to taste one for quality control 🙂 they are perfect! This has replaced Magnolia’s vanilla vanilla as my go-to cake recipe! I’m using your cream cheese frosting to frost them. Yum and thank you!

  24. i’m not a huge fan of shortening, would it be possible to sub the shortening for butter, or would that completely change the flavor and texture? Cake looks beautiful by the way!

    1. Hi Cathy,
      I completely understand. Substituting butter for the shortening will change the texture and rise of the cake, but it will still make for a delicious cake! The color may be a little bit less white as well, but I say if that’s what you prefer – go for it! xo

  25. Hi! This cake looks beautiful and very tasty! It reminds me so much of a cake that my late grandmother used to make for most occasions. I can’t wait to try it, since I have lost the recipe for her cake! Beautiful!!

  26. I made the cake last night. It was the best tasting cake I ever made. I have one small question. My cake layers were very small and dense. They weren’t fluffy and big like your pictures. What could I have done wrong.

  27. Hello!
    I plan on using this recipe for my sons birthday cake, it looks delicious and I’m anxious to impress the in laws! My question is, do you know roughly how many cups of batter this recipe will yield? I’m making a massive rainbow cake with 6 smaller layers in a 16″ round and I’m wondering if I should triple or quadruple the recipe? Suggestions?

  28. HI, thank you so much for this recipe. The batter was wonderful so I’m sure the cake will be too haha. I’m wondering something though? My cakes always come out with this crunchy top layer that I have to cut off. Do you know what causes that and what I might be able to do about it?

  29. Have you ever substituted Gluten-Free flour? Curious how it would effect the density of the cake if at all.

  30. I am getting ready to make this, and I was wondering if there is there a typo on the amount of baking powder? Half a tsp seems less than most recipes. Thanks!

  31. I don’t ordinarily keep shortening or buttermilk on hand, but have used 1/2 C oil in the Best Chocolate Cake recipe on the Hershey’s Cocoa box. The substitute vinegar/milk idea is great. Have you tried oil in lieu of shortening?

  32. I tried this recipe saturday and I must say it turned out GREAT. I was searching for a white/vanilla cake recipe to make cupcakes for a baby shower and I tried 2 other ones last week that were awful. This cake melts in your mouth and it stayed moist!! It is defintely a keeper. One thing though my cupcakes turned out kinda small and didn’t rise to a peak…..I wish I could get them to turn out larger and rise more!! Other than that…I can’t wait to make the recipe as a two layer cake! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

  33. I forgot to rate the recipe..sorry!!

    I tried this recipe saturday and I must say it turned out GREAT. I was searching for a white/vanilla cake recipe to make cupcakes for a baby shower and I tried 2 other ones last week that were awful. This cake melts in your mouth and it stayed moist!! It is defintely a keeper. One thing though my cupcakes turned out kinda small and didn’t rise to a peak…..I wish I could get them to turn out larger and rise more!! Other than that…I can’t wait to make the recipe as a two layer cake! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

  34. Three words….LOVE your work!! I decided to face my fear of layer cakes and tackle this beautiful cake. It was a success! Thank you thank you thank you. You are an amazing baker! Having also tried your chocolate cupcakes a while back, to rave reviews, mind you – I do regard you as somewhat of a baking superhero! This is the very first time that my layers were equal in size LOL

  35. Just used this recipe to build a jello pudding cake. The white cake turned out better than anticipated; white, fluffy, moist and delicious. Thank you posting… It’ll be my go-to recipe going forward!

  36. Hello, I’d like to make this cake to use in a rainbow cake this weekend, but after reading the reviews was wondering if you could confirm whether 1/2 tsp of baking powder was the correct amount since a few people had questioned it. Thanks!

  37. Hi,

    Could you help me out a little and let me know how many gms would be 1 cup. I always have trouble when the recipees says use cup measurement. I believe my cup is different. Would it be possible to get the measurement in gms. Appreciate it.

    1. I live at about 5,000 feet above sea level and did nothing different to the recipe at all. It turned out amazing and delicious.

  38. hi just wanted to know what did you put on the filling can could you put the recipe on your website I love you cake ideas thank u

  39. Made this cake for my mother in-law for her 52 birthday and I have to say I will never buy another cake mix in a box! Its was so easy to make and it tasted like heaven! Everyone loved it!

  40. I made this cake last week. It was really good! It was dense, but still moist. My husband said, “Can you make this again soon, please?!” 🙂 After tasting it, it made me think of pound cake, and I checked the recipes and realized that it is very similar to my mom’s pound cake recipe.

  41. I just made this cake, its very good, but mine had a “crust” on the top like a pound cake. This was a trial run for my granddaughter’s wedding cake. What did I do wrong?
    Thanks, any help would be appreciated

    1. Hi Ruth,
      If your cake developed a “crust” on the top, then I would recommend dropping the temperature for baking to 325º F and baking the cake a bit longer and slower. You’ll want to start checking the cake after about 25 minutes for doneness and not let it overbake. You can also use the baking strips to help the cake bake more evenly. These are the strips that you wrap around the sides of a cake pan to help with baking. Once you remove the cake from the oven, I’ve found that placing a damp kitchen towel over the cakes while cooling in the pan softens any hardness whenever I’ve had that with some recipes. And finally, you can just trim away any “crust” as you are leveling your cake for frosting and decorating for the wedding. Hope that helps!

      Robyn xo

  42. OMG!! So good. I can honestly say I’ve never tried to make a cake from scratch and this was not only was this really good but not that hard at all.
    A major hit with my family! Will make it again for sure.

  43. My daughter and I made this for my son’s birthday today. We tried your chocolate cake recipe last week and we LOVED it. This one had a good flavor, but I didn’t care for the heaviness.

  44. This looks wonderful and I can’t wait to try it this week. But I was wondering if I could use coconut oil instead of shortening? If not that’s ok. Just seeing if you knew. Thanks!

  45. This cake was perfect! It has great flavor and texture. I made it with the Cream Cheese Frosting and it was delicious. I’m using this recipe for a wedding cake in two weeks. SO GOOD!

  46. Can this be used for cupcakes as well or do I need to adjust the measurements/ingredients at all? I’m making a wedding cake and cupcakes. I love this for the white cake and would like to use the same for the cupcakes too if I could.

    Thanks! Love all of your recipes!!! Happy baking.

  47. Hi, If I wanted to use x2 9″ square pans what temp and how long should I bake them? I have a gas oven that also has a convection setting. It’s new and I’m not that used to it yet. I’m hoping this is the one!!! I’ve made 4 white cakes this week! None have been what I’m looking for. Looking forward to trying this tonight:-)

  48. I am going to try this recipe for my niece’s engagement cake. Any thoughts on separating the eggs and folding in the egg whites?


    1. Hi Mary,
      Folding in the egg whites will definitely give the cake more volume! I think you’ll like the texture as well.

  49. I can’t get shortening where I live in Europe – any suggestions for a replacement? I saw coconut oil (the solid stuff in a jar?) – could of course use other veggie oils – or just margarine? Would all butter be too overwhelming?

    1. I too live in Europe, and I use old-fashioned lard instead of shortening in all my recipes. It works perfectly and is delicious, especially in pie crust. Not sure what country you’re in, but here in Switzerland, it’s called “Sweinefett” and you can get it from the butcher (Metzgerei).

      Great recipe! Perhaps a little sweet for my taste, but I know my husband and mom will love it! It also has a beautiful texture.

  50. Hi Robyn,

    I’m making this cake for a friend’s wedding. Can you tell me how you measure your flour? Is it spoon and level, sift and level? Or do you know how many oz or grams your 3 cups yields?

  51. Just curious, do you know about how many cups of batter a single recipe makes? If it’s as fantastic as the comments above state, and sturdy like you profess, I’d imagine it will become a popular wedding cake recipe! However, I make my batter according cups needed per pan – for regulation and conformity – and knowing how many recipes I’m going to have to prepare, it would be helpful in purchasing my shopping list!

    Thank you!

  52. I have a wedding on Sunday that I am making the wedding cake for. The groom is dairy and nut free and it was a challenge finding a recipe that I could use substitutes in and stiff have it taist great. I would like everyone to know that this is a great recipe! I substituted the butter for vegan margarine and the butter milk for rice milk. All of my test cakes came out great. I can’t wait for the real thing!

  53. Hello again, Robyn. You are AWESOME:) I emailed you previously regarding the Caramel Cake which was out of this world “Super-D-Duper” delicious. I just finished baking the best white cake ever and wanted to tell you that you have got it going on. I absolutely love this cake. It is just on point scrumptious. You share wonderful family stories that lead into your recipes. I really enjoy reading them. The way that you take time to describe what to do really puts me at ease, and makes me feel like I know my way around the kitchen. Because of you, it makes me feel great to know that I can do this, and I love it. With my new found skills in the kitchen, I am looked up to by my family and friends because of you. I am southern and I love that your recipes are the true southern brand. Thank you, once again, for your generosity, and for sharing so many of your, your mother and your grandmother’s special gifts with everyone. Oh, and thanks for making me look good in the kitchen. Until the next time that I take on another of your family recipes, God bless you and your family. Take care:)

    1. Thank you so very much, Andrea! I really appreciate your sweet comment and am so glad that you are having fun in the kitchen and enjoying my recipes. I hope you have a great week!

      Love ya,
      Robyn xo

  54. Hi there,
    What is your frosting recipe that you have in the photo with
    this cake? I would like to try both.
    Thanks, Erin 😛

    1. in the narrative portion of this post, she says she used the Fluffy White Buttercream Frosting; it’s in green text, in a link right above the last photo 🙂 Looks amazing….

  55. Quite a lovely cake! I finally made it over the weekend for our daughter’s 21st birthday. Instead of 3 layers, I did two and 12 smallish cupcakes. I’m not a cake baker so if it turned out good for me it must be easy!! It started to get a little crumbly a couple of days after we first cut into it, but nothing else was compromised. I will definitely make it again!

  56. Hi I have been searching for a decent white cake recipe for months, and yours looks amazing, but I dont think I will be able to make it as I live in Australia and have no idea how to convert this to suit me =(

    1. I live in Australia and used the recipe as is, just using my Australian cup instead of a US one and it worked perfectly. I used Copha for shortening too incidentally.

      1. Did it turn out perfectly? Will have to give it a go, thanks for your help! I’ve never made a white cake that has worked lol so this will be interesting 🙂

  57. Just made this cake along with two others in search for the best birthday cake recipe! We are in heaven here in SC and I will be baking this again this weekend. Loved it and am so thankful to have found this recipe! Thank you!

  58. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe! As an Aussie I have struggled to find a white cake recipe that doesn’t contain cake flour as we can’t get it here. This cake was so fabulous and is now most definitely my favourite staple cake. I folded in my egg whites separately and used only 3 yolks and it worked like a dream! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  59. All I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow!!! This was my first time ever making a homemade cake and it turn out BEAUTIFUL if I must say so myself. My church family loved it. One of the best homemade cake ladies in my town gave it great reviews. Ask me how did I make such a good cake on the first try. I had to alternate a few things because I didn’t have everything so I did some substituting. I didn’t have buttermilk on hand so I used 2% and add some fresh squeezed lemon juice (2 tsp.). I used Swift cake flour instead of all purpose flour. This cake was better than any cake I’ve ever made from a box. It was White as promised with a smooth golden top (not a crust), but it had a lemon taste. I doubled everything and made a large sheet cake instead.
    Next time, I will purchase the correct things you requested and see what the difference will be.

