White Chicken Chili Recipe


White Chicken Chili is one of those cool weather recipes that I can’t get enough of it seems.

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While the Mister and I have always loved the flavors of White Chicken Chili, it wasn’t always one that Little Buddy enjoyed. So, I’d only make it when I had something else planned for him to eat or he was visiting friends or some other excuse. Finally, the other night, I had a serious hankering for a big, piping hot bowl of my white chicken chili that I just couldn’t shake.

I could just taste the spicy flavors mingled with the delicious chicken and I knew I had all of the ingredients to make it in the house.



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As I served big bowls of my white chicken chili for supper, Little Buddy wasn’t too sure he wanted it as much as I did for supper. Finally, he took a bite and said, “Wow, this really is good.”

That’s when I want to run and shout from the rooftops, “He likes it! He really likes it!”

Remember that commercial?

I always say that I’m going to find it on YouTube so that my son can watch it. I know he’ll completely identify with the poor boy who finally takes a taste of something that he just knows he’ll hate only to find out he actually likes it.

That’s the story of my life!


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So, if Little Buddy likes it, you know it has got to be good.

Make it soon and fill your White Chicken Chili craving. You won’t be sorry!


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Here’s my recipe. I think you’ll love it!

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White Chicken Chili Recipe
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White Chicken Chili makes a delicious meal full of spicy chili flavor, white beans and chicken. You'll love this easy White Chicken Chili recipe.
Serves: 6-8
  • 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
  • 4 cups chicken stock
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 (15-ounce) can white beans, with liquids from beans
  • 1 (4-ounce) can diced green chilis, with liquids from chilis
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • ½ teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh oregano
  1. Add chicken to a 4-quart, heavy bottomed Dutch oven or stockpot. Add chicken stock and cook until tender, about 15 minutes. Shred chicken with two forks and then add back to the liquid.
  2. Add garlic and onion to stockpot, white beans, green chilis, dried oregano, cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, and chopped fresh oregano. Stir until well-combined. Taste for flavor and adjust to your preference.
  3. Simmer over low heat for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and serve.


Even though my White Chicken Chili is fairly quick and easy to make, even on the busiest of weeknights. I understand that many times we need to make a few dishes ahead of time for serving later. This recipe works beautifully for that! Here’s how:


Freezer Instructions:

Prepare recipe as instructed and then ladle it into an airtight container. I use deli containers or large Mason jars so that it doesn’t take up as much room in my refrigerator or  freezer. Freeze.

Remove from freezer and place in the refrigerator to defrost the night before planning to serve. Then, either place in your slow cooker on low  to allow the chili to slowly warm throughout the day for serving for supper or pour into a large stockpot for reheating. Additionally, you can reheat in the microwave at 45 second intervals at about 80% power, stirring after each interval until heated throughout.


Robyn xo


  1. 1


    I love white chili and have been wanting to make it for a few weeks now. I know exactly what you mean about your son trying it and liking it, feels like total success!!
    Looks delicious Robyn!

  2. 2

    Lisa says

    We’re do you use the 4 cups of chicken stock during cooking? The recipe doesn’t mention it in the instructions. I assume you poach the chicken in it? Also, do you discard it after the chicken is cooked or does it remain? Thanks.

    • 3


      Hi Lisa,
      You use it along with the water you used to poach your chicken and add it when you add back the shredded chicken. Thanks so much!!! xo

    • 4

      Caroline says

      I had a chicken stock container that was a 1/2 cup shy of the 4 cups, so I added enough water to get to 4 c and also roughly a teaspoon of French demi-glace turkey stock. It was amazing.

      Also didn’t have fresh oregano so doubled the dried, plus I added a dash or two of red pepper flakes and doubled the white beans. Just awesome. Thank you for this recipe it will remain in heavy rotation here!

  3. 14

    Rebekah says

    Can’t wait to make this tonight. I sometimes like to add a little cilantro to white chicken chili. Depends on what kinda mood I’m in. But it’s yummy either way!

  4. 16

    Jan says

    I was wondering if I could throw all of these ingredients except for the beans into a crockpot. Then add the beans and fresh herbs at the end. Now that would be easy!

    • 22


      No sir, this is my recipe. My recipes are either of my own creation, my Grandmothers’, or from other family members. However, I don’t verify that other people’s recipes aren’t similar or contain the same general ingredients as my recipes.

  5. 23

    Randi says

    Recipe looks delicious. But I have never poached chicken before. How much water and for how long? Do you reuse the water from the poaching in the soup? Thanks in advance!!

  6. 24

    Lori says

    This looks great. I, too, have a question about the stock. (This always confuses me.) Do you mean 4 cups of the water you cooked the chicken in, or 4 cups of stock from a box?

  7. 26

    Lorna says

    This recipe looks great.

    May I suggest that you re-write step one of your instructions to be more clear to the not so skilled cooks like myself. I assume you POACH the chicken, correct? Do you poach in water or chicken stock? If you use chicken stock, do you save it and add it back with the chicken? Or do you use a fresh batch of chicken stock?


  8. 28

    Kris says

    I already have shredded chicken. Can you tell me how much to use if I’m not starting with chicken breasts? Thank you!

