Slow Cooker Ribs so tender they practically fall off the bones! Get this simple slow cooker ribs recipe for easy as can be ribs anytime you want them!

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There’s just something about these simple Slow Cooker Ribs that make them my favorite way to cook ribs lately. I know, I know, we’re right here at the end of the summer and I’m already talking about how I’d rather cook ribs in a slow cooker than on the grill.

I do love ribs that have been slow cooked on the grill and are falling apart tender, but for an easy-as-can-be weeknight meal (or even weekend), you just can’t beat this slow cooker ribs method.

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This slow cooker method works fine for both spare and baby back ribs, but I have to say that my favorites are country-style ribs. Country-style ribs are the ribs that are cut from the sirloin end of the pork loin. Since they are the meatiest style of ribs, they are always a favorite around here. I think they are also the most flavorful, too!

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Since Country-style ribs are sold both as a slab and already pre-cut into individual servings, you can find them however you prefer in your grocery store usually. However, for cooking them in the slow cooker, I have found that I like to just go ahead and buy them in individual servings (pre-cut). If they aren’t pre-cut in your grocery store, usually your butcher can do that for you or you can just do them yourself before placing into the slow cooker. It just makes things so much easier in the long run!

As much as I love country-style ribs, this method works perfectly with baby back and spare ribs, too. So, pick your preferred cut of rib and you’ll be in business.

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So, here’s is my Slow Cooker Ribs recipe. Get ready to be wowed!

Simple Slow Cooker Ribs Recipe

Slow Cooker Ribs so tender they practically fall off the bones! Get this simple slow cooker ribs recipe for easy as can be ribs anytime you want them!
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Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time6 hrs
Total Time6 hrs 5 mins
Servings: 6 -8
Course Main Course
Calories: 586kcal
Cuisine American
Author: Robyn Stone | Add a Pinch


  • 4 pounds pork ribs country-style, baby back or spare ribs (your preference)
  • BBQ Sauce or your preferred sauce


  • Spray slow cooker insert with non-stick cooking spray. Arrange ribs in slow cooker insert, wrapping them around the inside of the insert or by cutting them in thirds or halves if necessary. Pour BBQ sauce over ribs, reserving 1/2 cup in an airtight container in the refrigerator for later use.
  • Cook over low for 6 hours. Spoon remaining BBQ sauce over ribs for serving, if desired. If not, serve on the side.

Nutrition Information

Calories: 586kcal | Protein: 33g | Fat: 50g | Saturated Fat: 16g | Cholesterol: 169mg | Sodium: 171mg | Potassium: 512mg | Calcium: 32mg | Iron: 2mg
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Slow Cooker Ribs | ©

Robyn xo

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  1. I have always wondered about slow cooker ribs. They seem too easy to be true, but I’d say I NEED to give them a try since I have yet to come across a good way of cooking ribs that leaves them tender and falling off the bone! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Can these get overcooked? If I start them in the morning before work, they will be cooking for 10 hours by the time I get home. If I cook them on low will they be ok?

  2. I love ribs and the idea of extending my time with them beyond the summer grill using the slow cooker.

    Do you brown the ribs before putting in the slow cooker?

  3. I’m new to this… when you say “insert” does that mean one of those tin foil drop in slow cooker pieces? Do you wrap the foil over the top? Can I just use my regular slow cooker instead? Thank you! I’m so excited to try this recipe 🙂

    1. Hi Sloan,
      When I “insert” I am referring to the container that you cook in within your slow cooker. Some are made of crockery, etc. This is just your regular slow cooker and nothing additional.

    2. Thank you Robyn! Yum, yum, yum! We ALL loved it for dinner tonight! (And that was even with store-bought sauce.)

      Tomorrow’s recipe: shrimp dip for Bunco!

  4. Wow! Another great recipe and you keep it simple. The ribs are really, really good and I love the barbeque sauce as well. Thanks so much Robyn. Have a great week:)

  5. Well you were so right on the Simple to make part….. They are in the cooker with about five hours to go…..hope my wife loves them as they sound yummy. I’ll let you know how this stranger in the kitchen makes out Robyn.

    1. OMG these were so good! Only thing is I’m getting the rep of being able to cook….. I think? that is a good thing 🙂
      Thanks again

  6. Hi,
    Do the ribs need to be submersed by the BBQ sauce? Or is the BBQ sauce simply spread over the ribs sufficient?



    1. Just dump it over the top and it will seep down to cover all the ribs. I make these all the time. I also slice some onions and layer them in

  7. robyn.. you are funny! 🙂 i enjoyed your time breakdown for this recipe. 5 minutes for prep, 6 hours for slow cooking, for a grand total of 6 hours and 5 minutes! kinda makes me why i watch gordon ramsay! 😀

  8. typo in my post.

    i wrote, “kinda makes me why i watch gordon ramsay!” but i LEFT OUT A WORD…. it *should* have read, “kinda makes me wonder why i watch gordon ramsay!”

    can you add that word ‘wonder’ for me? otherwise… i look like a moron. 🙁

  9. My husband just cooked a Boston butt just like yours but used a rub from his son (Carolina Panthers)and cooked it all night in my slow cooker,it was delicious, can’t wait to try your ribs recipe and your yellow squash recipe today. Thanks Robyn.