    Post Soon

  60. I was wondering if it was for 1 inch tall or two inch tall pans? I plan on using Two 2in tall 8 inch pans, and wanted to make sure this would be enough.


  61. Hi Robyn I have to say I’m
    A huge fan of your recipes, I make the chocolate cake recipe once a week, I need a vanilla cake recipe that’s moist I saw this one but how much is a cup of butter as I’m
    In the uk! Also do u have a vanilla cake recipe that uses oil could I substitute the coco powder for vanilla pudding or custard powder? Thanks in advance x

  62. This looks gorgeous–
    I have a question for those how subbed the vegetable shortening with either coconut oil or butter: did you use 1/2 cup of each in replacement of the 1/2 cup of shortening?

    Also, for those who’ve made it with buttermilk: did the buttermilk make the cake sour at all? Could you detect the sour flavor?

    If I don’t use buttermilk, what do you think of straight up milk, i.e., without lemon (one person said they added a bit of lemon to the milk)? I don’t really want the lemon-y flavor, and I’m wondering if you are using the buttermilk for its sour quality or for any other reason?
    I’ll be making this for my daughter’s 6th birthday.
    Thanks, Tina

    1. Substitute buttermilk is traditionally milk and white vinegar. Use lemon only if you want the lemon flavor. Put 1 tablespoon vinegar in measuring cup, add milk (anything but skim) and let sit for 5 min. You can warm it in the microwave for 30 sec. to bring it to room temp.

  63. Hello, want to confirm the cooking time. On the top of the recipe it says one hour and at the bottom it says 25 to 30 minutes, I’m baking it now and confused.

  64. Robyn, I made your recipe tonight. The flavor was good but my layers came out very dense, not fluffy like yours. What did I do wrong? Thanks!

  65. Hi Robyn, I have tried some of your recipe – delish! :). How did you get your icing to be so white? Also my buttercream icing gets very grainy and dry, what am I doing wrong?

    1. I can’t speak for her buttercream however from my experience make sure your are beating your butter for 4-5 minutes before adding anything. This will lighten the color of natural butter tremendously. As far as the grainy & dry I’ve found that off brand powdered sugars are grainy so I stick with Domino (or C&H if you have it). Sift & add the sugar slowly (on low speed) and then add milk, half n half, or heavy cream (a teaspoon at a time until you find the consistency you’re looking for) to the mixer and allow to mix for at least another 5 minutes on low to medium. The liquid should help with any dry texture. If you use heavy cream you’ll want to beat (or whip) at high speed for it to fluff the buttercream.

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  67. hi there, i made this and it was delicious, but my cupcakes ddnt rise and were on the small size. they pulled away from the edges of each muffin cup. Any ideas? i did get the amount of baking powder right at 1/2 tsp, correct?

    1. I have nearly the same recipe of my own, but I use 1 teaspoon of baking powder and it rises nicely. However there are other things you can check other than the amount of baking powder.

      ~ If you are using a stand mixer, use the paddle attachment rather than the whisk to avoid incorporating too much air.
      ~ Make sure the other ingredients are measured correctly too (I swear I lose count between 1 and 3 and have to start over again!).
      ~ Beat butter and sugar no more than 3 min. to avoid incorporating too much air.
      ~ Mix eggs until just incorporated on low speed. Don’t be tempted to over mix!
      ~ Make sure your oven temp. is exact. Even when the “ready beep” goes off it doesn’t mean that the oven has reached (or may have exceeded) the exact temp. so use an oven thermometer.

  68. This recipe is very similar to my own that, like you, was inspired by a need for that elusive perfect white cake! I use all butter, two whole eggs/four egg whites and a full teaspoon of baking powder but that’s the only difference! The type of vanilla I use depends on the frosting. For the salted cocoa or deep chocolate I use Mexican vanilla and for white frosting a Tahitian vanilla. It also makes a great base for Red Velvet cake.

    As a wedding cake this holds up SO nicely! I read a comment about how dense it is but that’s the beauty of a cake made from scratch…not an overly mushy bunch of fluff. My customers love the right amount of density and my kids are thoroughly spoiled at every occasion!

    1. Christina, thank you for addressing my issue and thank you for the other tips i will be sure to follow. I love the flavor of this cake so i want to do it right!!

  69. Hi Robyn, On your white cake it calls for 1/2 cup vegetable shortening is that oil or Crisco shorting I never know if it is oil or Crisco shortening Thank you

  70. This cake was love at first sight. I knew we’d be soulmates! I’ve searched and searched for vanilla cakes over the past two years, but they’ve always ended up too dry for what I was looking for. This cake is fantastic! I made cupcakes (27 with large ice cream scoop for 22 min) and they were exactly the texture I was looking for. Thick batter for scooping and an even rise was another plus. Next time I ‘might’ reduce the sugar a touch and use half n half as I don’t prefer the taste buttermilk tends to lend…but that’s personal preference. Amazing recipe! 5 Star!

  71. I am wanting to make this cake tomorrow and I was wondering if the measurements are meant for 3 9inch pans or 2 pans. let me know! I’m super excited 🙂 THANK YOU!!

  72. Hi, That is a beautiful looking cake. Sure plan on trying this out. When in school we had to make a wedding cake it looked so much like this one and it was awesome. The ingredients are so close to what I remembered but lost the recipe. I am so glad to replace it for this one. Thank You for posting it. When I saw the cake stand it is identical to the one I bought my mother for her 50th birthday over 40 years ago. It is still used for special occasions. She is since gone and I have it now and will pass it down in the family. Only thing I wished I was able to get a lid for it, but it did not come with one. Looking to see how this turns out and if it is like the one from days gone by. Thank you

  73. Hi Ms. Robyn and everyone reading this. 🙂
    i just would like to ask help, i am going to bake this cake later and i hope someone will respond to my question. I’ve been searching everywhere like in market and in malls for buttermilk but the only buttermilk i found is powder. The recipe tells that it needs 1 cup of buttermilk but it didn’t say powder of liquid as like milk itself. I understood it as a liquid formed into simi-solid or thick because it says “room temperature” but i have powder. is it possible to put 1 cup of powder buttermilk to the recipe or should i dissolve the powder buttermilk then measure 1 cup out of the mixture? I dunno what should i consider (i am not a baker, just a person without experience of baking lesson just trying to bake). Thank you for your responses 🙂

    1. Jose Miguel, You can substitute 1 cup regular milk with a tsp. of white vinegar, let stand for 5 minutes and then use in the recipe. Or you can make up your powdered buttermilk according to your package directions to reconstitute to 1 cup of fluid. DO NOT use 1 cup of buttermilk powder! The powder is for convenience (if you don’t have refrigeration or space in the refrigerator for a container of liquid buttermilk) and long shelf life. It is dehydrated and concentrated and needs to be reconstituted (rehydrated/diluted) with water to work in recipes (unless being used in a dry powder recipe like making salad dressing mix). Hope your baking experience is fun and that your cake comes out well!

    2. Thank you for your response Ms. Rachael 🙂 i googled on how to make 1 cup of buttermilk liquid from powder and my researched led me to 1/4 powder buttermilk dissolved in 1 cup of water then voila, instant 1 cup of buttermilk :). I finished the baking an hour ago and i frosted it with butter frosting and when i tasted it WOW!!! as in WOW!!! i am excited to present my cake tomorrow to my classmates. The cake is SO SO SO delicious and its like melting in your mouth! all i was able to express when tasting it was “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” i can’t believe i made it ^^. thank you so much Ms. Robyn for sharing this recipe 🙂 next day i will bake some for my mom and my sister 🙂

      Thank you Ms. Rachel for educating me about the buttermilk 🙂 i hope you’re here to taste my cake..

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  75. Hi!

    I was wondering if this recipe is enough for ONE 9×13 pan?? Or should I double it??

    Can’t wait to try it!
    Thank you!

  76. I would like to bake this cake fir a close friends birthday, but she has ruled out sugar completely from her diet. Would it be possible to substitute the sugar in the recipe for something else and still have a great tasting cake?

  77. Hi Robyn,
    I am ready to try this. Just wondering can I also use this for a rainbow cake? Dividing the batter and adding food coloring?
    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  78. Planning on making this recipe tomorrow. Does it dye well? And can u confirm 1/2 baking powder? Some people have said theirs didn’t rise well. Is that because they over beat the batter and incorporated too much air an made their cake dense? Thanks

  79. Hi

    I just attempted to make the white cake and when i took it out of the oven it had deep cracks on the top! Also I greased the baking tin and the edges of the cake look raw however they cant be as the middle is cooked. What do you think went wrong?



  80. I made this cake and i didn’t really like it…sorry… I may have done something wrong top was crusty and it had a strange texture and flavor

  81. The batter looked amazing, but the cake was way too sweet. My kids said it tasted like my sugar cookies. I had to look at the recipe again to be sure I put in the recommended dosage of sugar. 3 cups is a lot of sugar!

  82. Hi Robyn! This is the first time I’ve been to your site, and I just have to tell you…we loved this cake!! We used it for my mother-in-law’s birthday and cooked up some lemon pudding to go between the layers with cool whip on the top. I can imagine it good in so many different ways…it’s going to be my new go-to white cake recipe! I’m pinning it in my (CarlaINHouston) Recipes to try and love board. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes–I’m a new fan!

  83. Hi Robyn,

    this cake looks amazing! I have a quick question:

    what do you recommend as a substitute for vegetable shortening in this recipe? would coconut oil be good?

    thank you!!

    1. Some have replaced with equal amount coconut oil or butter with good results. I’ve not substituted so I can’t give you a recommendation of one over the other. Do let me know how you try it though. I’m sure other readers would like to know, too!

      Thanks! xo

    2. I used coconut oil and it turned out great. I was concerned that it would be too overpowering. When trying the batter, I did detect the coconut; but for some reason, it was barely noticeable for me once the cake was baked.

    3. This cake was delicious, I used coconut oil and replaced the buttermilk with coconut milk.(as per request of coconut flavor from my love)What a lovely recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  84. I’ve tried a lot of white cake recipes; this one is the best. Made it yesterday for Hallowe’en cupcakes. The colour is as indicated in the photography. Nice sugary crust. Thank you for doing the experimenting and letting us benefit!

  85. My, my, my! I made this cake and the texture was great and moist. Yummy! The top was a little “crusty” however I just cut it off. I think cutting some of the sugar out will prevent the “crustiness”. Now, I’m making cupcakes. Yay!

    Really great! Great job vetting. Thank you.

  86. Five stars. Really good flavour. Moist. I added chopped Reese cups, as that is a requirement in any birthday cake I make for my daughter and made a Nutella buttercream frosting for it. She absolutely loves it and says it’s the best cake ever.