  9. 29

    Kathy says

    I have this cooking right now and have a question on time: is 5 minutes really all you give it after you mix in all the ingredients? It seems the onion and garlic and spices will take longer than that. I’m giving it longer, anyway, and hope it turns out, it sure smells good!

  10. 30

    Sara says

    I have the same question do you save the water you poached the chicken in and then add the 4 cups of broth? If you dump the water do you sauté the onions and garlic In the bottom of the pan before adding the other ingredients?

  11. 32

    Olivia says

    Made this for dinner tonight because your pictures are mouthwatering and I was inspired! Honestly – had to make it up as I went along, as your recipe instructions are entirely vague. No mention of neither water or chicken stock, the combination of the two and reserving that liquid for later. Makes it a tad difficult to make soup when the liquid directions aren’t clear. I smudged it a bit and lightly sautéed/cooked the garlic, onion, chiles and spices then added stock, chicken and beans and it was terrific!

  12. 33

    Sara says

    Finally tried this tonight and it was delicious. Since the instructions weren’t super clear I wasn’t sure what to boil the chicken in. I just went ahead and poached the chicken in water. I did reserve the water and strained it. I used 4 cups of broth in the soup and about a cup of the water. It was quite tasty! It reminded me of a chicken tortilla soup I make. Next time I think I will add a bay leaf and maybe some corn. It was very good!

  13. 35

    Julie Halvorson says

    This was more like a soup rather than chili. I added 8 oz Monterey Jack cheese and a 2nd can of beans to thicken it up.

  14. 37

    Pam says

    Made this last weekend and it was wonderful..Got rave reviews from everyone..I tweaked it a bit by sauteing all the vegetables and spices together before adding to the broth. I also added 1 tsp coriander and used adobe powder instead of chili powder as that was all I had. I added spinach at the end while it was cooling. I used dry beans and cooked the soup for about an hour until the beans were tender. A definite keeper..

  15. 39

    Linda says

    I made this today and it was wonderful. To thicken it, I added a half a can of white beans I pureed in my mini-blender. I served it with sour cream. Yummy!

  16. 40

    Beth says

    This was fantastic, but NOT chili at all… It’s more like white chicken soup with beans and chillies with a flavor like chili I’m going to use the ingredients in this and make a thicker, creamier chili – Thanks so much for sharing this!

  17. 41

    Jo Marie says

    I decided to tmake this recipe for dinner tonight. As written, it seemed more soup like then chili. I even added an 8oz. block of cream cheese and an extra can of beans (pureed) at the end to try and thicken it up. Also, I cooked mine in the crockpot. I added 5 boneless skinless chicken breast (raw) and all of the ingredients except the beans. Once the chicken was cooked, I shredded it and added the beans (and cream cheese). We added some shredded mozzarella/provolone and sour cream to the top of each serving. Honestly, the flavor was amazing! I will make it again, just maybe use 3 cups of chicken broth next time. Thank you for sharing :o)

  18. 42

    Becky says

    Thinking I was smart and taking a shortcut, I used Rotisserie Chicken leftovers that I wanted to finish up today. Not reading the recipe carefully, I added the 4 cups of broth. It was REALLY soupy, so I simmered for about 15 minutes which helped Reduce the broth; then my son and I decided to add some shredded Pepper Jack & Cheddar to the simmering soup and that thickened it up too. Crisis Averted! The flavors are EXCELLENT. Served with crushed Tortilla Chips and a dollop of Sour Cream. SO Yummy. Thanks!

    • 44

      Linda says

      I would like to know the answer to this question also. I prefer using my crock pot to cooking anything on the stove most of the time. Would someone that has used this method to make their white chicken chili please post what you did & let us know?

  19. 45

    Linda says

    Good grief People! Did you not read the recipe? It says to cook (poach) the chicken IN THE BROTH. Then take it out and shred it and then add it back to the BROTH and add the other ingredients. WOW. Robyn, you are beyond patient. And it sounds like a great recipe-similar to the one I make

    • 46

      Joy says

      I agree Linda. Looks like people aren’t paying attention to the instructions or aren’t using common sense. Robyn really must have a lot of patience. Great recipe!

  20. 47

    Kim Honeycutt says

    I’ll be having white chicken chili this weekend at a Labor Day gathering. My niece makes a mean pot of it!! I’m pinning this in hopes it’s close to hers! Thanks!!

  21. 49

    Teri says

    Made this for lunch today, and it is delicious! I found the directions very easy to follow. So easy it was done before I knew it. You rock Robyn!

  22. 50

    Melanie says

    Loved this recipe! Next time, I will add another can of beans and reduce the chicken stock by 1/2 to 1 cup for a slightly thicker consistency. The flavors were excellent!

  23. 51

    Shirley says

    Neither my husband or I have ever had White Chicken Chili. Always the traditional chili. This sounds so good and I told him this is the fall that we try it. Thanks for the receipe!

  24. 52

    Joanne says

    We don’t have canned chillies on Australia, how many fresh green chillies would you use instead? Keep in mind they’re pretty hot here!

  25. 53

    Joanne Richards says


    Given we don’t have canned chillis in Australia, how many fresh green chillies would you recommend as a substitute? Keep in mind they’re pretty hot!


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