Fudge Brownie Mix + Printable

Since yesterday’s little hint about what was to come, I’ve gotten so many emails and messages asking for the recipe. This Fudge Brownie Mix is going to be one of my favorite things to give this Christmas season.

Fudge Brownie Mix + Printable from addapinch.com

It looks beautiful all nicely layered in a big glass jar, but the best part of this gift is how you know they’ll love it when they make these brownies. Heavens!

As my son said when we were making a couple of batches to test this mix, “our house smells like chocolate heaven.”

And it did!

Here’s another little peak at what these babies look like baked and drizzled with my praline sauce I shared yesterday.

Fudge Brownie Mix + Printable from addapinch.com

For the batch pictured, I left out the walnuts since I knew I’d be using the praline sauce on them.

Anywho, however these babies are baked and served, they are scrumptious.

Gifting Ideas

You can see in the top photo that I decided to show how great these would look as I’ll be giving them this year. Just simply tied with a bow and a rubber spatula.


I used a two-liter airtight container for this recipe and the size works perfectly.


Fudge Brownie Mix Printable

For this printable, I went with another band design. Since the recipe makes a large pan of brownies, you’ll need a larger glass container to hold it all and the bands work perfectly to wrap around the jar.

The full band is a two-piece design with the front showing the recipe name along with a to and from area. The back portion shows what additional ingredients are needed to make the brownies, how to bake them, and then how to serve.

Fudge Brownie Mix Printable


Fudge Brownie Mix Recipe

This is my recipe for assembling the Fudge Brownie Mix jars.

Fudge Brownie Mix
Prep time
Total time
Fudge Brownies are always delicious and this recipe makes a mix perfect for gifting.
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ pound semi-sweet chocolate, coarsely chopped
  • 2½ cups granulated sugar
  • 1½ cups milk chocolate chips
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)
  1. Whisk together first three ingredients and add to the bottom of container. Press down with the back of your hand or a wooden spoon to form a level layer.
  2. Add chopped chocolate and spread to form a level layer.
  3. Add granulated sugar and form a firm layer.
  4. Add chocolate chips in a layer.
  5. Top with walnuts (optional)


I hope you love all of the handmade gift ideas from this week.

Merry Christmas,

Robyn xoxo


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  1. 1

    Loving all of your great mix ideas!

  2. 2

    What a fun gift idea and how did I miss that praline sauce? Oh my! Going to check that out now!

  3. 3

    What size jar did you use?

  4. 5

    Delish! I know a lot of people who would be tickled to get a jar (or two) of this. :)

  5. 6

    I adore fudgy brownies, this makes the perfect gift!

  6. 7

    All of it!!! Love the mix, gift idea and those amazing looking brownies!

  7. 8

    WOW!!!! Fantastic recipe…looks so good with the sauce. Great gift idea, definitely will be using this!!!! Thanks bunches!

  8. 9

    Love this idea Robyn! All your cooking buddies are getting one in the mail, right??

  9. 10

    What a great gift idea! I know quite a few people who would love getting this mix as a gift!

  10. 11

    Fudgie brownies are the ultimate! What an awesome gift!

  11. 12

    I’m loving all of your edible gifts, Robyn. This is wonderful!

  12. 13

    Wow, I just gained 20 pounds looking at these beauties!!!

  13. 14

    So smart! I may have to make these for the teachers. The photo is totally drool-worthy!

  14. 15

    I love giving gifts like this, and your ideas lately have been so lovely! This looks scrumptious!

  15. 17
    Dianna Gavin says:

    This is such a great idea!! I am putting these in teacher’s baskets. My only question is what kind of semi sweet chocolate did you use? Like the chocolate chips, bakers, or bars? I just want to make sure they come outlike yours!

    • 18

      I coarsely chopped a pound of the Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate when I made the recipe photographed. I’ve also used Scharfenberger bars, and a few other brands that have all given great results.

  16. 19

    Wow does that brownie look fantastic. Would love to get that mix as a gift! Come and visit us this week. We are having a wonderful giveaway from a talented Southern author.

  17. 20

    Hi. Are there any instructions for this mix? :)

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