  10. Wow, wow – wow! After reading the comments re your recipe (and totally ignoring other recipes I googled) your rib recipe is in the crockpot!

  11. This recipe is deceiving! Mine took less than 5minutes to prep …lol. Sprayed the crock pot, plopped in the ribs and doused with kc masterpiece. Done. Two minutes tops!

  12. I’m using country ribs (no bones). I wonder if I need to add some time or use the high setting for a couple of hours. Hmm…will leave it at low this time. I’ll let you know if we’re eating at 7pm or midnight….lol

    1. I cook frozen meats in the crock pot regularly. Add enough warm (not hot) water to just cover the bottom of the pot & plan for an extra hour or so. But check at 6 hours- they may be done. Slow cookers vary.

  13. Just put in spare ribs with sweet baby rays and some onion. we will have them with baked potato and asparagus. Cant wait Yuuuuummmmm….

  14. how do you do the sideribs with the big boneless flap of meat or the skirt to tenderize it so its not too stringy the ribs i bought are called side ribs center removed i have seasoned them and whant to smoke them for flavour but would like them tender?

  15. Hi. How many lbs should I cook if I need to feed eight people. Also, would this recipe work if I cook on high for 4 hours as the 6 hours won’t be feasible with my schedule. Thanks. Sounds delicious.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      If at all possible, I would recommend cooking the ribs for the extended period of time so that they are more tender and fall off the bone. Cooking them faster will have the meat cooked, but it will likely be tougher. Here’s another idea. Could you put them in the slow cooker and cook them overnight or all day on low setting and then just keep them in the slow cooker on warm? I think that would turn out the best for you! As to how many pounds, I would recommend 1 pound per person.

  16. I have -would you believe it??- OVER SEVEN POUNDS of pork side ribs sitting in my fridge. (Hubby should not be allowed to go shopping alone.) Same amount of cooking time, do you think?

    1. Hi Jillyan,
      If time permits, I really recommend cooking on the low setting as much as possible for meats such as country cut ribs. You’ll be assured a more tender result, I think. Plan to cook them on the low setting for about 8 hours, if possible.

  17. I have a 6qt slow cooker and it is just me. If I cut the recipe in 1/2(2 pounds versus four)- should I reduce the cooking time?


  18. Being a single dad i use my crock pot at least once a week. My old crock pot (circ 1990) finally gave up on me and would only cook at high… started to boil everything. My Mom and sister bought me a new one for xmas, chili pot is on now, will try your rib recipe tomorrow.. will use my own bbq sauce and let you know how it turns out.. temp outside is -5 cel…lol

  19. Hi, I want to try the recipe but I have a question.Should I cover the ribs to the top with the sauce or it is enough just to pour some over them?

  20. This is exactly how I make my ribs in the slow cooker. No messing around, just throw the ingredients in and turn on the cooker. I just put some on a minute ago before heading to work. Two minutes of effort and my reward will be a tasty, fall off the bone supper when I return home! I have told my fellow bachelor friends how to do this, and they love the results despite not knowing how to cook. They too can come home to a great meal and avoid fast food!

  21. Do you need to add any liquid? Like if I got a pack of side ribs from the butcher that come marinaded but aren’t like dripping in sauce do I need to add anything so they don’t dry out ? Thanks!

    1. Food cooked in a slow cooker pretty much makes its own juice, I don’t think I ever had anything dry out in a crockpot. You might put a cup of BBQ sauce or 1/2 cup of water in, because I COULD be wrong this time, lol.

      1. Your right, the slow-cooker will create condensation which becomes the liquid the ribs will be slow-cooking in and form a very rich broth. Happy cooking!! 🙂

  22. Hi Robyn,
    I would like to inquire what “wrapping them around the insert” refers to? Does it refer to standing the ribs on end around the inside of the insert?
    Thanks in advance

  23. Hello! Looking to make these soon, and will definitely use your mama’s sauce. I looking to take a day and make several crockpot freezer meals for use during the week. Do you think the ribs and sauce would freeze well to be defrosted overnight in the night before in the fridge and put in the crockpot the next morning? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kim,
      I hope you love these ribs! Yes, they should freeze well and then reheated. I’ve not tried reheating them in the slow cooker, however.

  24. This couldn’t be easier or more delicious, I see other recipes but have been coming back to this one over and over.  The sauce is pretty darn good, too.  Thanks so much for the “keeper” recipe!

    1. I’m sorry, Francis, the link to Mama’s Coca Cola BBQ Sauce was missing in the recipe. I have now added the link. Just click on the blue link in the recipe and it will take you to the recipe. Hope you enjoy!

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