Football Food Favorites

Football food. It’s a thing, right? Well, it certainly is around here. It’s my favorite part of planning for watching the Super Bowl or any of the other bowl games that everyone loves. Me? I’m all about the food and the commercials. Well, and the halftime shows and if there seems to be any drama happening on the sidelines or stands.

Because seriously, when one of the players makes a mistake, my heart immediately breaks for him. No matter which team they are on. And if one of them gets injured? Oh my stars! My nerves just can’t take it. That’s when the Mama in me definitely comes out.

So, I’m better to stick with planning the food we’ll serve if we’re having friends and family over to help us pretend like we’re all into the game. And having a football coach for a brother-in-law makes it rather entertaining. In a good way.

Football Food Favorites | ©

I’ve compiled a huge, and I mean ginormous, list of dishes I’d love to serve for watching the big game. I call it my football food favorites, because, well, I couldn’t think of a better name.









Chilis and Soups





So, there you have over 100 of my favorite football foods. What did I miss? Be sure to let me know your favorites in the comments!

Go Team!
Robyn xo


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