  87. I have been searching for a white cake recipe with flavor as well as staying moist…Then I found yours! Thank you so much, this is the BEST ever. My 10yr old daughter has food allergies, so I make everything myself. Who would have thought finding a white cake recipe would have been so difficult…But then I found yours. Today is my daughter’s birthday and when I was asked what I was going to make, simple, The Best White Cake Ever! Thanks so much for posting it

  88. My cakes didn’t rise. I’m new to this whole baking thing so I’m sure I probably did something wrong, just not sure what?

    1. Mine didn’t rise as well either, though I did replace a few of the ingredients. I think that it might be due to the baking soda. Though if you add too much it would make the cake bitter, maybe increase the amount if you make it again?

    2. Mine didn’t rise either. And it was very dense- tasted like a sugar cookie. It also took way longer to bake than the instructions stated. I did use gluten free flour, so not sure if that had something to do with it, although I’ve made plenty of recipes with it and never had a problem.

  89. Hey!

    With great love and precision I used your recipe to bake a vanilla cake for hubby’s birthday yesterday. It turned out to be not only too sweet but the cake didn’t rise either. I really don’t understand what went wrong but was highly disappointed with the result and had to throw it all 🙁

  90. Made this today for husbands b-day! This is an amazing recipe. The cake is moist and dense. The perfect white cake!! I found that greasing the pans works much better than the spray with this recipe. Everyone enjoyed the cake and they are looking forward to dessert tomorrow! 🙂

  91. Hi,
    In my quest to make a moist cake I happened upon this lovely cake and your website:) I am eager to try this recipe as it looks amazing. I have baked my whole life but most recently been baking for friends weddings…mainly cupcakes. I dont seem to have a problem turning out a nicely risen, moist chocolate cake but I seem to have trouble achieving a moist white cake. Ive purchased the cake bible, and more recently the science of baking…Im trying so hard and wasting so many good ingredients in my efforts to master this!! I noticed in your recipe you have butter and shortening? It looks as though that may be the key? The only thing I haven’t tried is calibrating my oven, that’s next though. If you have any thoughts/tips Id love to know:) Ill be trying this cake as soon as im off my diet!!

  92. I LOVE this cake. Made a test subject one for my daughter’s birthday in December.. all of my guinea pigs loved it. Also experienced the brown edges and crusty top….but once frosted, both qualities were not only irrelevant…they added to the deliciousness. My question is ….can THIS recipe be made CHOCOLATE????? I greatly admire the study quality of this cake…it barely “crumbed” when I frosted it …it was just so simple to handle….I’d like to make the exact recipe but chocolate if possible!!!??? Thanks 🙂

  93. Hi Robyn,
    I have tried your Moist Chocolate Cake. It was awesome.
    I am thinking of baking this cake but adding colouring for the layers as a Rainbow Cake?
    Would this recipe be possible? Or do you have a suitable one?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I made a rainbow cake with this recipe and it came out fine except it didn’t rise and had a crusty layer on top. I used food gel to dye the batter. Also had to bake it longer than instructed.

  94. I make your recipe for my 10 year olds birthday. It was amazing! My husband said that this was the best cake that he had ever eaten. I will make this again and I’ve given the recipe to friends. Thank you for sharing!!

  95. Hi, I have found a new hobby in baking, I have a question may be it is a stupid one how ever here it is… I have 2 nine inch baking pans and was wondering if I use the same ingredient quantities would it be to much? my idea was to bake 2 instead of 3 and cut the each bake in to 2 along the circumference to get four layers. the second part of my question is will this cake crumble while cutting through it? please help with any advice ASAP, Thanking all in advance

    1. This recipe yields too much for just 2 pans. The cakes are so sturdy you that I highly doubt they will crumb, I didn’t even need to trim the tops before stacking and frosting…I loved the texture.

    2. Thank you Krista, you were right about it being this cake is very firm in deed. I did replace the shortening for sun flower oil and got it nice and moist… it was very impressive and was gone in a jiffy will try it as cupcakes this Christmas. May this Christmas Season be one that will keep this site Favoured, flavored and Blessed

  96. I made this recipe last night with a few modifications and it’s the best cake I’ve ever made!!

    I used 1/2 cup of canola oil instead of the vegetable shortening. I think it made it extra moist. Also I substituted 1 cup of flour for 2/3 c of flour PLUS 1/3 cup of cornstarch.

    I also got the crusty top as one other person wrote, but it was fine with my family.

  97. I am a baker in Texas. I have recently opened a little bake shop and received my first order for a wedding cake. I make your best chocolate cake all the time and my customers love it so decided to give your white cake a try. I made a practice cake and my family loved it, so I used it for the wedding cake and got excellent comments. The bride loved it and she is who really counts. So, thank you for this excellent recipe. Got any more?

  98. I made this yesterday for my daughter’s birthday party (age 9) and we all loved it! The layers were so pretty and it was deliciously moist! Yea!!!!!!! I made 2-9 inch layers and 6 cupcakes. We had a girl coming to her party who was allergic to food coloring, so I made those cupcakes with just plain white icing and it all worked out!

  99. I have never been to this website before but found this recipe through google. I cannot even describe how good this cake was. I made cupcakes with this recipe and they were absolutely perfect. I had read the comments so I was already expecting the “sugar crust,” but once the frosting went on, it softened that up. My husband actually asked my to save him a few un-iced ones because he loved the texture of the crunchy top. Anyway, they were perfectly moist and the flavor was incredible. I will never, ever use another white cake recipe for anything. Thank you.

  100. THIS IS THE BEST WHITE CAKE RECIPE I HAVE EVER MADE OR TASTED.Its so moist and tastes amazing..The buttermilk makes the cake.. It just tastes so good!! I’ve never had a cake turn out this moist. It’s probably the best cake I’ve ever made!! I recommend making this to anybody that sees this recipes..Don’t think twice about skipping over this recipe to look at another one! You will not find another as good as this!! I’ve searched EVERYWHERE & made so many different cakes! My search has ended!!.. This is a great cake!! Just make it & you’ll see for yourself!!! I promise no one will be disappointed as long as you follow the directions to a “t” & don’t overmix!!!

  101. My sister asked me to bake my niece’s birthday cake for her 20th birthday and this recipe looks perfect. My niece is not a chocolate lover. I will be using Wilton’s butter cream frosting recipe since my niece prefers vanilla. I will also be writing on the cake and decorating it with roses and leaves. This recipe sounds like it it will go perfectly with the white butter cream frosting.

  102. I subbed the shortening with coconut oil and used cake flour because I had it and really, what else am I going to use cake flour for? I used it for cupcakes, and they turned out amazing. They are very sweet, and the top doesn’t look like cupcakes I’ve made with mixes, it was kinda pocked and looked wet but wasn’t. I did have a hard time getting them out of their tin without them separating from their wrappers, which was a bummer. But the recipe is fairly simple, and for me it came out wonderful.

  103. I made this cake for Thanksgiving and topped it off with homemade caramel icing. It was gone within an hour. No one wanted the other desserts, just this one. I cut back on the sugar, only use 2-1/2 cups. Turned out great. I will be using this recipe from now on.

  104. Great recipe – but I have my doubts about 1/2 tsp of baking powder working very well. I made this cake this morning and actually used 3/4 Tbsp baking powder. It rose nicely. As well I cut back on the sugar and only used two cups. The batter seemed sweet enough with that.

  105. Hi Robyn! I can’t wait to make this cake! Such lovely & beautiful photos! I have a question-I’m wanting to make cupcakes for Christmas with a boiled frosting with coconut, aka snowballs, would this recipe work well as cupcakes? Thanks so much for all your wonderful recipes!

    1. Hi Aimee,
      I love this recipe for cakes and cupcakes. This does make a sturdy cake that is great for decorating, and does create a “crust” when baked.

  106. Best white cake recipe I’ve ever tried. I divided into 6 small pans and colored the batter to make a layered rainbow cake. I wrapped each cooled layer (after leveling off the tops) and refrigerated them for several days before assembling. The cake was so dense and moist, and the flavor incredible. Thank you for such a great recipe!

    1. Hi J. Atkins
      I am so glad to read your comments. Was thinking of using this recipe for a rainbow cake.
      What size pan did you use and how long did you bake it for?

      Thank you so much. Christmas Greetings from Singapore.

  107. Three 9″ cake pans?? I only have two. Is there another type of pan I can bake this in?? I am making it right now.

    1. If you don’t have three 9″ cake pans, you can always divide evenly between two 9″ cake pans and a muffin tin for cupcakes.

  108. Hi,

    I made this cake and really liked it. I am making my Aunt’s wedding cake and I am going to try adding 1/2 a cup of apple sauce just to make it a bit moister. I also have heard that if you may be able to keep the moisture in by putting a pan on top of the pans. I am going to try this with my brother’s birthday cake.


  109. I made this cake for a work party. I made 2 10 inch layers and had enough left for 8 cupcakes. I haven’t tried the cake yet (the party is tomorrow) but the cupcakes are amazing!!! I loooooooove the sugary crust on top and this cake is perfect for layers. It doesn’t rise a bunch but that made it so easy to stack, I didn’t even have to level the layers. Delicious, sugary, and buttery! Thank you so much for this recipe!!

    People who are commenting that their cake didn’t rise may be half right… It won’t rise a ton, but it does rise enough to have a nice, firm texture.

  110. I know it’s annoying to leave reviews on recipes when you don’t follow the recipe exactly– but my straying from the recipe was unintentional, and my thoughts might be helpful for others.

    This cake was well-praised by my family. It was quite beloved! I promised I would leave positive reviews. I needed one and a half times the amount, so I increased the measurements of everything accordingly. However, I did not have enough eggs unexpectedly, so I used what I had (6). I also did not have buttermilk, but had half a can of evaporated milk left over from an earlier bakng project that morning. mixed half evap milk and half regular milk with a tablespoon of vinegar to “sour” it. I also added 2 teaspoons coconut extract as well as vanilla. I was also worried about it drying out, so before icing it, I brushed all sides with a watered-down light corn syrup concoction and a splash of vanilla.

    The cake DID end up super dense and heavy, probably due in part to the heavy beating required in the recipe, but also because I didn’t have enough eggs. I should have increased the baking powder by a half tsp or something. Also, I agree with other critics who noted the “shell” on the cake and the sugar cookie taste, but I kind of liked this. Besides, brushing with the syrup (a tip I got from softened the shell. I would make this again without doubling the recipe. I might also use self-rising flour instead of all purpose. Overall, great cake.

  111. I made this cake for Christmas, and it was delicious. I followed the recipe exactly as written (the only thing I think I did differently was perhaps over mix the batter, I was using my new kitchen aid and I think I let it go too long at times while I checked and double checked each step, lol. Anyway, I used 2 9″ pans and had enough batter to make 8 cupcakes. I had no issues with it rising, and my cake tops did. It get crusty or dark as others have mentioned. I did however have a problem with one of the. Ales sticking to the pan and it broke in half, but I just used the broken one as the top layer, and my buttercream frosting acted like a glue to hold it all together! I will make this cake again, it was very sweet and yummy, way more dense than cake mixes I have used in past.

