Sharing our Weekly Meal Plan with make-ahead tips, freezer instructions, and ways make supper even easier!

Weekly Meal Plan #42 - Sharing our Weekly Meal Plan with make-ahead tips, freezer instructions, and ways make supper even easier! //

Saturday: Pizza Bar – Three Cheese Pizza Chicken Artichoke Pizza + Margherita Pizza  + Cinnamon Roll Pizza   (Make Ahead)

Sunday: Slow Cooker Honey Glazed Ham + Grandmother Earlene’s Biscuits +Creamed Corn + Not Your Mother’s Broccoli Cheese Casserole (all from the Add a Pinch Cookbook), + Cream Cheese Poundcake (from Add a Pinch Cookbook) (Slow Cooker + Make Ahead)

Monday: Baked Chicken, Not Your Mother’s Broccoli Cheese Casserole (leftover), Macaroni & Cheese + Apple Crisp (Make Ahead + 30 Minutes)

Tuesday:  Southern Ham Biscuits (from Add a Pinch Cookbook) + Scrambled Eggs (Leftover Makeover)

Wednesday: Chicken Enchiladas + Cilantro Lime Rice + Pineapple Sorbet (Make Ahead + 30 Minutes)

Thursday: Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup (Slow Cooker)

Friday: Leftovers or Eat Out


Pizza Bar: I’ll make four batches of my Homemade Pizza Dough and my Pizza Sauce (both recipes linked within my pizza recipes) early on in the day on Saturday. I’ll grate cheese, cook the chicken, and chop any veggies I’m planning to use on my pizzas. The pizzas are so fun to make as a family and we will enjoy making with friends over too!

Slow Cooker Honey Glazed Ham: This recipe from the cookbook is so simple to make and absolutely delicious made in the slow cooker!

Baked Chicken Breasts: These are so easy to make and are on the table in 30 minutes and are so juicy and tasty! I’m making extra chicken tonight to use for our Chicken Enchiladas on Wednesday. 
Mac & Cheese: Make Southern Macaroni and Cheese up to 3 days ahead and store in the refrigerator. If not serving a large crowd, divide the recipe into two containers – one for now and one for later! Spread the macaroni and cheese into two 8 x 8 containers. Do not add the buttery cracker topping. Wrap one for the refrigerator to bake within 3 days and the other for the freezer for up to a month!

Southern Ham and Biscuits: A delicious Leftover Makeover my family loves me to make from the Slow Cooker Honey Glazed Ham meal on Sunday. The biscuits can be saved from Sunday as well, or you can make them fresh for supper. The Scrambled Eggs are so good with this and makes a family favorite meal – kind of a “breakfast for supper”. So good!

Chicken Enchiladas: I’m loving how much easier supper is tonight since I’ve cooked my chicken ahead with Monday’s supper. I also keep my homemade Enchilada Sauce on hand that I’ll use in these.

Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup: With less than 10 ingredients, including the seasonings and the oil, it really doesn’t take that long to prep for the slow cooker. But, many times, I go ahead and prepare all of the ingredients – chop the onion and jalapeno, measure out the spices, rinse my beans, etc, and place everything into the insert that fits into the slow cooker. Then, I just pop the lid on the insert portion (the crock), and place it into the refrigerator overnight. Then the next morning, I put the crock in the slow cooker, set it and go!

Hope you have a great week!
Robyn xo

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