Chewy Sugar Cookies Recipe

Sugar Cookies are one of my very favorite cookies in the entire world. Seriously. They are truly one of the most perfect cookies ever. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite chewy Sugar Cookie Recipe during my 12 Days of Cookies series this year.

Chewy Sugar Cookies Recipe | ©

Because, as much as I love them throughout the year, at Christmas, I am always drawn to them.

This simple sugar cookie recipe is easy to make and everyone always loves them.

Chewy Sugar Cookies Recipe | ©

Maybe it is because these sugar cookies are different from the rolled sugar cookie recipe we also love throughout the holidays. Those can seem a bit daunting at times while this chewy version of the sugar cookie comes together quickly and is just one of those perfect cookies you enjoy eating!


For this sugar cookie recipe, I scoop the dough, roll it into a ball and then roll it into a bit of granulated sugar for a sparkly touch that lends a crisp little coating on the cookie once it is baked. While you can certainly skip that little step, I highly recommend that you not. It is so very much worth it.


Chewy Sugar Cookies Recipe | ©

Here’s my Chewy Sugar Cookies Recipe. I hope you love it as much as we do.

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Chewy Sugar Cookies Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Sugar cookies make a favorite little cookie recipe for so many. Get this family-favorite recipe for chewy sugar cookies that everyone is sure to love.
Serves: 36 cookies
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened
  • 1½ cups granulated sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2¼ cups all-purpose flour
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon Kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar for rolling cookies
  1. Preheat oven to 350º F. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper or a nonstick baking mat.
  2. Cream together butter and granulated sugar until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add egg and mix until well-combined.
  3. Stir in flour, baking powder, salt, and vanilla.
  4. Scoop cookie dough by the tablespoon full and roll into a ball.
  5. Add granulated sugar to a large bowl for rolling cookie dough in before baking. Place each ball of cookie dough into the bowl of granulated sugar and roll to coat well. Place cookie dough onto baking sheet, spacing about 1½-inches to 2 inches apart. Lightly press each cookie down. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until lightly browned.

Robyn xo




Sugar cookies make a favorite little cookie recipe for so many. Get this family-favorite recipe for chewy sugar cookies that everyone is sure to love.


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  1. 71

    Babs says

    This recipe looks delicious. Going to try tomorrow. Could you please tell me how large the balls are that you make and how big do the cookies end up. I need to make a specific size cookie.

  2. 73

    Carly says

    I just tried these and followed the directions to the T and somehow I ended up with a giant mess! The cookies were foamy and seemed melted and didn’t even take a solid form. I double checked the baking powder and it is not expired and I did not melt the butter. I don’t know what happened :(

    • 75

      Bree says

      Baking soda.
      Same thing happened to me with the first batch I put in. I couldn’t understand what happened, I looked over the recipe again and saw that it didn’t call for any baking soda. So I took a bit of the batter added a little baking soda to it and made one cookie for a test. When it was done it came out perfectly, so I went back and added 1tsp of baking soda to the batter and the rest of the cookies came out fine.

    • 76

      Candice says

      the same thing happened to me. The directions don’t call for it to be refrigerated either. I will not be making this recipe again that is for sure.

    • 77

      Megan says

      Same thing happened to me as well. The cookies didnt take form and “melted” still tasted good but I did try to add 1/2 teasp. of baking soda to the other half of the batch and then they finally worked! Sprinkled some nutmeg, sea salt and cinnamon on top! Really yummy after the fix!

    • 79

      shannon says

      hello, i did this recipe before and on my first try i got them made perfectly although the 4th time i made them i didnt put enough flour and that same thing happened to me. Maybe it was because of the amount of flour. The flour makes it thick and able to grow but without enough of it, it turns out too liquidy and soupy.

  3. 80

    Joyce says

    I tried this recipe and let me tell you these were so simple and so delish I have decided to make these this year for Christmas. The only thing I did different is I used earth balance natural buttery spread original due to the fact that my 1 year old has a milk allergy. This was a huge hit in my household. This is my new go to sugar cookie!! Thanks so much!

  4. 81

    Charlene says

    I love love LOVE these cookies! I made these for a family gathering where I would be meeting my boyfriends mother for the very first time.. (YIKES!) My guy told me that she was a total cookie monster.. she cant say no. So I thought that greasing the wheels couldnt hurt right? Well.. she totally fell in love with them! I added some lemon zest to the recipe so it brighted them up an gave them a wonderful aromatic touch. I got the seal of approval from my boyfriends mom, and even got asked for the recipie!!.. Thanks so much, these will totally be a staple in our home

  5. 82


    I needed to make a hundred neon cookies and this was the recipe I landed on. I added a squirt of neon color to each batch (right after adding the egg) and made hot pink, orange, yellow, turquoise and lime. I refrigerated the dough for about an hour, then scooped out with a scooper. I also pressed them into the matching-colored sanding sugar and they look fabulous! Thanks for sharing your recipe. This will be my go-to sugar cookie recipe!