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    1. Thanks for the recipe. I need to make a cake for a decorating class I am taking. So I asked my husband what kind of a cake I should make and he said a White fluffy cake. The only one I have made is angel food cake. I checked the website and found yours. I just took out of the oven. It came out beautiful. Nice and golden, no crust on the sides, did not sink in the middles. It feels fluffy because when I touch in the middle it bounces. I am so happy. Thank you so much. I haven’t tasted it yet, but the batter taste good so I am assuming it will taste good. Now I will try to find a filling that is good for the middle. I am thinking of a glaze with fresh strawberries. Not sure never done it. Thank you again it turned out great. One thing that I did was I put in the oven one at a time. I used a 2×9′ pan. I only did 2 and the rest I saved for tomorrow. don’t know if it will be good but will try it on some cake pops. Thanks again <3 🙂

    2. This is the best white cake ever! Made it for my wife’s event and everyone loved it. I iced it with a strawberry buttercream frosting. Delicious!

  113. Next time I will read how many cakes the recipe is going to make, because my kitchen is now overflowing with what must be the best cupcakes I’ve ever made! The tops of mine went a bit crusty like a few other people mentioned, but that just added to the taste! Thank you so much for this recipe! It will be perfect for the cake I have in mind!

  114. Simply Amazing!! Too sugary for my taste buds. I used it for a six layer rainbow cake. Everyone flipped over it, next time i’d rather decrese the sugar atleast one cupe. My question is what would me the best way to incoperate chocolate as i wanna try the chess cake?

    1. Hi!
      I’ve been reading the reviews and I am considering this recipe to make a rainbow cake as well… I would like to know what size your cake was at the end with six layers and if the measurements given on the recipe were enough or you had to modify it. Also if the cake was a bit crusty as everyone is saying and if this wasn’t a problem for you.


  115. Hi Robyn,
    As I was searching for a great moist yellow/white cake, I stumbled across your delicious looking cake!! Photos made me run to my kitchen…lol

    Well, I had to make a few minor adjustments, not having enough AP flour, and others by NOT paying attention :/ However, the final product turned out amazing!!!!
    minor adjustments:
    2 1/2 C of AP flour
    1/2 C of self rising flour
    1 1/2 tsp baking soda
    1 tsp salt
    2 tsp almond extract
    1 tsp vanilla extract

    Surprisingly this cake (and cupcakes)still came out extremely moist!

  116. I made this cake this morning, did not want 3 layers only a single layer so I baked it in a 15 X 10 oblong “glass” pan. It took forever (probably about 45 minutes to finally cook, at 30 minutes it was still soup. By the time the toothpick came out clean that cake was very brown on top and sunken in the middle, very brown on the side, and bottom. I have not tasted it yet but let me tell you it does not look pretty. What can I do next time so it will cook in the alloted time. I see the instructions for cupcakes but nothing for a single layer. I really want to find a great recipe for homemade cake and stay away from boxes. Please advise.

    It is hard to rate this recipe as I have not tasted it yet. But if I had to rate it on appearance only I would have to give it a 1 and that is no fault of this site. Probably bakers error. I am new to homemade cake making:)

  117. OKAY, I just could not stand it any longer so I cut into my cake. It is brown almost all the way through BUT it is still VERY moist and VERY tastey. Now I need to know how to get mine to look like the one on this page. See my last post. Now I will give the cake 5 stars!!!

  118. Great!!!!!!!!! Just made it n substituted flour with cake flour …… followed directions exactly as they were written. Cake is superb!

    1. Hi Tara-
      Did you use the same amount of cake four as stated in the recipe, or adjust the amount based on what the cake flour box says (e.g., i think mine says something like 1 1/2 cups or cake four for every 1 cup of AP flour) ?

      Decided to try this for my daughter’s first birthday, and am getting nervous! Thanks!

  119. I only have two 9 inch pans, but they are good quality and 2 inches deep. Will they overflow if I use this recipe as indicated if I only use the two pans. If they were to, how much of the batter should I withhold from the cake pans? I don’t mind if they rise the full two inches.


  120. This was great. I used coconut oil instead of shortening (I won’t ever use that stuff). It turned into this awesome coconut cake. I added a lemon curd filling which goes so well with the coconut and a vanilla buttercream frosting. Yummmmmm!

  121. I found this recipe by searching for a white cake recipe and made it this weekend for my daughter’s birthday. It was absolutely perfect. The cake was so tender and perfect for frosting.

    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. My daughter has requested it as her birthday cake forever and ever!

    1. Great cake! I was looking for a white cake that was not too sweet for my Chinese friends. They were thrilled, and so was my family! I was a little surprised that it was so dense and didn’t rise to a more fluffy consistency, but it’s delicious just the same, and looks like the picture, so I believe mine turned out right.

      On step 3, the recipe doesn’t say whether I should use an electric beater or mixing spoon when adding the flour mixture and the buttermilk. Can someone tell me what is best?

      How long should this be baked… 25-30 minutes or an hour? I saw this question earlier, but not a response. I was shocked that Prep time is 15 minutes. Maybe I over-beat mine, but it took me a lot longer to incorporate the butter, shortening and eggs than 15 minutes! By the way, I used coconut oil which is solid at room temperature and it is perfect.

      Is there a quick way to get the buttermilk and eggs at room temperature? My house is kind of cold in the winter, so I was tempted to heat the buttermilk and eggs to get them warmed up. Is that okay?

  122. I been baking for 10 years all homade cakes cookies you name it my niece found this recipe and said for me to make it she is a simple kinda of gal so I did and all I have to say is that it was perfect and so yummy and moist Im going to keep hold on this recipe it was a winner thank you from fresno Cali 🙂

  123. I made this recipe at high altitude (8000+ ft) and with a few adjustments it came out perfectly! If anyone would like to know the adjustments I made, I added an additional 3 tablespoons of flour and 3 tablespoons of buttermilk, and I decreased the baking powder from 1/4 teaspoon to 1/8 teaspoon. I didn’t make a cake, I made cupcakes (both mini and regular) and all of them came out great. I increased the temperature to 375 (because of the elevation) and cooked the mini cupcakes for 7 minutes and the regular cupcakes for 14. Thank you!!!

  124. I love your blog, you are doing a great job! I’m dieting now but this cake will be the first thing to do when my diet is done, so I can put the weight back 🙂 I “stumbled” and “pinned” it.

    1. and, well, what step should I incorporate the puree at ? 🙂 Thank you so much, I hate using box mixes and this recipe sounds great!!

  125. Just made this cake today for my husbands 50th birthday. Everyone thought it was really good. I don’t usually make cakes from scratch, but this was so easy and it’s the best cake I’ve ever made! Thanks!

    1. I’d use an equal amount of coconut oil as a substitute. You may get a hint of coconut flavor, but it should be delicious.

    2. If I decided to use only one 8 inch baking pan, do I need to change the baking temperature and time? Will it still work?

  126. Robyn?
    Don’t have butter so all shortening should be fine… Rite? And I am gonna ombre the layers for my pastors wife’s SURPRISE birthday meeting! Soooo excited!

  127. Help! Idk what I did wrong. I doubled the recipe and made in 2 twelve inch pans. It was super delicious and moist but it was so dense! I baked till it was turning golden brown but to avoid burning it (I burned the first 2) I removed from oven. But when I finally cut the top off the center looked a little undercooked-had a different color kinda like uncooked but not mushy…otherwise it was delish!

    1. If using a pan bigger than 10″ try lowering the baking temp to 325 and baking for about 30-45 min depending on your oven. Take a peak every now and again to make sure it looks good. You may also gently lay a piece of foil over the baking cake to prevent over browning, but making sure the cake gets cooked thoroughly.

  128. This is a great cake. Very heavy and dense, but VERY moist. It doesn’t crumble and isn’t overly sweet. I would definately make it again. I did increase the baking powder to 1 tsp instead of 1/2 tsp. I felt 1/2 tsp was too little for the large batch of batter.

  129. I’m a 22 year old mom and wife, so I’m still a beginner at baking. However, my husbands grandmother is turning 75 years old this weekend! She cooks homemade everything for all of our family holiday get togethers and birthdays. She is an expert cook! So I am very nervous,but I am going to try and make her this cake for her birthday 🙂 She is precious to me and I think homemade just means a little more on such a special occasion! Fingers crossed! I’ll tell you how it goes 🙂 So far the cake is cooking and the house smells wonderful!

  130. Just made this cake for my boss for his birthday and it was gone within an hour! This cake was absolutely fantastic!!! I made my own raspberry jam, so I cut the cakes in half and did a raspberry layer cake with butter cream cheese frosting w/ a hint of orange (couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted butter cream or cream cheese frosting, so I incorporated both! It tastes awesome!) For the cake, instead of almond extract (since I didn’t have any) I just did vanilla with a half of a tsp of lemon extract to make a mild (citrus) raspberry cake. I had plenty of disasters with other white cake recipes this past weekend – this one is a keeper and I highly recommend it! Thank you Robyn!

  131. One would think that 36 years of living in France and eating some of the best pastries in the world have “spoiled” my tastebuds. this is really, really the best white cake I have ever tasted! I can’t wait to try the chocolat. Merci beaucoup!

  132. This recipe is fantastic. I have been searching for recipes for white cupcakes for my son’s birthday party next month. I found a winner on the first try! After 3 days the cupcakes are still moist and melt-in-your mouth delicious.

    1. Good question, I’d like to know whether to use salted or unsealed butter as well. I’m planning to make this cake for my son’s 16th birthday.
      Thank you Robyn!

  133. hello, I made this cake for my husband remy, he really enjoyed the cake and he insists I make more. have to keep him off cake for a while because he finished all of it hahaha… my 6 children didn’t get any poor kids. but he loved the cake, thank you for sharing 🙂

  134. Going to try this recipe ASAP…yum!

    With the buttercream frosting, what’s the best way to store after frosting? I’m baking the day before the party. Just covered at room temp or should I put in refrigerator?

  135. 3 cups of sugar?… I made this recipe and the cake stuck to both pans, had a crunchy top and taste too sugary. Am I missing something. I planned to top it with a strawberry frosting, but I can’t imagine adding more sugar to it. HELP!

    1. Hi Jenn. I had the same problem with this cake. I would also like to know what I did wrong. I like baking from scratch.!1

    2. Mine too, I greased the pan…did everything per the recipe and I literally had to force the cake out of the pan. It crumbled under pressure and I had to fix it with icing. Cake was extremely dense. Positive note. Everyone loved it, but it’s only good the first day. Day after leftovers turn into rocks.

    3. You can always like your baking pan with parchment paper (NOT wax paper!!). It will not stick if you use parchment paper.

  136. I am making this at this very moment. I am NOT a batter eater, but I licked the spoon and OMG, heaven never tasted so good. It’s for my daughter’s 18th b-day and I can’t wait to serve it!

  137. Good evening. I am looking for a good cake recipe for my son’s upcoming birthday. I need a cake that is moist and delicious but will hold up if more than one tier and using fondant. Can you please tell me if this cake is sturdy enough for that? Thanks so much!

  138. If you are looking for a white cake recipe that will replace a box cake mix, this is it! I refuse to use box cake mixes, and I am always looking for something that has that boxed cake mix texture – THIS IS THE RECIPE! We loved it! It does not have a thick grain like a lot of from scratch recipes! I will definitely be keeping this recipe for use in the future! Thanks for sharing!

