Mingle Monday {7-18-11}


Welcome to another fun Mingle Monday!

We are smack dab in the middle of one of the hottest months I remember in a long time. As I open the door in the mornings to go on my walk, it’s like opening the door to a big steam oven just waiting to roast me for a bit.

Within just a couple of steps, I’m surely glistening as if I’ve already made it halfway through my walk.

With each step I’m thinking of how much I have to get done during the day – laundry to be folded and ironed, emails to be returned, and showers to be scoured. My feet feel a bit heavy with the weight of it all.

The more steps I take, the more I realize the blessings of each item on my seemingly never ending list.

  1. Laundry to be done means I have a family to love and care for.
  2. Dishes to wash means we’ve enjoyed another meal together.
  3. Emails to answer means I have family and friends to converse with and a growing business to manage.
  4. Showers to be scoured means my family is clean and we have running water.

After I finish walking through the humid, sticky soup outside, I pour myself a glass of fresh lemonade and sit in the porch swing for just a bit to cool off and smile about all of the wonderful things ahead of me for the day.

It’s all in how you look at it, ya know.



Mingle Monday

So, are you ready to mingle? You’re welcome to share a favorite thing you’ve made – craft, sweet treat, meal, photograph, or even decor.

I look forward to seeing all you’ve made!

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      Robyn says

      No problem! You are all fixed up! :) Your watermelon slush looks so refreshing and delicious. Thanks so much for sharing it in Mingle Monday!

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    Robyn, First off I’m completely jealous. We’re having the lousiest summer I have EVER had. It has rained almost everyday and it has not consistently stayed above the seventies yet! Hot and mucky sounds delightful! I love how you’ve turned your seemingly negatives into beautiful positives. We all need to do that exercise a little more often.

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    I wish we had little bit of your warm weather. So far this is the worst summer I remember. We are camping right now and I am so thankful we have comfy travel trailer and not tenting it….it’s cold, windy, rainy with of course mix of sunshine and humidity.

    Thank you for hosting….I am sharing today my Summer Low Calorie Potato Salad


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