Vertical Succulent Gardens {Mingle Monday 6/25}

Vertical Gardens from


Vertical gardens are popping up all over the place in magazines, online, television, and even around my local plant nurseries – especially with succulents. There are even boards dedicated to these specialty gardens on Pinterest. My obsession with looking at these artistic gardens just increases with every single one that I see.

I’ve thought of just buying a garden like the one I found from Airy Obsessions that is made for me. That would certainly be a quick way to have my garden ready to display. (top photo)

So Succulent also sells a kit along with succulent cuttings to make the project a bit do it yourself, but straight out of a box. (bottom row, middle photo)

But if you are handy with building things, or have access to someone that is, Michael from Inspired by Charm provides excellent instruction on how he built his vertical garden for his hens & chicks on his blog. (bottom row, last photo)

You can find succulents at your local home improvement and garden store, plant nurseries, or online. West Elm even sells them if you don’t find them closer by to you! (bottom row, first photo)


Succulent Care

Succulents make excellent plants and require little attention. Start from healthy cuttings and place in soil that will drain well. You’ll want to water your succulents well, but then allow them to dry completely before watering again. If in question, it is always better to underwater succulents than to over water them. To water, simply mist with a spray bottle.

Place your succulent garden where it will get light according to the individual succulent requirements you have selected. Succulents do well either indoors or out, but do like a lot of sunlight. Place them where they will receive filtered sunlight throughout the day or 1-2 hours of direct sunlight each day.

For more information on succulent care, check out this article.


Vertical Garden Care

Even though your vertical succulent garden will require only minimal daily care, you will want to make sure your garden is well-made in the beginning and maintained to prevent any problems later. April Phillips has written a thorough article on the subject to be considered as you are planning your garden.


Do you have a vertical garden? Have you thought about starting one? I’d love to know!


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5 comments on “Vertical Succulent Gardens {Mingle Monday 6/25}”

  1. I hope you had a great week! Thanks so much for hosting every week. I love succulents. They are such easy plants to take care of and they come back year after year with minimal work.

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  3. Hi Robyn,

    I LOVE the succulent gardens. What a beautiful idea. My mom used to love growing them and I think this would be a fun project with my kiddos this summer! Thanks for hosting us!!

  4. Those succulent gardens always catch my eye. I keep trying to think of a place that would do well in our yard, but the yard is getting shadier every year. I’ll have to keep thinking on it!!

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