      1. So glad you love the cake as much as my family does!! Glad the coconut oil worked for you as well.

    1. Oh yes! I think this cake can take just about any frosting and it will work. But that bananas foster frosting? Absolutely!

  139. I am making this cake for my sons 2nd bday and I was going to use a 12×18 Wilton pan cause we are having a lot of people! Do you think I need to double the recipe? Or 2.5? It’s basically 2 pans that are 9×13. Looking forward to trying it!

  140. I made this yesterday, but it didn’t turn out right at all. The cake was still raw in the middle, but already dark on the edges and it didn’t rise. I followed the recipe exactly and I don’t know what I did wrong. The raw and baked batter taste very good though..

    1. Hi Kris,
      It sounds like you should adjust the baking time for your area and bake the cake until a cake tester, skewer or toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the cake.

    2. Hi Robyn, thanks for your answer. I did just that. I know that my oven is hotter than the chosen temperature, so that’s why I turned down the heat a little and baked about 10 minutes longer and also tested with a skewer. I’ll just try again soon.

  141. Loved this cake! Put in a bundt pan to make a Christmas Wreath cake and used chocolate and white chocolate melts to frost it. I had many compliments. This will be my go to white cake recipe from now on.

  142. Love this cake! I made it for my grandsons birthday party & it was a hit!
    1st white cake recipe from scratch that was actually moist.

  143. dear robyn,
    could you pls share the recipe also in european metric system (grams & millilitres)? i tried you recipe with conversion rates found on google, but the cake turned out way to liquid..but batter tasted excellent so i would really like to bake this cake. thanks.

  144. Hello,
    I just tried your cake,but the batter came out very thick,I mean couldn’t even pour it.And the cake was sticky,what could have gone wrong or is the cake like that?my one pan was aluminium,so it didn’t came out well,feels like something is wrong.could you please help me?thanks in advance.

  145. Forgot to ask you one thing,the cook time in the beginning says 1 hr but in the recipe it’s said 25-30 minutes.which is right?

  146. I would like to try this recipe in the morning. My only question is how this cake is still considered a white cake while it has whole eggs and butter in it. Is it white enough that it will pass as a wedding white cake? I guess I should make it and find out huh… Thanks

  147. My daughter wanted “blue cake” for her 3rd birthday today. I refused to make the actual cake blue, but tinted the buttercream. As promised, this cake held up great. It transferred and frosted well. And, the best part? All 15 of the kids in her class ate it up. For those concerned about how dense the recipe is, I have learned that dense cakes are the best for decorating. They come from using butter or shortening. If you want fluffy, then you should look for oil based cakes. I prefer lighter cakes, but dense cake is the type that my husbands grandmother used in wedding cakes for 50 years, and all of her recipes use LOTS o’ butter 🙂

  148. Help!! I am making a huge cake for a baby shower. I already made another cake using two 12×17 pans. The cakes did not rise and they are dense. I think I did not use enough batter to fill the pans.

    It is 2/7/14 and the shower is 2/8/14 (tomorrow) 🙂 I am going to remake the cakes today.

    Will this recipe yield enough batter for one (1) 12×17 pan? I do not like doubling cake batter recipes and would rather make two separate batches.

    Thank you Add a Pinch!

    Kate – desperate baker in Texas!

  149. Because my grandson has a peanut allergy, I offered to make the cake for his 2nd birthday. I’ve tried a few other recipes but this one tops them all.
    This was the most delicious cake I’ve ever made!! I modified the recipe as directed to replace the shortening with coconut oil and…….wow!!!!!!
    Everyone raved and enjoyed large slices of this cake. Even the most finicky and slightly anorexic of the group!!
    This will be my go to for white/yellow cake.

  150. Hey!! Can you please let me know where you bought your cake stand? I love it and want to buy it for by daughter’s graduation party.

    Thanks much!

    1. Hi Ana,
      The cake stand was my grandmother’s. You may be able to find one at an antique store or the like. It’s one of my favorites!

  151. I love this recipe! I needed a really good white cake recipe to make gluten free and i found it! This cake is amazing it has a great taste and texture and i plan to make it any time i need a white cake, GF or not.

  152. I tried out your white cake and vanilla frosting recipes this afternoon. Thank you so much for sharing them. The cake turned out really well. I halved all the ingredients because a cake for 12 was just too big for my needs. Still came out well.

  153. Very excited to try this recipe. I am planning on making a 12′ square cake
    Will I need to double the recipe and adjust baking temp/time?

  154. Hi there, this recipe says 2 cups of butter or 2 sticks. I am from NZ and we don’t have sticks of butter so 1 cup is 250ml so is it fair to say 2 cups is 500g of butter for this recipe? Hope that makes perfect sense. Melissa

  155. I was glad to see that I was not the only one whose cake was super dense. I think I like this for the purpose I am using it for but the first one did not come out of the pan as others had. The second one came out a bit better but was still pretty sticky. Good cake but is very dense compared to most cakes.

  156. 5 STARS! WOW is all I can say! I have tried many recipes and all came out kinda hard, but this recipe is much different! I used coconut oil in place of the shortening, and they turned out amazing! So moist and they taste like sugar cookies! I paired it up with some Pillsbury Pink Lemonade frosting and some tiny heart sprinkles for my kids’ school valentine parties tomorrow, and I’m sure they’ll be a hit!

  157. The cake tastes delicious, but it was my first time baking a cake from scratch so I had a hard time. I was trying to make a layer cake and one of the halves came out good, the other half just crumbled to pieces. This also took about an hour and 15 minutes to finish baking. I didn’t have buttermilk so I used a sour cream/water substitute. I don’t know if that had something to do with it. The cake tastes very good though!

    1. For a substitute for buttermilk use one tablespoon of lemon or white vinegar, and then add milk to make one cup. Let it set for at least 5 minutes, without stirring. It will thicken a little, After the 5 minutes, stir and use. Wayyyyyy better than a sour cream/water substitute. The sour cream was the most probable cause of the time it took and the one half crumbling.

    1. You could also put 1 tablespoon of vinegar into a cup measure then fill the rest with regular milk if you don’t have buttermilk….it works in a pinch.

  158. The flavor of the cake is nice, but the 3 cups of sugar cause a sticky, crystallized coating to form on the cake. My cakes stuck and were unusable. I won’t make this recipe again.

    1. Try using parchment next time. Grease and flour the pans, parchment paper over. I made the cakes and after years of searching for the perfect white cake, finally found it.

    2. Mine rose high, tasted great, but also formed a crystallised top which is a little crunchy when bit on. I’m not so sure where I got it wrong.

  159. Can I say amazing?! I found this by accident (typed wrong thing in on pinterest) and thought I would give it a shot for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party at the end of the month (it’s a chicken theme!). I couldn’t wait any longer and had to make it yesterday for Valentines Day for my family and friends!

    I’ve never tasted a more perfect cake in all my life! I put a thin smear of raspberry preserves between the layers and it came out simply divine. It’s easy to follow recipe and pleased everyone! It’s definitely going to be fabulous for her birthday too!

    p.s. I never leave reviews and HAD to come back to give it 5 stars!!

  160. Hello! This truly is the best white cake EVER! I consistenly hesitate to make vanilla or white cake recipes due to the poor batter flavor and resulting cake that tastes – well, not yummy like a bakery cake. I have substituted your recommended vegetable shortening with coconut oil and OH MY! Exceptionally delicious. This cake does not in my opinion need icing as the cake is plenty sweet.
    I really think the hit is assuring the complete blending of the sugar into the butter and shortening. Thank you!

  161. I am an experienced baker and I was surprised by how this cake did not rise. I used 5 large eggs,assuming that would help because there didn’t seem to be too much leavening in the recipe (1/2 tsp baking powder). I also thought that when you use buttermilk, you often pair it with baking soda, too. Has anyone else had trouble with the rising of the cake? Barely rose at all and each layer is about an inch high (3 layers)

    1. Hi – I had the same problem – the cakes didn’t rise. Very disappointed, as the cake is for my sister’s birthday tomorrow, and don’t have time to make another cake. Well, hope it tastes good, even if it is a short stack.

    2. I followed the recipe exactly. Mine raised just fine. They look beautiful. The batter was delicious. They are in cooling now. Hope they release from the pans and frost up well. I am planning to use a bit of jam between layers as a previous responder suggested. I am frosting with whipped cream and strawberries.

      My son asks for white cake with strawberries every year. I will rate and post after the cake is done.

    3. Robyn, my cakes didn’t rise either. The flavor and texture is very nice, but I would really like the cakes to rise. I have searched out reasons why cakes don’t rise, but none of the reasons seem to fit. I was concerned when the directions called for a lot of mixing after the flour addition, but followed it to the letter. Help please!!

  162. Looks great and can’t wait to try it. I would love to be able to read some of the older comments, however whenever I click on the link it just refreshes the page

    1. I’m awaiting to make this as well. My reception is April 5th and decided i’d make my own cake….uh….bad idea?? Maybe!! But this recipe sounds legit and yummy! Can’t wait to try it out, also, I’m not a huge sugar fan when it comes to deserts so I was considering on trying the whipped cream and powdered sugar trick as the icing, and as a bonus make a little decor with fondant (worked at Michael’s arts and they gave me a free cake decorating course ;D)

  163. This was wonderful! I followed the directions exactly, this will be my future stand by cake from now on. Thank you!

  164. Amazing cake! Waaaaaay better than any box cake mix I’ve ever had. Somewhere between a traditional white cake and a pound cake. My only complaint is you have to oil and flower the pan really really well because this cake really tends to stick. I have a tendency to overmix things I bake and this was my first homemade cake so I was nervous but this turned out amazing!!

  165. Finally, after years of searching, a perfect white cake. Moist and not crumby, like a cake should be. I was out of vegetable shortening, so substituted coconut oil which lent the most subtle coconut undertones. This cake would also be good with lemon zest in the batter or as part of the icing.

    1. Annie! I’m grossed about by shortening & LOVE the idea of subbing for coconut oil. Did you use 1/2 cup in it’s solid form? Any guidance would be great. I DON’T bake but am on test recipe #3 for my kiddo’s party this upcoming weekend. :/ Thank you in advance.

  166. I try the recipe but instead of a cake I made cupcakes. The texture of the cake itself was amazing. The key is to follow all steps as indicated and also the icing you put into the cake will be key for the final tasting of the whole cake. Im in NYC where everybody loves cupcakes, I have personally tried many cupcakes in the city but Im telling you that if I lose my job I could probably sell this cupcakes with this recipe and make a living out of it, that’s how good it is.

  167. Hi Robyn,
    I tried your best ever chocolate cake after trying so many other choc cake recipes and i’m defintely sticking to this one. i love it! and my family cant have enough of my (your) chocolate cake. Thanks a million!!
    Now i want to try out the white cake recipe; one question though…
    Can you use vegetable oil instead of the vegetable shortening? Or perhaps just use more butter?

    1. If you are concerned with vegetable shortening, I would substitute with coconut oil rather than adding more butter or using vegetable oil. Hope you love it!

