Mushrooms make one of my favorite ingredients in so many recipes, but I especially love to make a quick mushroom sauté as a side dish. Since I always have mushrooms on hand, mushroom sauté makes a wonderful quick-fix accompaniment to so many other dishes and is perfect for a casual weeknight family meal or for serving as part of a more elegant dinner menu when entertaining.


Mushroom Saute Recipe |


This recipe is so versatile and has definitely become one of my go-to recipes that everyone loves. As a matter of fact, a while back we invited friends over for dinner so our families could catch up and spend some time together. When I spoke to my friend ahead of time to make sure there weren’t any food restrictions for her family, she mentioned that her kids could be picky eaters, so not to be concerned if they didn’t eat much. “It’s normal,” she said. Having a bit of a picky eater myself, I took it more as a challenge to make sure there were items on my menu that they would indeed enjoy if I could just get them to give them a try.


Mushroom Saute Recipe |


When our friends arrived, I was just starting the mushroom sauté so her children became a bit interested in what I was doing around the stove. Her daughter decided she wasn’t sure about the mushrooms, but since she’d given me a hand in watching them as they sautéed, she put a few onto her plate to taste. Within a few minutes, she asked if I minded if she had a few more. To say the least, her mother was just a bit shocked and very much pleased. Later, my friend told me that her daughter never tasted mushrooms until that night, but requests this mushroom sauté on a fairly regular basis.

Be sure to head on over to the Mushroom Channel for my Mushroom Saute recipe.


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Disclosure: I have an ongoing relationship with the Mushroom Channel and have been compensated to develop recipes featuring mushrooms.

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  1. Easily one of my favourite dinner side dishes…the more garlic, the better for me! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Yummy, this sounds amazing, I love mushrooms, unfortunately my husband can’t stand them so I’ll have to make this one evening when he’s not home for dinner 🙂

  3. Love, love sauteed mushrooms! None of the boys like them so I don’t make them as much as I could, but I may whip a batch of this up solely for myself. 🙂

  4. I’d really like your mushroom risotto with bacon and peas recipe plus the mushroom saute. However, will not load. Can you please check into this and maybe let me know when it is fixed? Thank you!