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Apple Cobbler Recipe

Apple Cobbler makes an easy, delicious dessert recipe. Filled with three types of apples, this apple cobbler has a sweet sauce and is topped with a light, fluffy biscuits. There’s just something about cobblers that makes them immediately comforting, warm and inviting. I’m not sure if it because they seem to represent a humble time read more »

Peanut Butter Pie Recipe from addapinch.com

Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

This peanut butter pie recipe is as easy as it gets! A simple, no-bake pie recipe that is perfect for the peanut butter lover! We are just back from our trip to Disney to celebrate our son turning 13 and I have to admit, it was one of the best trips we’ve ever had. My read more »

Strawberry Pie Recipe | ©addapinch.com

Strawberry Pie Recipe

Strawberry Pie is a classic pie recipe that always pleases. Made with fresh strawberries, this no-bake strawberry pie recipe is simple and so delicious! This strawberry pie is one that always impresses and if you have a strawberry lover in your midst, you will have a fan for life. Seriously. This pie recipe is what read more »

Shortbread Crust | ©addapinch.com

Shortbread Crust Recipe

Shortbread Crust makes a delicious addition to so many desserts. Made of three ingredients, this simple shortbread crust is easy works for pies, cheesecakes, tarts, and so many other desserts.  Just three ingredients is all you’ll need to make this shortbread crust. They are most likely ingredients that you already have stocked in your pantry, read more »

Key Lime Pie Recipe | ©addapinch.com

Key Lime Pie Recipe

Key Lime Pie makes a classic, refreshing dessert recipe. Made of simple ingredients, this updated key lime pie recipe comes together quickly and chills to a light and airy consistency for an elegant dessert. Key Lime Pie is one of my husband’s favorite pies, especially as the weather begins to warm up. For years, I read more »

Graham Cracker Crust | ©addapinch.com

Simple Graham Cracker Crust Recipe

A simple graham cracker crust is perfect for so many recipes. From key lime pie to a chocolate tart, a graham cracker crust is a never fail favorite. This graham cracker crust is one of the first pie crust recipes that I made on my own. I was in the seventh grade and was determined read more »

Pecan Pie Recipe | ©addapinch.com

Pecan Pie Recipe

This Pecan Pie Recipe is a classic in my husband’s family. For every family gathering, you better believe there will be pecan pie sitting front and center on the dessert table. Every. single. time. For years, I always assumed this pecan pie recipe was one of his mother’s amazing recipes and you can imagine how read more »

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie | ©addapinch.com

KK’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie Recipe

This Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie is seriously one of those recipes you’ll make, fall in love with, and turn around and make as soon as that pie has been gobbled up. Which will probably be sooner than you think. Wait. You don’t do that? Hmmm. Oh well, this chocolate chip cookie pie will seriously make read more »

12 Perfect Pie Recipes | ©addapinch.com

12 Perfect Pie Recipes

Pie recipes are just so humble, yet absolutely perfect in every possible way. Have you guessed how much I love pies already? Most likely you have by now. Especially since this past week was all about pies around here. So, in celebration for my love affair with this tasty treat, I thought it was appropriate to read more »

Toffee Pecan Pie | ©addapinch.com

Toffee Pecan Pie Recipe

Toffee Pecan Pie makes a delicious twist on the traditional Pecan Pie we all know and love.   I love the twists and turns this pie takes.

French Silk Pie | ©addapinch.com

French Silk Pie Recipe

French Silk Pie is absolutely one of my favorite pies in all the land. For example, whenever we go to a restaurant and there is a French Silk Pie on the menu, I feel obliged to order it just for at least one taste. “Just one bite,”  I tell myself.     It never quiet read more »

Buttermilk Pie | ©addapinch.com

Buttermilk Pie Recipe

Buttermilk Pie is a classic, family-favorite pie around my house. Buttermilk Pie is a custardy pie that comes together quickly and easily and is a traditional pie served in so many southern homes.   Similar in texture to a Chess Pie, the Buttermilk Pie uses simple ingredients found in most southern kitchens, at least those read more »

Peach Pie Pops | ©addapinch.com

Peach Pie Pops Recipe

These Peach Pie Pops are absolutely, undeniably one of the cutest little pies I’ve made. Ever. And, I have to let you in on a little secret, too. They only took two ingredients to make them. Well, three if you want to count the lollipop stick, but two for the actual pie.

