Sharing our Weekly Meal Plan with make-ahead tips, freezer instructions, and ways make supper even easier!

Weekly Meal Plan #15 - Sharing our Weekly Meal Plan with make-ahead tips, freezer instructions, and ways make supper even easier! //

Saturday: Baked Salmon with Parmesan Herb Crust, Perfect Baked Potato, House Salad with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (30 minutes)

Sunday: Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf,  Slow Cooker Garlic Mashed Potatoes  Skillet Green Beans  and Strawberry Shortcakes with Sweet Cream Cheese Biscuits (30 minutes + Slow Cooker)

Monday: Baked Chicken Breasts, Southern Macaroni and Cheese, Cucumber and Tomato Salad (Make Ahead)

Tuesday: Add a Pinch Cookbook Release Day Celebration with meal from the cookbook! Coffee Encrusted Prime Rib, Green Beans with New Potatoes, Buttermilk Praline Cheesecake

Wednesday: Easy Chicken Caesar Salad with Easy Caesar Dressing (Leftover Makeover)

Thursday: Prime Rib Sandwiches, House Salad with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (Leftover Makeover)

Friday: Family night out – Trip for Spring Break!



Baked Salmon with Parmesan Crust: This is a staple in my family – we love it! To make prep go even faster, go ahead and grate your Parmesan cheese and chop your parsley. Store them in separate airtight containers in the refrigerator and just grab and use when cooking.

Perfect Baked Potato: You can always make these ahead and simply reheat or if you prefer, you can use the slow cooker method instead.

House Salad with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing: I usually keep a green salad made in the refrigerator so that we can eat it during the week. I make this dressing ahead and keep it in the refrigerator for later use. You’ll use it again later in the week too!


Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf: You can definitely chop up the garlic, onions, and pepper ahead earlier in the day and store in the refrigerator in airtight containers. Go ahead and mix up the dry rub as well and store in a jar on the counter until you need it to make your meatloaf.

Slow Cooker Garlic Mashed Potatoes: Slow cooker easy – just add your ingredients, set it and go! If you are making your mashed potatoes to serve the same day, you can keep them on the warm setting in your slow cooker for up to two hours, stirring every hour. You may need to add more milk and or butter to keep the consistency of your potatoes correct.


Mac & Cheese: Make Southern Macaroni and Cheese up to 3 days ahead and store in the refrigerator. If not serving a large crowd, divide the recipe into two containers – one for now and one for later! Spread the macaroni and cheese into two 8 x 8 containers. Do not add the buttery cracker topping. Wrap one for the refrigerator to bake within 3 days and the other for the freezer for up to a month!

Cucumber Tomato Salad: Make this salad up to 7 days ahead of time and store in the refrigerator.


Coffee Encrusted Prime Rib: Ok, I don’t usually make Prime Rib for supper on a Tuesday. It’s usually saved for birthdays and holidays. But today is a special day in our family. My cookbook releasing out into the world is a once-in-a-lifetime event and we just have to celebrate! (But if you make it as well, you’ve got a leftover makeover meal toward the end of the week!)

This entire meal is delicious and from the cookbook! Thanks to all of you who got your cookbook today and are reading through the recipes…I hope you and your families love them as much as my family does!


Easy Chicken Caesar Salad with Easy Caesar Dressing: A Leftover Makeover from the Baked Chicken Breasts on Monday! (I bet there will be some of that delicious Buttermilk Praline Cheesecake left for dessert from last night too!)


Prime Rib Sandwiches: Another scrumptiously simple Leftover Makeover from the Coffee Encrusted Prime Rib on Tuesday’s cookbook release celebration supper! I’ll have the salad made ahead in the fridge and the homemade Ranch Dressing on hand made earlier in the week.


My family is traveling for Spring Break to Disney, so we will eat out tonight.

If you notice how I planned the week, the cooking was done at the beginning of the week, with delicious Leftover Makeovers the last part of the week. Many of you may have Spring Break as well – and have to get packed, finish projects in the house and get ready to go out of town. I hope this meal plan helps you with that! I love when I can make supper easy on those extra busy days!

Have a great week! Thanks again for making this one of the most special weeks of my life!

Love ya bunches!

Robyn xo


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  1. I’m an avid cook and I’m going to purchase your cookbook. I stopped buying cookbooks a few years ago because I have a large collection that I rarely use because I use the Internet. But I’m so impressed with your style of cooking, and I know I’ll refer to your cookbook again and again. Thanks, Robyn!