Sharing our Weekly Meal Plan with make-ahead tips, freezer instructions, and ways make supper even easier!

Weekly Meal Plan #22 - Sharing our Weekly Meal Plan with make-ahead tips, freezer instructions, and ways make supper even easier! //

Saturday: Crispy Chicken Wings (from Add a Pinch Cookbook) + Buffalo Chicken Dip + Sheet Pan Nachos + Restaurant Style Salsa + GuacamolePeanut Butter Cup Blondies (Memorial Day Weekend with Family & Friends) (Make Ahead and Freezer Friendly)

Sunday: Homemade Hamburgers with all fixings + Heirloom Tomato Salad with Charred Corn & Okra (from Add a Pinch Cookbook) + Southern Baked Beans + No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream + Easiest Caramel Sauce (Make Ahead,  Freezer Friendly)

Monday: Grilled Chicken with Best Chicken Marinade + Southern Potato Salad + Caprese Salad with Balsamic Glaze + Fresh Pineapple Sorbet (Make Ahead)

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wraps + Sweet Potato Chips +  Poppy Seed Fruit Salad (from Add a Pinch Cookbook) (Leftover Makeover and Add a Pinch Cookbook)

Thursday: Easy Citrus Shrimp (from Add a Pinch Cookbook) + House Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing ( Add a Pinch Cookbook and Make Ahead)

Friday: Family Night Out


As Americans remember those who have made sacrifices for our country this Memorial Day weekend, my family usually tries to spend time together and with close family and friends. So it usually involves cooking so many delicious foods that we all will enjoy! We start the week off with lots of tasty foods this weekend!

Crispy Chicken Wings: These are from the cookbook and are so crispy and delicious without being deep fried! They are freezer friendly too so you can make a bunch and freeze them for up to 3 months!

Buffalo Chicken Dip: Prep the dip the day before and then just pop into the oven to bake and serve!
Sheet Pan Nachos: So easy and ready in minutes, very minimal prep needed.

Restaurant Style Salsa: So quick and easy, but you can chop up the veggies earlier in the day if you wish.
Peanut Butter Cup Blondies: Perfect to make ahead the day before.

While this is a large menu, with all of our family and friends, I’m sure it will all be enjoyed! If there are any leftovers, we will eat them later this week or I will freeze them for later! Yum!
Homemade Hamburgers and Fixings: I’ll make my hamburger patties ahead of time and keep in the fridge until ready to grill. Prepare all of the fixings ahead of time, seal in containers and refrigerate.
Heirloom Tomato Salad with Charred Corn and Okra: I love this salad so much – it’s even on the cover of the Add a Pinch Cookbook! The corn can be cut off the cob and and okra sliced and set aside in the refrigerator. I make my Pepper Jelly and keep on hand a lot, so this dressing will be quick to mix and use atop this beautiful salad!
Best Southern Baked Beans: This cooks for a while to bring out that amazing, rich flavor, so you can make this earlier in the day if you wish and reheat.
No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream: So easy – just mix this in minutes and freeze until ready to serve.
Grilled Chicken: I will have my Grilled Chicken Marinade made ahead and our chicken marinating for the best, most delicious and juicy chicken! I’m grilling a couple of extra chicken breasts for a recipe for supper another night this week.

Southern Potato Salad: Make the potato salad the night before and refrigerate – so scrumptious and easy.

Caprese Salad: I love this with fresh, ripe tomatoes and fresh basil. I prefer to make this right before supper and serve immediately. So delicious!

Fresh Pineapple Sorbet: Made with just a minimal, fresh ingredients, make this ahead of time and keep in freezer until time to serve. Amazing flavor and perfect end to the meal! (Hint: Chop and refrigerate the pineapple that you’ll need for the spread on Wednesday!)


Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wraps: These come together easily with chicken breasts I grilled on Monday and saved for these. The Pineapple Jalepeno Cream Cheese Spread is super fast to mix up with only four ingredients – and you already chopped the pineapple on Monday night when making sorbet. Win Win!

Sweet Potato Chips: These bake in the microwave so quickly! Delish!

Poppy Seed Fruit Salad: Make this ahead of time, refrigerate and let the amazing dressing bring out the juiciness of the fruit! Love this!

Easy Citrus Shrimp: This cookbook favorite comes together in minutes and is perfect for a busy weeknight or entertaining friends! You can prepare ingredients ahead of time if you wish though. Leftovers make a great salad too!

House Salad: I keep salads ready to go in the refrigerator, so I just make Citrus Vinaigrette earlier in the day, add the oil right before supper, give it a hearty shake – or three – and serve!


Leftovers or Family Night Out

Thank you and God bless to all those who gave so much for our country as we remember your sacrifice this Memorial Day.
Robyn xo

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