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Have you been watching this season’s Top Chef? Last night’s episode was a doozy and certainly didn’t disappoint. Honestly, the Restaurant Wars shows are never my favorite. I am always too nervous for all of the contestants. But last night’s show proved my Grandmother and my Daddy right once again.

Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.


That was one of her favorite sayings and always infuriated me when I would rather have been playing with toys or watching the Brady Bunch than beginning on my science project that wasn’t due until next week or start reading any of the books on my assigned summer reading list.

Even now her voice seems to whisper those words as I try and shirk completely clearing the kitchen before heading off to watch television at night or even moving one load of laundry from the washer to the dryer and so on.

Grandmother’s love for Thomas Jefferson’s quote now is passed along to my son as I chide him into beginning his science projects when, in his mind, there seems to still be plenty of time on the calendar for worrying with it tomorrow.

But, in watching last night’s Top Chef, I immediately knew something would go wrong as soon as Josie said she’d prepare by roasting bones for her dishes the next day saying she doesn’t like to rush things. In contrast, everyone else begins roasting and preparing ingredients for their dishes for the next day’s rush.

That just started the downward spiral for the girl’s restaurant.

Late service + undercooked scallops + overcooked halibut + flat sauce = really bad outcomes

As a leader, it really was Kristen’s place to set the schedule for her restaurant and make sure all the food was cooked properly. I am impressed with Kristen taking responsibility for the errors that occurred. It cost her, but it showed tremendous character!

The guys restaurant, while not perfect, seemed to be much more prepared. They also proved my Daddy’s saying about how to pick the best restaurant.

If the parking lot is full and the wait for a table takes a while, that’s where you want to eat. If the staff is rude, you’d rather have a bologna sandwich.

Since the customers were apparently having a great time and wanting to stay long after they’d eaten, it brought home the point that the food was enjoyable and the restaurant was fun.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to a restaurant, those are two things that I definitely want to occur.

I did think too much emphasis was put on Stefan teaching them about the dishes. While it is important, obviously the other guests didn’t seem to have a problem and I didn’t see him acting rude to any guests.

All that said, if I personally had to choose one of the two restaurants, it would easily have the guys.

So, now that the contestants are down to six, it sure is going to get even more interesting.

I’m personally torn between a few of the chefs for my favorite. Are you pulling for any one chef in particular?

Did you know you can vote each week to save a chef?



Fans will be able to save one of their favorite chef’testants who has been eliminated from the show and LCK. A head to head weekly Twitter vote will feature the most recently eliminated chef from LCK vs. the previous week’s highest vote earner.


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