Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Are you ready for this? Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms? Let me just tell you that you are. You really are.



I threw these together the other day in less than 15 minutes. Yep, 15 minutes.

They set some sort of a pizza record in my house, too.

Since you all know how much I love mushrooms and we love making pizza, these were really bound to happen sooner than later.


Let me tell you how I made them.

Don’t blink because this is going to go fast!

I started with large portabello caps and remove the stems.

Then, I spooned in about a tablespoon of pizza sauce. If you want to make your own, that’s perfectly fine. I just used a premade kind that my son enjoys.





Next I tossed on some pepperoni and then grated Monterrey Jack cheese.

Then I threw my skillet in the oven under the broiler for 8 minutes.




And this is what they did.

Oh my gosh are they scrumptious!





And so full of flavor.

You really don’t miss the pizza dough.

Not even a little bit.




So, there you have it. My pizza stuffed mushrooms.

These are perfect for a really quick-fix lunch or supper, after-school snack, or appetizer for the big game (you know that’s coming soon, right?)

I bet if you serve these you’ll automatically be awarded best food of the game.

And you won’t have to tell them how easy they are to make either.




So, be sure to pick up plenty of large mushroom caps at the grocery store for making these pizza stuffed mushrooms. Your family will love you for it!

Here’s my Pizza Stuffed Mushroom Recipe. The directions are for four mushrooms, just increase for the number you are serving.

Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms are a simple and delicious quick-fix dish. Perfect for lunch, snacks, supper, or even on game day!
Prep Time3 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time13 mins
Servings: 2 -4
Author: Robyn Stone | Add a Pinch


  • 4 large mushroom caps
  • 4 tablespoons pizza sauce
  • 8-12 pepperoni slices
  • 1/4 cup grated Monterrey Jack cheese


  • Preheat oven to broil at 500º F.
  • Place mushroom caps in a skillet. Spoon in about 1 tablespoon of pizza sauce per mushroom cap. Top with pepperoni slices and cheese.
  • Place skillet into oven for 8-10 minutes, until mushroom has softened and cheese has begun to melt and bubble slightly. Do not overbake.
  • If mushroom does not soften on the broil setting, remove skillet from the oven and place on the stove for about 3-5 minutes.

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Robyn xoxo

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  1. I’ve always love stuffed mushrooms. It is now 10:30pm and I am officially craving pizza-stuffed ones!

  2. Wow, these are truly awesome, I could eat this for dinner tonight!! I love stuffing shrooms, haven’t gone pizza style yet!

  3. Great idea! Low carb option too! Thank you, I love mushrooms and this looks fast and easy.

  4. I just love everything you make!

  5. YES please! all of the things I have stuffed portobellos with… not once with pizza? this needs to change, obviously.

  6. Whoa girl – these look so amazing!!

  7. Wish I liked mushrooms! I think I’ll make this for an appetizer for a party, though.

  8. It probably would have taken me a good month to conjure up this masterpiece, and you did it in 15 minutes?!?!??? Well done my friend!

  9. OMG>>>>>TELL> THE>TRUTH! This is like the most amazing “pizza” ever!!!

  10. Yet another recipe to add to my week of cooking! thank you so much – why didn’t I think of this????

  11. This is my favorite way to eat mushrooms…really!

  12. I love this idea for stuffed mushrooms. What a great crowd-pleaser!

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