  168. This was AMAZING!! I immediately wrote it down in my cookbook in case this website somehow disappeared hehe.

    Have you ever tried to freeze it? Does it thaw well? If so, would you freeze it iced? (Buttercream icing). I want to make ahead for my daughters birthday if I could 😀

    1. Hi Sarah,
      This cake does freeze well, un-frosted, wrapped tightly with plastic wrap and then with aluminum foil. So glad you love it!

    2. Thanks! 🙂 I am quite excited! I gave away quite a few cupcakes on the first try of this recipe and everyone was quite impressed 🙂 Can’t wait to try the chocolate 🙂
      Thanks again!

  169. Hi! I was so excited when I found your website! I was looking for a new vanilla cake recipe to try, and when I read this one, I couldn’t wait to try it! I baked the cake tonight in a 9×13 pan. (It took about 40-45 min.) It smells very yummy, and it has a nice crust. But it fell a bit when cooling. Not too bad…..but a bit that it was definitely noticeable. During cooking, I had to take it out and line the edges with foil because I was afraid they might burn (they were cooking much faster than the rest of the cake). I read online that sometimes over mixing may cause a cake to fall some, too. Should I have just let the edges brown more (and not taken it out of the oven)? Or maybe it was mixed a bit too long (when I was adding the buttermilk/dry ingredients)? I was sure to have room temperature buttermilk and eggs, and I followed the steps carefully like you suggested. I am a cake baking novice, though, as I have only been baking cakes for about a year. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe! I know it will taste great, even if I didn’t do it just right. 🙂

    1. HI Ros,
      They both are fairly sturdy cakes that work well for layer cakes. I’ve not personally tried them as tiered cakes (like for a wedding) though so I can’t answer that specifically. Others have mentioned in the comments that they’ve used both of the cakes for weddings and they indicated they worked well for them, but I’m not certain how they were stacked, tiered or decorated.

  170. Hi

    I was wondering if you could help- I have been looking for a nice all natural white cake recipe to do an 8″ 5 or 6 layer cake (because I am a glutton for punishment) for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I am planning to colour the layers ombre style and I saw your recipe. I have to keep it soy free so was planning to sub coconut oil for the shortening but I probably need to make more than the recipe calls for, like 1.25 or 1.5 what this calls for. Any suggestions on that? It would be a tremendous help, thanks!

  171. I always bake cake from scratch and was so excited to see this recipe. However it turned out aweful. The top of the cakes were rock hard and golden brown yet the inside was still almost liquid. I don’t know if it was me or what but this was the worst baking experience of my life. I’m so dissapointed. The batter was delish at least.

  172. I am obsessed with this cake. Made it for a friend’s birthday party and I only got one small slice, so now I want to make another one – it’s taking everything I have not to stay up all night making another one! The cake was perfection, topped with your suggested buttercream recipe. Crispy tops, thick and luscious in the middle, moist, flavor was spot-on. I am a white cake connoisseur and this matches or beats the best white cakes I’ve ever had. Got tons of compliments on it…kids and adults alike absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for working on this recipe and sharing it with us!

  173. Just finished making these and they are amazing!!! I made half of them into cupcakes and the other half into a layer cake. We tried the cupcakes right out the oven and they were yummy. I frosted with a vanilla pudding and whipped cream mixture added a splash of rum. Topped them with strawberries, mandarins and toasted coconut. They were soooo good, I love how the cupcakes are so moist and delicious.

    I used the same vanilla mixture and fruits for the layer cake, layering the cream and fruit in between. I placed it in the fridge, I can’t wait to try it later on today.

    This recipe is definitely a must keep in my book, I’ll be making this again really soon.

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!


  174. Very very delicious cake! Love vanilla! I used cream cheese frosting between cake layers (4 layers as I cut each cake in half) and vanilla buttercream on top and the sides (as my hubby likes), came out beautifully tasty! Made it twice in 2 weeks time. Love it more than The Best Chocolate Cake (for chocolate – my love is Blackout cake!).
    Thank you for sharing this recipe!

    1. Sounds yummy, Lilli and I’m so glad you loved it. Would you mind sharing with Jamie (comment #345) on any changes you made for baking in two layers? I know she’d appreciate it!

  175. This is not only the best white cake I’ve ever had; it is the best cake I have ever had. I cannot get enough. It filled one 10″ square cake pan. It did rise correctly, and the color and texture are beautiful.

  176. I’m sure this is obvious to others but do u use egg yolks also? Just says eggs and I didn’t think most white cakes wanted yolks. Thanks.

    1. I am sorry! I did read the post and thought I saw it in there but when I went back I could never find it (I was on my daughter’s kindle and that thing scrolls too quickly at times). My apologies! I do have one more question though, if you have time… I did make it and mine turned out word for word just like Jamie’s (#354). Dense was the exact word my husband used to describe it. Very thick, done inside, just thick, like it was not fluffy. I would like to try it again, but hate to waste my time (mainly ingredients) if I am doing something wrong. Any suggestions on what could’ve happened? I know everything was room temp. Really need to get a cake recipe nailed down for my cousin’s baby shower this weekend! Thanks for sharing the recipe (cause it smelled amazing while baking) and your time to answer these questions!

  177. What temp and time would I bake this cake at as a sheet cake? Also, what size pan would you recommend? I think I am going to try to make a Disney Frozen theme cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Thanks!!

    1. Hey Tasha,
      I’ve not made this recipe as a sheet cake and can’t give you specific changes you’d need to make for it. If you do make it as a sheet cake, would you mind sharing the changes you made as others may be interested as well!

      Thanks and happy birthday wishes to your daughter!

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    1. Hi Robyn,
      I made the best ever chocolate cake and for this birthday event coming up I want to try your white cake given all the great reviews.
      I was wondering if one can use all butter instead of butter and shortening?
      Someone else asked that question but I didn’t notice a reply.
      Also is the recipe you posted the updated version, showing 2 tsps of baking powder?.
      I want to use cake flour and would I use the same amount?
      I look forward to your reply as I am making it this Sunday March 15th/150 for my sister’s birthday, cheers! Deena

      1. Hi Robyn!
        Does it matter if the 9 inch cake pans are 1 inch or 2 inches on the sides? Mine are only 1 inch and Im not sure if the recipe is a lot of batter that it could swell over the top of the pans when cooked? Thoughts?

        Thank you.

      2. This cake looks and sounds amazing! I will be baking it for a friend’s birthday (tomorrow!).
        Did you ever find out the answer to the butter and shortening question? I live in Spain and it is difficult to find vegetable shortening here.

      3. I made it today with all butter and all buttermilk and it came out wonderfully. Happy birthday to your friend.

      4. Thanks! I’ll be making this for my daughter’s 5th b’day on Sunday and was just hoping someone had an answer regarding all butter & buttermilk lol.

      5. I also would like to know a substitute for the shortening or if that is a must in the cake.

      6. I agree its delicious with coconut oil as a replacement for shortening! We don’t really have shortening here in Australia

  179. I want to make this for my daughter’s 7th birthday but does this recipe have to make a 3 tier cake? Or can I just put it into two cake pans?

    1. Hi Jamie,
      I prefer the cake baked in three layers, but if you only have two cake pans, you could make cupcakes with the amount for the third layer! 🙂

  180. This cake tasted good, but it’s not the best white cake I have ever had. It was actually a little dry. However, if you have only had boxed cakes you will think its great because it does taste better than anything you can get out of a box, just not better than other home made white cakes.

  181. This cake tastes amazing.. alone. This cake is very thick, sort of like a pound cake. It no longer tasted good when I added frosting (and I used my favorite frosting, so it was not the frosting itself. I love to eat this cake plain but my family has told me that this will not taste good as a layer cake, and sadly after testing with frosting I agree.

  182. I found a way to salvage my cake since it didn’t rise.. I used a can of cherry pie filling in between the layers and topped it with a homemade cherry chream cheese frosting ( I used some of the cherry pie filling liquid) you can use any flavor of pie filling. I would also suggest making it into a truffle if your cake doesn’t rise. I hope this helps some of you who shared the problem as I did with the cake not rising.

  183. Hiya!

    I made the cake earlier this week and haven’t tasted it yet but the batter tasted great. The recipe calls for baking for 25-30 minutes while the total time indicated is an hour. I nearly had a heart attack when I checked the oven after 30 minutes! I made the recipe as indicated and was shocked to find that the batter barely made it into to 8″ pans when it says it’ll do 3. Both rose nicely, but I’ve got to wonder what went wrong to result in less batter. Also, both cakes had a sugar crust on top; is this normal? In reading through the comments I noticed that you recommend substituting coconut oil … is this a 1:1 ratio? And lastly, that’s an awful lot of sugar. Someone recommended substituting coconut sugar (coconut appears to be the new fad) because I wanted something natural. What would you recommend? I’m icing the cake tomorrow and I can’t wait to taste it … I’ll post my rating on Sunday.

    1. Hi Kay,
      I’ve never made it that way so I can’t really say that it would or wouldn’t. I’m sorry!

  184. Thanks for your response, I made it in two cake pans and then made cupcakes with the leftover batter. We just finished eating the cake and it turned out REALLY dense, like fudgy and thick(if that makes since)=. It was more like a pound cake or something. It was still good but not at all light and fluffy like a cake should be. What do you think happened? I did use coconut oil instead of shortening like you suggested. I followed the recipe and directions to a t! If this is the texture it is supposed to be then it was not good.

  185. Do you place all 3 cakes in the oven at the same time? 2 on top 1 on bottom ? This doesn’t effect how the cakes bake ?? Or should I do 2 and then do the other after ?

    1. I place two layers in my top oven and one in my bottom. If I’m where there is only one oven, then I place all three pans in the oven in a sort of triangle position, just being sure they do not touch each other. Hope that helps!

  186. This is by far the absolute BEST white cake I’ve ever made or eaten. I have a bakery and have always used the white cake recipe that I purchased along with the bakery when I bought it over 20 years ago. A friend of mine made your white cake and served it for a dinner that I attended. Immediately, I asked her for the recipe for her cake. She told me that she’d actually found it on Google and then emailed me the link to your beautiful recipe the next day.

    I have now begun using this white cake recipe in my bakery with amazing results. I wanted to let you know that I used it this past weekend for a small wedding cake, 5 tiers, and it turned out beautifully.

    As a long-term professional baker, I want to thank you for taking the time to share your recipes. I know how much work goes into them and this one is definitely a keeper for this baker! Thank you again!

  187. This is the best white cake recipe ever! I have made it twice, both times in round springform pans for layer cakes.
    Amazing, they are so sturdy and easy to cut but never get dry. I doubled the recipe this time and I only used butter and everything turned out great. I will try the coconut oil next time but only to try for flavor.

    My husband says this is the best cake he has ever eaten and my children thought that it was so delicious. Thank you so much for posting! This is the only recipe I will use from now on.

  188. I LOVE IT, only problem for me is the sugar, i wish i put two cups instead cos too much of it gets to my head otherwise its perfect.

  189. Love this cake. For those who have had trouble with it rising always make sure your baking powder and baking soda has not sat in your cabinets for more than a 4-6months. This recipe calls for baking powder. If you are working with baking powder or baking soda older than 6 months it can prevent your cake from rising.

