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Learn How to Cook Bacon in the Oven for perfect bacon every time! This easy recipe is great for make ahead bacon or cooking a large amount at one time!

How to Cook Bacon |
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Crispy, slightly salty bacon is one of my very favorite foods! It’s so good in many other dishes and simply perfect eaten piece by perfect piece! So when I learned what has to be the easiest way in the world to cook the best, most evenly cooked, crispy bacon, I was hooked!

Now I’m about to share this quick and easy tip with you too –  How to Cook Bacon in the Oven!

Learning how to cook bacon in the oven is really an essential cooking tip that I think you’ll love!

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

It’s baked bacon in reality, but my tongue always gets twisted trying to say that. So let’s just stick to bacon cooked in the oven if that’s ok.

How to Cook Bacon |

Benefits of Cooking Bacon in the Oven

There are so many benefits, I can’t even begin to think of them all, but here are a few main ones that come to mind.

First and foremost, there are no splatters like you’d have with frying bacon. I especially love that I don’t get popped with hot bacon grease early in the morning while making breakfast!

Another positive is that the clean up is incredibly easy when cooking with this method. I really appreciate easy clean up, don’t you?!

If you have to cook bacon for a crowd, this is the perfect for way to cook it to enjoy alongside scrambled eggs or platters of amazing French Toast! You can make a lot at once, which also makes it great for recipes that use bacon, such as BLT Pasta Salad.

If you like to make ahead for easier meals, this method is perfect for that too!

Did I mention no splatters? That could be listed a million times and I would still think it should be listed again!

How to Cook Bacon |

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven Recipe

Make sure you begin with a cold oven.

You will place a wire rack (optional) onto a baking sheet. Then lay the bacon slices in a single layer onto the wire rack.

Then you will place the baking sheet with bacon into a cold oven. After you’ve added bacon to the oven, turn oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and bake bacon for 15 to 20 minutes. The baking time depends on the desired amount of crispness for bacon.

You will then remove the cooked bacon from the oven and place the cooked bacon on a paper towel lined platter to remove any excess drippings.

Freezer Instructions: 

Oven cooked bacon is very freezer friendly. To freeze it, you’ll wait for the bacon to completely cool. Once it has cooled, place bacon slices into a zip top freezer bag and freeze for up to 3 months.

To reheat, simply microwave the bacon until it’s heated throughout and enjoy!

This is truly one of those kitchen tips that every single person in all the land should know about. It’s life changing.

So, here’s my recipe for cooking bacon in the oven. You are going to love it! Well, if you like bacon that is.

You DO like bacon, don’t you?

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How to Cook Bacon Recipe

How-To Videos 20 mins

Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Servings 6
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Author Robyn Stone | Add a Pinch
Learn how to cook bacon in the oven for perfect bacon every time. Use in numerous bacon recipes.


  • bacon


  • Arrange a wire rack onto a baking sheet. (optional) Place the bacon in a single layer onto the wire rack. Place the baking sheet into a cold oven. Turn the oven to 375º F and bake bacon for 15-20 minutes, depending on desired amount of crispness for bacon.
  • Remove from oven and remove the bacon to a paper towel lined platter to remove any excess drippings. 



To Freeze: Once bacon has cooled, place bacon slices into a zip top freezer bag. To reheat, simply microwave until heated throughout.

Nutritional Information

Serving: 1slice | Calories: 15kcal | Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 2mg | Sodium: 24mg | Potassium: 7mg

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From the Add a Pinch recipe archives. Originally published 2013.

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Recipe Review


  1. 5 stars
    I think my favorite thing about baked bacon is how flat it is. So much nicer to fit it in a wrap, sandwich, etc. Found that I actually use less bacon per sandwich because baking it seems to keep it longer instead of kind of shrunken.

  2. 4 stars
    Another great idea ! I love bacon &.have been microwaving it, but that takes so much time & effort to cook one package. I am definitely going to try this. I hope I like it so I can make & then freeze some for later use.

  3. I cook my bacon in the oven too but I’ve always preheated the oven. This is the first I’ve ever heard of putting it in a cold oven. What does the cold oven do for the bacon??

  4. When cooking bacon in the oven does is platter all over the oven instead of the stove top?

  5. 4 stars
    I love this method of baking bacon, but I must be doing something wrong. I followed these directions and it isnt even close to done. I need at least a half hour for the bacon to be edible. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi William,
      I’ve not had this problem of it not being done in the time given in the recipe with these directions. Sometimes ovens vary in temperature from what the temp gauge says and they have to be recalibrated from time to time. Thicker cut bacon may require a bit longer to cook too. Hope this helps! Thanks!

  6. 5 stars
    i love this idea on thanksgiving and xmas breakfast I need to cook a lot of bacon ,and to know that I can freeze it ,is wonderful ,this saves me a lot time thank you for the idea:)

    1. It’s perfect for making ahead and those times when you need to cook a lot of bacon! I’m glad this helps you too! Thanks!

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