Turkey Day, Take Two – A collection of delicious recipes for using leftover turkey that your family will love! The best turkey leftover recipes for the day after Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Now, I have to admit to you that one of my favorite things about roasting a huge turkey on Thanksgiving is all of the leftover meals that I know I’ll be able to create. Here, I’ve listed a few recipes that my family doesn’t mind having turkey, turkey, and then more turkey!

1. Southern Chicken Corn Chowder

Southern Chicken and Corn Chowder makes a perfect dish for using leftover turkey! Just substitute turkey for the chicken in this recipe for a soup everyone will love. If you have leftover creamed corn from your Thanksgiving, this soup is the perfect place to use it, too!


2. Turkey Wrap Sandwiches

Your left over turkey shines in this sweet and savory wrap. But I have to tell you, plan to have requests for this wrap later, too.


3. Turkey Salad Recipe

Turkey Salad Recipe - This turkey salad makes one of my favorite ways to use up and enjoy all those turkey leftovers from yesterday. It really does make for a quick-fix meal perfect for making the most of your roasted or smoked turkey. // addapinch.com

As much as we love chicken salad, this turkey version is one of the things that we look the most forward to with our Thanksgiving leftovers!

4. Hot Chicken Salad

This Hot Chicken Salad is another recipe you can use turkey in place of the chicken for a fabulous, hot meal.

 5. Cheesy Chicken Burritos

Use turkey in place of chicken in these delicious burritos for a hearty meal everyone will love!


What are your favorite ways to use that delicious turkey from Thanksgiving?

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