  190. I was a little hesitant to try the recipe because of the folks who had issues with it rising properly. BUT I saw so many others who had success I thought I would give it a try… bad idea. I followed the recipe to a “T” and it came out flat, heavy and dense… almost to the point of having to throw it away. The top of each layer was also hard and crisp as if there was too much sugar in it. It didn’t even taste like a cake and looked nothing like the picture.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      I’m so sorry the cake gave you difficulty. In digging deeper into why some people had issues with the cake not rising for them properly, I’ve adjusted the recipe to increase the amount of baking powder. You’ll still want to make sure your baking powder is as fresh as possible, but with the increased portion everyone should get a more consistent rise like I have been getting.

      Thanks so much for your feedback. I appreciate it!

  191. Hi! I made this recipe and everyone loved it! I wanted to know if you have tried making a marble cake with this recipe? Maybe taking some batter and adding cocoa powder? Do you think that would work? Or do you think if I use this recipe with the Best Chocolate Cake Recipe (Ever).. Haven’t tried that recipe yet. Hope to hear from you! 🙂 (I give this recipe 5 stars but for some reason it won’t let me) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  192. I made this cake last night and it turned out great. I did two larger square cakes for the layers. It took almsot 40 mins per cake. I read the comments about the sugar and it was making some peoples tops of the cake hard, but I did not have that problem. I took a bit of extra time and really beat the batter alot before adding more suger. It turned out great. The cake is a little heavier then I would have like but the taste is awesome. I will be frosting it tonight with a lemon cream cheese frosting. I like to let my cakes sit a day in the freezer before frosting them. They frost alot better and less chances of crumbs. Great cake in my opion.

  193. I think this cake is the best ever!!! I love white cake! Someone did say to me it is yellow, too bad! I tried a tiny bit of purple food color and by tiny I mean tiny to sight (instead of to taste), that counteracted the yellow. It was simple color wheel art lol!

  194. Hi

    I tried this white cake recipe and it turned out awesome. It’s the best cake I have ever baked. My mom loved the cake as well. It’s an excellent white cake recipe. It was nice and moist. Thank you

  195. Can you post the original recipe as an option for those of us who liked it that way? (before you increased the baking powder)? I loved it last time I made it but it was different this time. I think last time I used 1/2 tsp baking powder and NO baking soda. Does that sound right for the changes you made?

    1. Hey Christi,
      Yes, you are right. It was 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and no baking soda. I looooooved it that way, too but lately there had been emails for the cake not rising. I went back to the kitchen testing. 🙂

  196. I used King Arthur’s unbleached cake flour, and did not use regular white sugar, but organic, which is a bit less processed. My cakes and cupcakes rose in the oven and fell as they cooled.

    To the bloggers credit, she did say to use AP flour. Cake flour has less gluten, so it was not really a big surprise that mine didn’t hold the rise. It also had the crunchy top others mentioned.

    If you got the crunchy top, did you use cake flour? If not, it wouldn’t hurt to try 2 cups of flour instead of 3.

  197. So … to continue my post of February 28th, I finally tasted the cake and sweetness aside, it was good. Sadly, it was dense, heavy and not at all white. Since none of the questions I asked initially were answered, I have no way of knowing what could have possibly gone wrong. I know it had NOTHING to do with the freshness of the baking powder because I purchased it less than a month ago. I used all purpose flour, but may try it again with cake flour. Anyway … I was/am very disappointed in the first result. Fortunately, it was a practice cake so no harm done.

  198. It’s necessary to use both baking soda and powder when the recipe calls for buttermilk for several reasons: Baking soda (an alkali) neutralizes the acidity of the buttermilk as well as leavens the batter, while baking powder helps it to rise in the oven. Since baking soda is activated by moisture, and baking powder is a double-agent half activated by moisture and half by heat, you need both the get a proper rise. Hope that helps!

  199. My husbands favorite cake is “wedding cake” so I made this white cake for his birthday. I garnished it with fresh strawberries. It was the easiest most delicious cake I have ever made! My family still raves about it! Wonderful recipe!!!

  200. I love this recipe! It’s the only vanilla cake recipe I will probably ever use again, it’s perfect!:)

    1. I love the cake recipe but the picture shows a beautiful (frosted) cake and I think you should have added your frosting recipe, don’t get me wrong the cake was amazing so delicious!

  201. There are a lot of light and fluffy cakes, this recipe won me over with its moist and thick body.
    I made this recipe as it was posted a few weeks ago with one cup of buttermilk and 1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder and it was amazing, a picture perfect cake. I have made it one other time since then and again perfect. The buttermilk adds such an amazing flavor to this cake, but what I love the most and everyone else was the thick nature of the cake. This cake had such a dense and moist body it is unforgettable.Although it did not raise much the three cakes went in even in their pans just over half full each and came out with their lip just under the edge of the cake pan. I would not change a thing if you are looking for a thick and full of flavor cake. I will try out this new recipe for my friends and family and see what they think. However, I am skeptical that it will posses the same great thickness that the original recipe has with less baking powder!

    1. Hi Kadi,
      I had a REALLY hard time adding that additional baking powder into the recipe and updating it. Really hard. There were so many people that had success with it, like you did, but then it seemed there were others that had a hard time with it. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the change. I have to admit though, the original was my favorite.

  202. I just made this cake a couple days ago and love it, but you have changed it. I’m about to make again right now for my daughter’s birthday. In your notes you have said your original recipe is 1 cup of buttermilk and 1/2 tsp of baking powder. Didn’t you also have some baking soda in it? Plus now it calls for half cup shortening. I thought the other had only 1/4 cup shortening. Please help. I dont want to stray and try your new version. I’m very happy with the other! 🙂
    Thx so much,

    1. Hey Lisa,
      I did change it slightly since some people were having issues saying it didn’t rise at all for them. The shortening hasn’t changed in the recipe. The original recipe had 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and 1 cup of buttermilk. The new has 2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 cup buttermilk and 1/2 cup whole milk. If the cake rose okay for you, I’d personally stick with the original. 🙂

  203. I want to try your recipe but I noticed you use vegetable shortening. Have you tried altering your recipe so it uses butter or something that is a better ingredient? Thank you.

    1. Ugh. Just spent 2 hours prepping and baking this recipe using coconut oil and it did NOT work, unfortunately. It’s a gooey mess.

    2. Can I ask why you use vegetable shortening and not just all butter? Vegetable shortening has trans fats, which I like to avoid. The flavor of your recipe is good and I may try to experiment again but need to understand the science behind why certain ingredients versus others. Thank you.

      1. Hi Robin,
        The shortening that I use is trans fat free. Shortening in this recipe adds to the texture and tenderness while being in balance with the flour, sugar and liquid. The shortening assists in the rising of the cake and provides more moisture as well. In a nutshell, it produces a sweeter, more moist cake with the addition of shortening to the ingredients. Hope that helps!

    3. May I ask which brand of shortening you use that doesn’t have trans fat? Good to know! Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions. Obviously your recipe is very popular because you’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. I made the mistake of using an ingredient that I wasn’t familiar with (coconut oil).

      1. I personally use Crisco shortening, but there are a good many trans-fat free shortening brands available. Another one that is organic is by Spectrum and sold at Whole Foods.

    1. As crazy as it sounds, I’ve never made a tie-dye cake! I would think this recipe would work just fine though! Please share photos of it on our Facebook page! I’d love to see!

  204. Funny I went to bake it and thought I was losing my mind. Did your recipe originally call for just 1/2 tsp. Baking powder and no baking soda at all? Or was it 1/2 tsp. Baking soda and no baking powder? This cake is just outstanding. I bake cakes and my customers are going nuts over this one!

    1. HI Carol,
      I’m so sorry I missed your question until now! Please excuse me! I used the vanilla buttercream frosting between the layers as well as on the outside of the cake. Hope that helps!

  205. My birthday is Friday.I would like to use this recipe. Instead of white, I would like for the xake to be yellow. How can I do that?

    1. Happy birthday, Sonya! You would most likely want to start with a yellow cake rather than this white cake recipe.

  206. I was looking for a white cake that I can somehow incorporate raspberries into. This recipe looks wonderful; if I were to add some puréed raspberries, would I adjust any of the other liquid amounts?

    1. Hi Angela,
      I’m sorry I can’t be of more assistance with your question. I’ve not made this cake that way, so I’m not any help at all! Hate that I can’t. You could always make a raspberry curd or use raspberry jam and spread between the layers of the cake and then frost with a frosting. Now that, I’ve done and it is amazing! 🙂

  207. Hi- I made this recipe today as it is currently posted. Really wishing I had read the comments before I made it. I live at 7000 ft and my usual reduction of the baking powder to prevent falling was wholly insufficient. For any of your readers that live at a high elevation (which in baking is over 3000 ft above sea level) I would recommend using the original amount of baking powder. My first attempt left completely flat/fallen cakes that were raw in the middle. Second attempt, after reading the comments, I still used 3/4 tsp. Still a little falling but cooked all the way through. Next time I make this I will definitely be using only 1/2 tsp baking powder.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing the high-altitude recommendations, Kellie! I know that will be very helpful for others!

    2. Based on Kellie’s comments for high altitude, should I use the original 2 teaspoons baking powder? Or did she really mean to just use 1/2 teaspoon?

  208. Love the original recipe and will use it exclusively for vanilla cakes. Used your recipe for a wedding cake. NEVER have I seen a wedding cake disappear so fast. Most guests had seconds. Never have I received so many compliments. It’s a winner!!!!

    1. I’m so glad you love it, Anna! The original recipe is by far my favorite too. There were so many having issues with the cake not rising for them that I tested and retested to meet those needs. I will say though, like you and your customers, I go for the original.

      Thank you for sharing how your bride and her guests enjoyed the cake. That makes me so happy to hear!!! xo

  209. Thank you so much for this recipe! I will be making it this weekend 🙂 I just have a quick question, my guest is unable to eat vegetable oils, would this still work if I use additional butter instead of the shortening? thank you again!

    1. Hi Kristen,
      Yes, you can use all butter rather than shortening, but you will notice a couple of things that will be different: the cake will take on a bit more yellow than white and the cake will not be as moist and tender. With that said, since she has an allergy, those nuances won’t matter. I hope she loves it! {Or he!}

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Shortening is not a liquid at room temperature where vegetable oil would be. I hope that helps!

  210. Hey! I’m about to try this recipe with cupcakes, I just have a quick question! Is the butter in this recipe salted or unsalted?


  211. Man I really, really wanted this to work and be awesome and it just wasn’t…I followed the new directions with 2tsp of baking powder but I used 1 cup of whole milk instead of the half/half buttermilk. Tried part of the batter as cupcakes and part as cake, both needed way longer than stated to cook and both just turned out weird and flat. The cake tasted good, albeit a bit too sweet, but I don’t know what happened. The cake barely rose and the cupcakes were just flat topped disasters. The cake also had like a crunchy top that looked like maybe the batter had too much sugar in it or fat? Mine also had a lot of air bubbles on the top – I don’t know what I did wrong here? The cake in the photo looks amazing but mine looks nothing like it. Something is not right with this recipe and I’m not sure how it can turn out well for some but totally not for others?