  6. 83

    Lora says

    I am making these right now, I added 1 Tbsp of powdered sugar and doubled the vanilla. The dough is chilling at the moment, I hope they turn out as good as they sound!

  7. 84

    Lexis says

    I tried to make these and my first datch were not so good they didn’t expand and it took 20 minutes to get to a golden brown I did follow the instructions but something was off for my last batch I refridorated the dough and hopefully that will help although it does not day to do that in the directions

  8. 85

    Ashley Bartlett says

    Followed the recipe almost exact (2 tsps vanilla instead of 1) and they came out amazing. My husband said they were the best sugar cookies he’s ever had. That is amazing in itself because I never make a cookie he likes.

  9. 89

    Stephanie says

    My Husband’s words: ” We will never have enough of these in the house.”

    They were a true hit! I rolled mine in cinnamon and sugar, making a snickerdoodle!
    Truly fantastic recipe!

  10. 90

    valorie says

    I literally just made these with my daughter, they are delicious. I would definitely recommend this recipe and i baked them at 9 mins but put them in for another 2 mins because they were a little bit to doughy in the middlle for my liking :)

    • 92

      Carah Spadafore says

      You can find that out with using My Fitness Pal there’s a spot to enter any kind of recipe and it tells you ALL Nutrition facts.

  11. 93

    Leesa says

    I just made a batch of these cookies and I am eating them as I write this, this is one of the most simplest and decadent cookies I have ever eaten, I did not have to chill the dough and the cookies came out fabulous, I am truly at a loss to see how someone can fail so horribly with such an extremely easy, easy recipe, I will be making these cookies and the Lemon Sugar cookies forever.

    Thanks so very much for an amazing recipe.

  12. 95

    Kaylee Patterson says

    These cookies came out amazing! I folded the recipe to the letter, and while it didn’t need any extra ingredients, it did need a few more minutes in the oven. Put they turned out delicious, something I’ll definitely be baking again.

  13. 96

    Logan Todd says

    By far the best sugar cookie recipe that i have come across! I love adding a different twist to them every time i fix them, from rolling them in pumpkin spice and sugar, to adding orange extract to the others!

  14. 98

    Morgan Hoeppner says

    They are great I did half the batch with a little extra vanilla and the other half with peanut butter a total HIT!!!!

  15. 99

    Cath says

    LOVE these cookies!! I double the vanilla for my sugar cookie version; added chocolate chips (yum!); changed out the vanilla extract for two tablespoons of lemon extract (yummy!); and have used almond extract and strawberry extract (will try those again with more extract next time, but they were both pretty darn good!). As you can see, I have used this recipe as a base several times (probably 20 times by now = around 720 cookies!) and I found that 375 degrees for 10 minutes on a Sil pat works perfectly. This Christmas it will be the “only” cookie I bake for gifts — in all it’s special flavors!!!! Thank you so much!!

  16. 100

    Lillian says

    I am a very busy (retired) lady who just loves to bake. We have 7 children 14 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. I have dozens of wonderful recipes that have been handed down through the years. A lot of them are my inventions that my children love. Last Christmas one of my sons and his wife bought me a cookie press. The only batter that is soft enough to put in it, is whipped shortbread. I was looking for a cookie that was soft enough to press through those little discs. As they are coming for Christmas I would love to show them that I (at least) tried to use their present..
    Thank you so much
    Lillian Wawzonek

    • 104


      Hi Hannah,
      Thanks so much, Hannah. This sugar cookie recipe does spread while baking and really isn’t intended as a cookie cutter type sugar cookie recipe. I do have this one that is perfect for that:

  17. 105

    Leslie says

    I made these with half butter, half coconut oil and half bleached flour and half coconut flour. DELICIOUS! I will be making these for my holiday cookie exchange. With out a doubt the best sugar cookies ever, perfectly crisp and chewy. Do yourself a favor and make these cookies as soon as possible.

  18. 108

    Ali says

    Followed the recipe completely, but the cookies still turned out hard once they cooled down a bit. I think I’ll go back to making cookies from the pre-bought mix, at least those ones stay soft.

    • 109


      Oh no! I hate that it didn’t work for you. I’ve not had an issue with them being hard at all. If you do attempt to make them again, maybe double check your oven temperature with a thermometer to make sure it isn’t slightly hotter than it is showing. Or, you could bump down the baking time to make sure they aren’t baking longer than needed.

