Hot Ham, Cheese and Spinach Sammies Recipe

Hot ham, cheese and spinach sammies make a delicious appetizer perfect for entertaining.

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches Recipe

I’ve been thinking about what to have on my Thanksgiving menu, for the appetizers, main course and the desserts and let me just say, I’m ready for that meal already! Turkey, dressing, and all those glorious sides – we’ll be enjoying every single solitary bite!

I’m also ready for all those leftovers! I’m ready to make turkey potpie, soups, stews, and yes, even sandwiches!

In addition to our customary turkey, my Grandmother would serve a ham alongside her turkey in order to have enough meat to serve her large family without having multiple turkeys.  I also think it was a popular choice with my Granddaddy so that there was another option for sandwiches the next day.

I was talking with my husband about Grandmother’s ham the other night as we discussed what we were having for Thanksgiving and a few days later he asked me if we could add a ham to the menu, too.

My mind went immediately to what dishes I could make with those leftovers.

Yeah, it went to Southern Ham Biscuits and then I knew I wanted to do something even easier. Something that would be perfect for a light supper or even a snack the next day as we are watching football games.



So let me tell you about these simple hot ham, cheese and spinach sammies that you’ve just got to try! It’s a simple, but oh so delicious twist on the hot ham and cheese sandwiches that have been around for years.



For this sandwich, go ahead and bake your package of Parker House rolls according to the package directions. Then, remove them from the oven and immediately assemble your sandwich. The heat from baking the rolls will slightly melt your cheese without totally wilting the spinach. The combination makes for a mighty delicious appetizer for a crowd or meal for your family.


You’ll love these hot ham, cheese and spinach sammies.

Simple Hot Ham, Cheese and Spinach Sammies
Prep time
Total time
Simple hot ham, cheese and spinach sammies make perfect appetizers for entertaining or a light meal for your family.
Serves: 10
  • 10 rolls
  • 10 slices of baked ham
  • 10 slices of cheese, swiss or cheddar
  • 2 cups baby spinach
For the Spread
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 3 teaspoons Dijon mustard
  • 3 teaspoons poppy seeds
  • 1 medium onion, minced
  • 3 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  1. Bake rolls according to package directions. Remove from oven and split in half. Spread inside of roll with spread.
  2. Layer spinach, cheese and ham on the bottom of the roll and top with the top of the roll.
  3. Serve warm.
For the Spread
  1. Mix together all ingredients until well-combined.

Robyn xo

16 comments on “Hot Ham, Cheese and Spinach Sammies Recipe”

  1. Looks so delicious, my kids would love these.

  2. These sound really good. Perfect for Football nights.

  3. I could eat a shoe in between Parker House rolls. SO GOOD.

  4. Love that mustard-poppy seed mix! We had it on a baked ham sandwich my mom would make by the dozens (8 kids, just smart time management) This will be perfect next weekend – great memories, thanks!

  5. this sandwich is one of my favorite! so simple and yet so flavorful!

  6. These are so good during the holidays. And those rolls…dangerous things around here. They don’t last long at all.

  7. Oh, how I love to use up the leftover turkey and ham, too. And, these look absolutely perfect for weekend-after Thanksgiving, watching football all day food. 🙂

  8. Oh, that spread for the sammies sounds delicious!!!

  9. Robin these sound fabulous!! Love that you added spinach.

  10. Great way to use leftover ham or turkey. Going on my list for weekend!! Thanks for another quick, easy,and DELISH recipe. Can always count on you for inspiration and fantastic recipes!!!!!!

  11. I love how simple this recipe is! I’m always looking for new lunch ideas – this would be perfect. Esp with Christmas ham leftovers.

  12. We make ham rolls a lot around here, but I’ve never had them with spinach. I’m not sure if my girls will go for it, but I’ll try it on mine.

  13. I love the idea of doing a ham instead of a second turkey for big groups. It certainly keeps the leftovers more interesting!

  14. The spinach would be a great addition there.

  15. One word comes to mind when seeing these: YUM. I am so excited to try these! Thanks!

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