Weekly Meal Plan #127

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Sharing our Weekly Meal Plan with make-ahead tips, freezer instructions, and ways to make supper even easier!

Weekly Meal Plan #127- Sharing our Weekly Meal Plan with make-ahead tips, freezer instructions, and ways to make supper even easier! // addapinch.com

Saturday: Bart’s Best Hamburgers with all the fixings + Southern Potato Salad +Best Baked Beans + No Bake Lemon Cream Pie (Make Ahead, Grill, No Bake)

Sunday – Father’s Day Menu: Beef Tenderloin + House Salad with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing + Air Fryer Baked Potatoes + Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream (45 Minutes + Make Ahead, Air Fryer )

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday:  Grilled Chicken Fiesta Salad + Salsa + Guacamole (35 Minutes, Make Ahead)

Wednesday: Classic Chicken Parmesan + Pasta + House Salad with  Italian Dressing+ Strawberry Pie (30 Minutes, Make Ahead)

Thursday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches + Homemade BBQ Sauce + Coleslaw + Parmesan Zucchini Chips + Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream (Slow Cooker, Make Ahead)

Friday: Family Night Out

Meal Plan Tips:

Just 2 ingredients is all you need to take the usual burger recipe the next level for the BEST beef hamburgers I've ever tasted!  // addapinch.com

Bart’s Best Hamburgers: We love to grill and over the years, Bart has perfected his burgers! These are the best I’ve ever tasted – and they only have 2 ingredients! I’ve shared tips in the post with this recipe on how to make these juicy, delicious hamburgers that should be helpful to you. If you don’t have Stone House Seasoning already made and on hand, you can mix that up ahead of time. And you can form the hamburger patties ahead of time and refrigerate until ready to grill if you want. I always like to wash and prep my tomatoes, lettuce, and other “fixings” ahead of time too.
Southern Potato Salad: I have this made ahead of time and in refrigerator.
Best Baked Beans: These can be made ahead if you wish. I’ll just have all my ingredients measured and prepped ahead and bake right before serving.
No Bake Lemon Cream Pie: So easy and delicious to make ahead of time – with no baking involved! Perfect for summer desserts!

Beef Tenderloin Recipe - Beef Tenderloin makes a special meal that everyone loves. Cooked simply with just a few ingredients, this beef tenderloin recipe is sure to become a favorite. // addapinch.com

Sunday (Father’s Day):
Beef Tenderloin: You can season this at least one hour before cooking or up to overnight. You can also prepare it even more ahead of time if you like. Be sure to keep your wrapped beef tenderloin on a baking sheet in the refrigerator. We love this for special occasions – so delicious!
Air Fryer Baked Potato: You can also make my Perfect Baked Potato if you don’t have an air fryer. This only takes minutes in the air fryer!
House Salad with homemade dressing: I always keep salads mixed and in the refrigerator for enjoying throughout the week!
Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream: This creamy delicious custard style ice cream is perfect for this weekend – and a perfect Father’s Day treat! Make it ahead if you wish and keep in the freezer until ready to serve!

Grilled Chicken Fiesta Salad Recipe - This simple grilled chicken salad recipe is kicked up a notch for a spicy Tex-Mex favorite! // addapinch.com

Grilled Chicken Fiesta Salad: Get ready to excite the taste buds with this salad! Ever since I first made this, it’s been requested repeatedly at my house! It comes together quickly, but I will have my Salsa made ahead.
Guacamole: I like to make this fresh – it only takes a jiffy to make!

Chicken Parmesan Recipe - Crispy chicken is topped with marinara sauce, Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses for an easy, classic Italian favorite. Ready in 30 minutes! // addapinch.com

Classic Chicken Parmesan: This classic, favorite dish takes only 30 minutes to make. I will serve it over pasta tonight, but’s it’s also delicious over my Olive Oil Garlic Zucchini Noodles or mashed potatoes.
House Salad with Italian Dressing: I keep a salad in the fridge for quick lunches or as a side with supper. This dressing is almost always made and in my fridge to use on salads or for marinating.
Strawberry Pie: So easy, delicious and perfect for those fresh strawberries in season!

The Best Pulled Pork Recipe - This easy pulled pork recipe lets your slow cooker do all the work while making the best pulled pork! Easy, delicious, and the only pulled pork recipe you'll ever need! // addapinch.com

Pulled Pork Sandwiches: Let the slow cooker do all the hard work for you. You can easily put everything into the slow cooker insert the evening before and refrigerate. Then, in the morning, just remove from the refrigerator and place into the slow cooker, set the timer and go! So easy and delicious!
Homemade BBQ Sauce: This is one of the easiest – and most delicious – bbq sauces ever! Ready in minutes and great to keep on hand in the refrigerator too!
Coleslaw: This coleslaw comes together in a snap, but is also a great make-ahead side dish too.
Parmesan Zucchini Chips: These are so tasty and a perfect way to enjoy this favorite veggie! I make sure to use my mandolin to slice the zucchini so that I make even, thin slices.
Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream: This recipe has instructions for making it no churn or for using your ice cream maker. Either way, this is such a simple and scrumptious ice cream to enjoy all summer!

Have a great week!

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