  19. 111

    Brandi says

    After reading most of the reviews…contemplating and rerouting to other recipe sites I kept coming back to this one! Sugar cookies are so simple…but you just have to get the taste just right!! Made them minutes after hauling the tablet to the kitchen…kids couldnt wait to help!! They turned out awesome…maybe even perfect!! Exactly what I was looking for…nothing added nothing subtracted just really good sugar cookies!!
    Thank You!!

  20. 115

    Annette Howard says

    I just finished my first batch and they were delicious!!! I followed the recipe as directed and they turned out perfect. I gave my sister some and she said they were great!!! Thank you so much!!!

  21. 117


    made them but used canola oil in lieu of butter (didn’t have any). pressed down like it said and they came out relatively great. rolled them in a mix of peppermint and sugar since it’s the holidays and I have an abundance of candycanes!

    • 119


      Hi Mary,
      I don’t refrigerate mine if I’m able to bake all of the sheet pans fairly quickly. You just don’t want the cookie dough to get too warm as they’ll spread too much.

    • 120

      Stephanie B. says

      I didn’t refrigerate mine and they turned out great. They were a hit with my husband. When they cool, we are going to add some light frosting and sprinkles!

  22. 123

    Mary f says

    I have a question I made some chocolate chip cookies today and they came out flat what caused this I followed recipie on the nestle toll house bag

  23. 124

    samantha says

    Can i use this recipe as a cut out cookie?,i have made them several times and i really want the chewiness for my cookies for santa,me and my kiddos have been trying several ddifferent recipes and they were good but not as awesome as these are!!

  24. 126

    Alethia says

    Wow I just made these cookies and they are yummers!!! After reading several recipes I decided on this one and it did not disappoint. This was my first time making sugar cookies. I was a little nervous after reading reviews but I followed your recipe exactly except I added lemon extract too. Do you have a recipe for chocolate chip cookies?

  25. 127

    MrsSki says

    These cookies were super simple to make (I followed the recipe to the letter) and a hit with my hubby. Two forks up!

  26. 128

    Laura says

    I’d give 10 stars if I could! Typically, I do not comment on recipes… I was looking for a sugar cookie recipe that did not require baking soda, because I am out. I came across this one and saw how easy they were to make. I read the reviews and was slightly skeptical, because my cookies have all been coming out flat lately. I decided to ignore the bad reviews, and trust that this recipe would work. I followed all of the steps to a T, with my 6 year old. (He loves to bake with me.) I did put my dough in the fridge for a short amount of time, thinking we might make shapes, then changed my mind and got straight to baking them. Mainly because my little love was telling me how ready he was for cookies. Well, I did have trouble “rolling” them in the sugar, but other than that, these cookies were amazing!! Baking soda is not necessary! Neither is putting the dough in the fridge. Yes, this is fluffy dough. Yes, it “melts” in the oven. Yes, these cookies are delicious! They are the perfect combination of crispy and chewy. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

  27. 129

    tunde says

    I have 3 kids under the age of 5 and they had a blast helping me make these and especially eating them :) They ate them faster than they baked ! Simple yet absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing. Bet youd never have thought someone would be making these in a tiny village in Transylvania :) Thanks again!

  28. 133

    Angela M Filion says

    I always use this recipe for baking my sugar cookies. They always come out nice and chewy. I had to adjust the bake time, due to using a gas stove. Do you recommend adjusting the temperature? Or just take the cookies out sooner, like I have been doing

  29. 135

    Rochelle says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the easiest recipe ever! I am not a baker and usually have to try a recipe 2-3 times in order to get it right. I followed this recipe as is and the cookies turned out great! I will definitely bake these again and feel confident enough to add cinnamon, chocolate chips, and whatever else I have the taste for.

  30. 136

    Lesley says

    I just now read all of the comments on this recipe. I just made them and had no issues at all. I even inadvertently melted half the butter – didn’t mean to – and they still came out great. Super easy. I threw the bowl of dough in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes before scooping out. It’s a little warm in Southern California today, and I thought it best. I also baked mine for about 12 minutes to get the texture I wanted. Seriously easy and really delicious. They make great cookies for ice cream sandwiches!

  31. 138

    Celia Bredenbeck says

    I made these today and couldn’t believe how easy they were and how perfectly they turned out. I dipped them in Wilton White Sparkling Sugar (decorative) instead of regular granulated and they’re as beautiful as they are delicious. Thank you so much!

  32. 140

    Carolyn Weiss says

    Hi! These are the absolute BEST cookies I have ever had! I made them for my fiance to bring into work and all his coworkers raved about them! This may be a silly question, but is there any way to cut the recipe in half? I know it has 1 egg, so that is why I ask. I would like to have it in half so I can only use 1,stick of butter. Thanks!


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