Apple Pie Recipe | ©addapinch.com

Apple Pie Recipe

Apple Pie is a simple, classic and delicious pie recipe. This apple pie recipe is a family favorite recipe used for generations. Apple Pie is one of those recipes that quietly comforts, in smell, taste and the knowledge of the humble hands before yours that have made the same recipe – even for the same read more »

Chocolate Chess Pie Recipe | ©addapinch.com

Chocolate Chess Pie Recipe

Chocolate Chess Pie is seriously one of the best things ever created – especially if you love chocolate like I do.     Creamy, custardy, and oh so chocolatey on the inside, chocolate chess pies is also crowned with the signature crunchy top crust that you’ll find in really good chess pie recipes. And really, read more »

Blueberry Cobbler Recipe | ©addapinch.com

Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

Blueberry Cobbler. Doesn’t the name just make your mouth begin to water? It sure does mine.   This past weekend, my husband hosted another Scout group (not Little Buddy’s group) at the hangar for their rain gutter regatta and space derby. Since we weren’t in charge of the actual Scout group, we decided it would read more »

Coconut Cream Pie Recipe from © addapinch.com

Coconut Cream Pie Recipe

Okay, so Coconut Cream Pie is about the best thing ever. Really. It is practically summer in pie form.   And this, my friends, is a Coconut Cream Pie to beat all Coconut Cream Pies. Well, at least in my book.

Bruleed Lemon Tart | addapinch.com

Bruleed Lemon Tart Recipe

You know how crème brûlée is just amazing with that crunchy, sugary glass topping? Also, you know how a lemon tart is just perfect for spring with all that citrus zing? What if those two decided to join forces? Well, I kind of did that with this Bruleed Lemon Tart.  

Perfect Pie Crust Recipe | ©addapinch.com

Pie Crust Recipe

A pie crust recipe that works perfectly for sweet and savory pies. This pie crust recipe is made by hand and makes a perfect pie crust every single time! The perfect basic pie crust recipe makes any pie better – more magical even. Growing up, I watched my Mother and Grandmothers quickly make pie crusts read more »

Caramel Pie | ©addapinch.com

Caramel Pie Recipe

Caramel and the holidays go together perfectly and this Caramel Pie is no exception.     With caramel made from scratch, it really is hard to resist a slice. Rich and dense, the flavors of buttery caramel are pronounced in every single bite. It is definitely a caramel lovers dream pie and not for the read more »

Cherry Cobbler

Cherry Cobbler Recipe

Cherry cobbler makes a simple, yet delicious dessert. Made of fresh cherries, this easy cobbler recipe is sure to become a favorite. Since we toured around Williamsburg, VA and Washington, D.C. over the last few days, I’ve had an insatiable affinity for apple pie and cherry cobbler. I know, I know, so cliche, right? Well, read more »

Chocolate Espresso Ganache Pie | Add a Pinch

Chocolate Espresso Ganache Pie Recipe

I made a pie. Not just any old pie either. This pie is absolutely amazing. The best part?  The chocolate espresso ganache.   Mercy! Let me tell you a little background on this pie, okay? A couple of weeks ago, my 92 year old Grandmother fell and broke her hip. As we were sitting in read more »

Frozen Fruit Pie

Frozen Cherry Pineapple Pie Recipe

Frozen Cherry Pineapple Pie is simple pie recipe. An easy recipe, this no bake pie recipe is delicious in a graham cracker crust.   Okay, so remember that Frozen Fruit Salad that I talked about the other day? Well, if you even half-way thought about making it, this is going to send you right on read more »

Meringue Recipe | Add a Pinch

Meringue Recipe

This meringue recipe makes me happy. Seriously. It also brings back so many memories of watching my Mama and Grandmothers making meringue to top their pies or chocolate pudding. I love that. A smooth, glossy fluff of meringue on top a dessert immediately grabs my attention. I can’t wait to dig into a scoop of read more »