    1. Hi! I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. For the two teaspoons baking powder, you did need to use the 1/2 cup whole milk and 1/2 cup buttermilk as the acid in the buttermilk helps the baking powder. The cake does bake to produce a flat topped cake, which is the kind that works great for layered cakes. It doesn’t produce a mounded top cake or cupcake as a lot of recipes will. Air bubbles in a final cake usually means that the leavener wasn’t mixed fully into the flour mixture. Again, sorry you had problems with it!

    2. oh these are great tips thanks! Yah, I think that this is definitely a better layer cake than cupcake – ok so maybe the buttermilk was the issue here, didn’t even think about that in terms of a reaction with the baking soda. It did taste good it just didn’t look so hot and the cake had the crunchy, quite buttery top. So do you think I didn’t sift the baking soda properly into the flour? Or do you mean I didn’t incorporate it into the wet mixture right? I really appreciate these tips, I’m on the hunt for the perfect white cake for my daughter’s first birthday and this was a test run, so I’ll try again!

      1. I’m glad they help! Just to clarify, this recipe uses baking powder and not baking soda. The 1/2 cup buttermilk makes the cake batter a bit more acidic which does help with flavor and other things. When you remake it, maybe slow the mixer speed to a lower speed, even to the point of stirring, once the eggs are added to the batter. I think what is happening is that it is developing a bit of a meringue type crust on the cake. That should eliminate the problem. You’ll just want to make sure the dry ingredients are incorporated into the wet ingredients really well, but gently. Let me know if you have any more questions. Happy first birthday to your baby girl!!!

    3. Oh yes sorry I meant to say baking powder! Ok, great tip about the mixing I will try that, baking is such a science which is kind of why I love it but so different from cooking where you can just throw in whatever and stir whatever way you like. I’ll let you know how it goes (also going to try and tint part of the batter blue with dye made from red cabbage to swirl into the final cake, haha, I know crazy!)

    4. I’ve made the cake as original recipe…very dense and a little crunchy on the outside, but really didn’t mind. Instead of layers I used a tube pan so it took much longer to bake which probably added to the crispy outside. Just finished making the updated version as cupcakes & wished I’d read the comments first. They’re flat. May want to add a disclaimer for cupcakes or offer an alternate version to make them fluffy. Overall, the taste is fantastic &…. flat or not, I bet there won’t be any left! 🙂

  212. I want to make this for my husbands birthday Monday, what kind of butter do you use? Regular store brand or something fancier?

    1. Hi Vesta,
      I generally use Land O’ Lakes or KerryGold butter, especially for baking. Happy birthday to your husband!!!

  213. Hi!

    I want to make this cake at the weekend but i’m thinking of adding sprinkles to the mixture to make a funfetti cake? Would this affect the moisture?

    Also, why do you use granulated sugar instead of caster sugar?


  214. Robyn: I used the new recipe (with 2 tsp baking powder), but with cake flour, 1/4 C whole milk + 3/4 C buttermilk (seemed to me more buttermilk was better than less for moisture). I don’t much care for the looks of my product–that is, certainly can’t call them “perfect.” They are sort of uneven, and there’s and a little crusty ridge formed and browned around the top edges. They didn’t rise up a whole lot, but they did rise. My batter was pretty thick…it would be a “scoop” batter thickness (which I did, using a 1 C measure to divide)rather than a “pour” batter, which is what I mean by ‘pretty thick.’ Is that the expected batter consistency? I can say I love the flavor of the batter, and of the crumbs I scored from the pan sides. Should I have avoided the cake flour? Try the original version? Would like these layers to come out a little more uniformly…and look better, as these cakes are for a big wedding weekend party. Thanks.

    1. Robyn: Second attempt, I’ve used your original recipe, again using cake flour rather than all purpose. 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 C buttermilk, low speed baking. Yield = 3 flat layers, each measuring exactly 1/2″ thickness. Didn’t really rise at mall. This did eliminate what you’ve labeled the “meringue-like” (I called it crusty) edges and top. In short, my layers look to be about HALF as thick as the lovely layers pictured for this recipe. First attempt rose only slightly more. While I like the looks/feel of this second batch on the surface, I think the only way to use this for a decent layer cake is to bake a second batch and stack six 1/2″ layers.

    2. Also, I meant to point out that I did NOT give this recipe 5 stars–have NO idea where the 5 stars came from, but I can’t honestly rank this flat, SUPER-sweet 1 C sugar for each layer?!) and certainly temperamental recipe anymore than 3 stars tops. Sorry, Robyn.

      1. Sorry it wasn’t to your liking, Pam. I wouldn’t recommend substituting cake flour in place of the all-purpose flour as they have different percentages of protein in them, which will give you a different result.

  215. Always looking for a better white cake recipe! I can tell from your photos that this one is a winner. I cannot wait to give it a try!

  216. Hi! I’m anxious to try your recipe. It sounds great! I saw you said it bakes about 24 cupcakes. Would it bake two 8″ rounds as well then? I have a wedding cake coming up and am trying to figure out the cost of ingredients. My customer also wants everything to be organic (yikes!) I’m not familiar with organic ingredients, but am hoping (and praying) it doesn’t effect the quality. Any experience with this? Thanks for any advice you have!

  217. I was planning on making this as a rainbow cake for my daughters birthday. We can’t get shortening here. Are there any other changes you’d recommend if using entirely butter.

    I am planning on going with the original with 1 cup buttermilk and 1/2 or 1 tsp of baking powder.


    1. For those interested this cake turned out very nicely with 1 1/2 cups of butter, 1 cup of buttermilk and approx 2 tsp baking powder. Will be my go to vanilla cake from now on I think. Great recipe.

  218. The ONLY cake recipe I use now after searching and testing many many recipes, however instead of granulated sugar I use caster personal preference 🙂 I would like to ask though to get my batter just a bit lighter do you reckon it would be ok to remove some if not all of the egg yolks?
    Thanks again for this fab recipe x

    1. Hi Dawn,
      When I tested this cake without egg yolks, I personally did not like the flavor as much. Hope that helps!

    1. Another commenter mentioned that she added a bit of blue coloring to the batter. You might want to look through previous comments to find the specifics. Hope that helps some!

  219. My brother is turning 16 this upcoming May and I’d love to make him this cake. I’m thinking on applying Skittles all around it… what do you think? Is it a good idea ? Also, I only have two round pans (I think they are 9 inches, just like you ask for). Do I need to change the measurements due to this ?

    1. Hi Catherine,
      Happiest of birthday wishes for your brother. What a great sister to make him a special cake! About the Skittles. I would apply them as decoration around the outside of the cake once it has been frosted. I’m not sure if that is what you meant in your question, but that’s how I would use the Skittles if you’d like to include them.

      You can use your two 9-inch cake pans and adjust the baking time accordingly or simply store the third pans portion of cake batter until the first two pans have baked and then bake the third layer.

      I hope that helps!

    2. Thank you so much for the response! 🙂 Yes, sorry for not being clear enough… that is what I meant. 🙂 I love cooking and baking so baking him a cake for his birthday is no biggie at all 🙂 I can’t wait to start!

  220. Hi. Your cake looks so nice, and I really wanted to try it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find buttercream in local baking shop (shocking, I know). Is there ant substitute or something i can make from scratch? Also, can I have the recipe for the icing/frosting?

    Many thanks!

  221. hello. I live in portugal and I cant find buttermilk. Can I replace it with something else? I wanted to try the recipe for my daughters birthday. Thank you

    1. Hi Rohina,
      You can add 1 tablespoon distilled white vinegar to 1 cup whole milk to get a homemade substitute for buttermilk. Since this recipe calls for 1/2 cup buttermilk and 1/2 cup whole milk, I’d use 1 1/2 teaspoons distilled white vinegar in 1/2 cup whole milk. Allow it to stand for about 3-5 minutes to allow the acid in the vinegar to begin working.

      Hope that helps!

  222. Thanks you so much for posting this recipe Ms, Robyn,
    My mother and I made it together tonight because tomorrow is my birthday. Finally 16 :D. It was so much fun cooking with her again and even getting to try a small cupcake with it. Honestly its better than the usual Baskin Robins Cake i always get and it created a memory that i shall always remember.

    1. Happy birthday! I hope your day is the best yet!!! I’m so glad you and your mother made great memories today. You’ll have those long after any other gifts are long gone! Enjoy!

  223. I made this cake with 2 tsp baking powder, 1 cup of buttermilk and used all butter no shortening as we can’t get it here is Australia.

    The cake turned out really really nicely. I am very happy with it.

    I was wondering how long it keeps Robyn. I made it today (Friday night) for my daughters birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I am currently tossing up whether to freeze it. Ideally I would have made the night before but a long standing arrangement has prevented me from doing so. I’d love your feedback asap if possible.

    1. Hi Hayley,
      I too made mine today for Sunday & have wrapped it to freeze. I will thaw & decorate Saturday night. I used copha in mine which you should be able to find in any supermarket in Australia. Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks Deb!

      I ended up popping it in the fridge, we got a mini one out (too much batter for our cakes) and tested it out today and it was lovely still, so I’m hoping it will still be good tomorrow. I will update after the event! I used all butter (as per my other comment) and it worked beautifully!

      Good luck with your Step Dad’s 60th!

  224. I tried the original recipe today & it worked beautifully. It rose in the oven but upon taking it out it settled into three very even cakes, perfect for a layered cake. I made the best ever chocolate cake too and will layer it in amongst the white cake for my step dads 60th cake. Great recipe that I will definitely use again!

  225. This IS the best cake ever. So good that I had a request at a party to make one for another party. I’m almost certain I used the original recipe (don’t think I added milk, only buttermilk). When did you make the changes?
    Also, the next cake I’m making is for a friend’s 50th birthday party. My co-baker and I are going to trying to make two cakes, one a “5” and one a “0.” We think a square pan would be easier to make the 5. What thoughts do you have on adjusting for baking? I’m envisioning the cake about the same size as the 9″ round, just square! Seriously. Best. Cake. Ever.

    1. I’m so glad you love it, Theresa! I made the changes a little over a week ago, so if you’ve used the recipe for a while, you most likely used the original (which is my preferred version, too!!!)

      The baking time should be consistent if you are using a 9-inch square baking pan as the 9-inch round. You’ll probably just want to check as normal for doneness though! Can’t wait to see your cake!!!

    2. Thanks for the prompt reply and the suggestions! It was three weeks ago that I made the cake, so that’s the old version — which turned out perfect. My first attempt was for a wedding party, and my friend and I linked two cakes together like wedding rings. Now we’re feeling adventurous.

  226. I just made this with the original recipe. I did use 1 teaspoon instead of the 1/2 teaspoon it called for because I was afraid I would have trouble with it rising. Took the cakes out of the oven about 20 minutes ago. They turned out perfectly! Nice and flat which is just what I need for a layer cake!I took a little sliver off the side and man was it DELICIOUS! I can’t wait to frost and decorate it for a baby shower tomorrow and see how everyone else likes it! Great recipe! I plan to use this recipe from now on for any white cake I make!